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Kitchen Runners & Weekend Wear

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Kitchen Runners (Sunny Side Up)

{cream stripe jute rug}

The weekend is here! I’m excited because it’s a weekend with not much on our calendar other than a few activities for the kids and dinner with friends. Lots of down time which means I’ll have time for some organizing. YEA. I’m almost done with my kitchen and I’m ready to start closets. It’s feeling so good to de-clutter! I hope if you’re joining me in my organizing challenge you are feeling motivated and making progress too! I’m switching gears a little today to talk about  kitchen runners. And weekend wear. Because it’s the weekend and well.. we need cute sweatshirts to wear when we organize. ;)

I ordered 4 different runners for my kitchen because I loved them all on-line and just couldn’t pick one without seeing them in my kitchen. Then they arrived and I tried them all in my kitchen and I still couldn’t pick just one.. they are all so good! So I’m keeping 3 of them (ha) and just putting a couple in other spots around my home. I thought I would share them all with you in case you’re looking for a new affordable rug too! They all come in lots of sizes at great price points!

Kitchen Runners (Sunny Side Up)

First up this beautiful cream stripe jute rug with charcoal stripes. LOVE this rug. Great texture and it adds just enough personality without being too busy. It also works the best with my kitchen dining nook rug (below) that has some blues in it because this charcoal color almost looks navy. I’m keeping this and I’m going to try it in my mudroom or laundry room and maybe switch it out in the kitchen (it’s my second choice for this spot!).

Kitchen Runners (Sunny Side Up)

{pine brook diamond persian rug/olive branch stems}

It works so well with this rug!

Kitchen Runners (Sunny Side Up)

{reseda hand woven striped jute rug}

Another striped jute rug for the win! Wow.. love this one too! It has such a cool casual/modern vibe and I like the black stripes with my black pendants. Another fun option that I can’t part with!

Kitchen Runners (Sunny Side Up)

{gray jute rug}

The 3rd runner is a great neutral option. I really love this rug.. it’s beautiful, has great texture, a fun pattern and I love the tassels on the ends. BUT. It feels a little too neutral with my current kitchen decor and I already have these neutral washable rugs that I can use during the holidays when I have more going on in my kitchen.

Kitchen Runners (Sunny Side Up)

So this rug is going back but I wanted to share it because I do love it if you are looking for a good neutral rug!

Kitchen Runners (Sunny Side Up)

{black jute rug}

And we have a winner for the kitchen! At least for now. :) This is the same rug as the neutral runner I just shared above but in black. I couldn’t love this jute black runner more! I’ve always been a sucker for black stripes. It has the same great texture and fringe and tassels as the rug above, but the black has so much more personality that I’m loving in my kitchen right now.

Kitchen Runners (Sunny Side Up)

Plus just look at it with my black pendants! I knew it was the one the second I laid it down. But I love the charcoal/navy striped rug in this space too and it has more of a summer vibe so I’m thinking I’ll keep this rug here now and maybe switch to option #1 as it gets warmer.

Which runner is your favorite? :)

Weekend Wear (Sunny Side Up)

{weekend sweatshirt/AG jeans/swift run sneakers}

Before I sign off I thought I’d share a few sweatshirts I’ve been wearing and loving. I don’t know about you but I’ve had a really hard time getting out of lounge wear the past month! January and February are kind of funny months to me because I go between “it’s a new year and I’m so motivated to set new habits and do ALL the things!”   Then 5 minutes later.. “Can I please just curl up in my sweats and take a nap?”  

Anyone else? Hence the reason these 3 sweatshirts were really speaking to me. :)

First this pretty blue weekend graphic sweatshirt. (So comfy!)

Weekend Wear (Sunny Side Up)

{inhale exhale sweatshirt/AG jeans/similar white adidas}

Then inhale exhale. Always a good thing – whether you’re climbing the highest mountain or binge watching Stranger Things for the 4th time. (Speaking of I think season 4 is coming out this year! CAN’T WAIT.)

Weekend Wear (Sunny Side Up)

{ready for vacay/AG jeans/similar white adidas}

And of course.. ready for VACAY. Because when are we not ready for a vacay?

All 3 of these sweatshirts are warm and soft and comfortable and perfect for this time of year when we’re ready to do all the things along with absolutely nothing. :) I linked a few other comfy sweatshirts below!

*I usually wear xs in tops but I sized up to a small in all of these because I wanted a comfortable, loose fit so go up one size if you want the same!

Weekend Wear (Sunny Side Up)

{weekend sweatshirt/AG jeans/swift run sneakers}

And on that note.. enjoy your weekend weekend weekend weekend weekend weekend.


Weekend wear (

1- crewneck sweatshirt   2- plush sleeve pullover   3- nike hoodie

4- puff shoulder sweatshirt   5- fleece crop hoodie   6- camo long sleeve top

7- lounge hoodie   8- lounge pullover


xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Kitchen Runners & Weekend Wear

  1. You definitely love a good stripe, Erin. Fun choices for runners. The one you chose for now is really great. Have fun with the ones you kept. It’s always good to have options. Yay for comfy weekend wear that you can pretty much wear all the time. :) Looking comfy cozy! Thanks for sharing, Erin. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We are hoping to warm up a tad after our big winter blast this week. LOL

    1. Ha ha.. I DO love a good stripe! You know me well. ;) Thank you so much Jeanne! The winter blasts have been crazy lately! I feel almost guilty because it has been so beautiful here.. all 70’s and sunny this week. I want everyone to just come and stay for a while! :) Hope you get a warmer weekend! xo

  2. I really like the 1st and the last rug that are pictured. It adds texture to the space but also somewhat neutral-ish. I do want to ask if anyone has ever tripped over the edge of the rugs in your kitchen. I always worry about that being the kitchen is such a busy space. I don’t have enough room for a runner in our kitchen but I do have a 2.5′ x 3 ‘ rug in front of the sink area. Once in a while my foot gets caught on the edge of it but lucky for me it butts against the cabinet so I don’t go flying across the floor. Haha!

    1. Hi Debbie! That hasn’t ever happened to us but we have definitely slipped on rugs that don’t have a pad under them so I always use rug pads with rugs like this now! :)

  3. Erin,
    I agree 100% about NEEDING cute sweatshirts to organize or clean!
    It is so easy to just STAY in crum-bun” clothes and say “oh well, I will get dressed LATER”.
    Later-you just put on your P. Js IF you are NOT already in them (crum-bun P.J.s)
    It is NOT productive. Also, IF you have to run out for a few mins…..
    THAT is ALWAYS the time you see EVERYONE you know! :-O
    I speak from experience B/C I am typing this in my “crum-bun” clothes. REALLY. I wouldn’t lie about a thing like that!
    BTW Your grammar/spelling checker corrected the “Crum-Bun”.
    WOW! I added capitals and it is NOW ok.
    Whew…… I was starting to think “CRUM-Bun” was NOT an ACTUAL word! ;-D I am relieved! T.Y. spell checker!
    Anyway. I vote rug num.ONE & num. FOUR. BOTH are Just perfect for your space. They are the 2 I like.
    Keep up the GOOD Fight, Erin!
    P.S. In my own defense the weather we have had here, 23 inches of BLIZZARD snow followed by todays Ice storm-
    It is QUITE UNLIKELY that I will be going out and be SEEN in my “Crum- Bun” clothes! Cute sweatshirt and organizing tomorrow or Sun.
    TODAY? Veg out time in “Crum-Bun” clothes (or P. Js) in front of Opening ceremony Olympics!

    1. Oh my word Sharon that just happened to me last week! I decided not to get ready after my workout one day because everything on the agenda was work at home. Next thing you know people are coming by.. my kids need me to carpool all their friends.. I have to make a run to the store. I literally ran into so many people I know. No makeup.. hair pulled back. I don’t even care that much but it was just funny that the day I didn’t get ready that week I saw everyone! Never fails right!? Ha. I have to say that if our weather was like yours there is NO WAY would I be getting out of pjs! Enjoy the Olympics and stay warm! And thanks for the sweet comment. ;)

  4. Love the Ready for Vacay sweatshirt. Just what i needed. (and just ordered it ;)
    Thanks for all the great decor ideas too. Loving all of it!

    1. I’m so happy you like that Melinda! Now if we could just get the Vacay to go along with it right!? ;) Thank you so much! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you! I use a rug pad! I’ve had one this size for years.. you can always buy them at the same place you buy your rug! Just find one the right size or get one that is larger and cut it. :)

  5. Maybe my eye for design is getting sharper after following you for so many years, but as soon as I saw rug #4, I knew that was the perfect one! It made everything in your kitchen look so tied together and harmonious. Love it! Comfy tops are nice, too :)

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