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Kitchen organization & winter decor

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Kitchen organization and winter decor (Sunny Side Up)

Last week didn’t go quite as planned and I didn’t have time to share my main floor laundry room (and 100 other fun things I have ready to share) so this will definitely be a catch up week for me! We had so much going on with my girls.. Ellie turned 18! And between her birthday and prom and a dance competition and tech week for one play and tryouts for a new play we’ve either been on the go or have had teens over at the house. I had to get an MRI this weekend for my knee and the guy in charge said “are you going to be ok sitting still and not moving for 20 minutes?” I was like “are you kidding me? I’ve been looking forward to this all week!” Then I got chatting with the nurse after (she has a 12 year old daughter and was asking me about raising teen girls.. what does she have to look forward to) and we just hit it off and were laughing so hard talking about life with teens. The guy walked over to me and said “ok.. you are having WAY too much fun at an MRI appointment!” Ha ha. What a week. :)

Laundry room post is still coming! But if you are working along side me with my organizing challenge we are kicking off KITCHENS this week! (Challenge details are HERE and you can join anytime!) I’ve written so many posts on kitchen organization.. it’s a favorite topic! This post on KITCHEN ORGANIZATION TIPS will help you get a jump start if you need some motivation. It has links to posts that show how every inch of my kitchen is organized along with some other general tips. I also shared some fun pantry inspo. towards the end of the post. I’ll share a few recent organization updates I’ve made to my kitchen soon too!

Kitchen organization and winter decor (Sunny Side Up)

{christmas porch sources}

In other news I am slowly warming things up around my home and doing a little decorating. After the holidays I leave things bare for a couple of weeks to just organize and enjoy less clutter! Then I’m always excited to start adding things I love back in. I left my Christmas porch up (just wasn’t quite ready to take down the trees!).

Kitchen organization and winter decor (Sunny Side Up)

{heart door garland/heart tree garland}

Then a couple of weeks ago I took down the garland and bells and tossed up the hearts! 10 minute Christmas porch turned Valentine’s Day porch and DONE. Work smarter not harder. ;)

Kitchen organization and winter decor (Sunny Side Up)

{red plaid rug/heart home mat}

Kitchen organization and winter decor (Sunny Side Up)

{black hanover pendants}

I’m slowly adding a few updates to my kitchen and I’m having fun bringing in more black!

Kitchen organization and winter decor (Sunny Side Up)

I moved my metal tray to this spot next to my range top. I’ve shared this antiqued metal tray before.. it’s one of my favorites! I have the large size and it just looks good everywhere. I think I’ve had it in 7-8 different spots throughout my home. :) A bowl with some lemons, wooden spoons in my crock, and I gave myself this beautiful gold salt & pepper grinder for Christmas! I first saw them at a store in my hometown months ago and loved them but I didn’t buy them because they were kind of pricey. Then I kept thinking about them! I finally hunted them down on-line and couldn’t resist ordering them and I don’t regret that purchase one bit. They are so beautiful! I put them on this cute little 7″ footed stand. It’s the best when practical items double as beautiful decor! They sell out quickly and then come back in stock (I ordered mine here). But I also found them on-line here and here (these are both 8″ – mine are 8″ and 9″). I also found them at various heights like mine here.

Kitchen organization and winter decor (Sunny Side Up)

{faux pink peonies/gold vase/petal cake stand/heart plates}

I was playing around with some Valentine decor on my kitchen island and thought I’d share the ideas I came up with! These ideas could be used on a kitchen island or table or on a console table.. so many options. You’ve seen this little display from last year.

Kitchen organization and winter decor (Sunny Side Up)

I came up with something similar for this year! This beautiful white planter with my favorite pink peonies. I also added in a few of these larger peonies and love the different sizes – they look even more realistic! Then red heart plates on my petal cake stand. This is a similar black cheese board (mine is 27×16 for size reference.)

Kitchen organization and winter decor (Sunny Side Up)

This is another fun Valentine’s display that isn’t too over the top! My minka textured pot (this is the medium size) holding my favorite faux olive branches. I’m sure you remember these olive branches from the Fall. I had them all over my house and I know a lot of you ordered and love them too! They are a great versatile faux option year round (Christmas is really the only time I don’t use them). They are perfect for Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

Kitchen organization and winter decor (Sunny Side Up)

{heart shaped wooden bowl here & here}

Then I just added a fun heart bowl with some candy. I always tie candy into my decor for Valentine’s Day and Easter because chocolate hugs & kisses and Cadbury Eggs make life worth living. ;) These heart bowls are an inexpensive and fun way to add Valentine’s decor into your home. The darker heart bowls come in both 8″ and 10″.  The lighter bowl is on-line here (out of stock but might come back!)

Kitchen organization and winter decor (Sunny Side Up)

Last but not least I pulled out these favorite white terracotta jars (they are back in stock!) and set them on this beautiful wood serving board (just noticed it’s on sale). I added more faux pink peonies and a favorite candle and done!

I hope this gave you a few ideas! You can mix and match all of the items I shared and come up with lots of fun ways to style tabletops for this season and into Spring!

I have some fun Target decor I’m excited to share soon.. have you seen the cute items they recently came out with!? I love a good trip to Target but for the past two years I’ve been buying almost everything on-line. I especially get into trouble with on-line shopping when Kenny is watching football and since it’s the playoffs well.. let’s just say my house is getting a fun Spring re-fresh! Ha. Really there is just something about football and on-line shopping. It’s a good match I would totally recommend. ;) I’ll get things photographed to share soon but here are favorites I’ve either bought or have my eye on before items start selling out! I’ll also link post sources at the end.

Be back soon. :) Enjoy your week!


target pillows (

1- woven striped pillow  2- striped jute pillow  3- white plaid pillow  4- woven plaid pillow

5- tassel decorative pillow   6- woven grid pillow   7- oversized oblong stripe pillow  8- oversized lumbar pillow

Target Trees (

1- flowering thyme  2- jasmine in basket  3- potted rosemary

4- olive tree   5- large ficus tree   6- eucalyptus tree  7- triangle ficus tree

Target Decor (

1- wall mirror  2- table lamp  3- white nightstand  4- vintage vase

5- clouds framed wall canvas  6-  ventura bench

7-  geo handled planter  8- small striped basket   9- large striped basket

Target Decor (

1- white textured vase   2- cabinet   3- chunky knit throw

4- woven round basket   5- wicker magazine holder

6- scalloped bowl    7- rattan dining chair    8- coffee table

Target Outdoor (

1- tray   2- outdoor rug   3- throw pillow   4- black planter 

5- stripe outdoor pouf   6- basket   7- stripe door mat   8- basket weave door mat



xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Kitchen organization & winter decor

  1. You are one busy mama! Happy belated 18th birthday to your daughter! How exciting (for her…maybe not so much for you). Your description of hitting it off with the gal at the MRI appointment made me think of my mom. She made friends wherever she went. She was so friendly. I can “see” you with your bright happy smile and infectious laugh. I know you have to get your other knee done and hope the process will end in a quick and full recovery. Lots of fun decor shown. You have a great eye for that, too. And organizing? You are a wonder woman. I enjoyed watching the playoff games this weekend, too! LOL It’s my time to do some handwork working on knitting some socks. ;)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! So funny.. my mom is the same way! Just chats with everyone and makes friends wherever she goes. I used to hate running errands with her when I was little because she would talk to everyone (small town!) and it would always take twice as long to get through a store. I guess I have a little of her in me now. ;) The games were so good this weekend weren’t they!? We were cheering for the Bills though and that game was crushing! Ha. I’m sure Kenny wishes I would knit instead of shop on-line during football. You’ve got it figured out. ;) Enjoy your week!

  2. You are the vase queen and you have made me love them, too! I’m always looking at vases now.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Erin,
    The black accents are so on trend! Black just makes a statement and ties everything together while looking effortless. It is like a black, long sleeve T or a black cardigan, you just can’t go wrong! Never goes out of style. No regrets. Ever.
    I still have a black farm bench from when my kids were babies! It has seen bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, foyers and living rooms! Was an expensive piece in its day but look how many years It has lasted. Classics!
    The valentine porch. SO sweet! Love it and you get to enjoy the trees a few more weeks. Cost effective and adorable. Win win!
    Take care and DO “baby” that knee. Enjoy all the 18ths and proms. They only come once, or in both our cases X3! ;-D

    1. Thank you so much Sharon! I agree.. you just can’t go wrong with black. Ever! I have pieces like your farm bench that have been all over my house through the years.. such smart purchases! And I was thinking of what you just mentioned all week.. it’s so busy but soak it all in because this stage will be over in a blink! X3. :) Happy Monday! xo

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes! In the white pot I have 1 bundle of the larger peonies (3 flowers – they come in sets of 3). In the smaller PB peonies I have 9-10 blooms so since they come in sets of 4 you would want to buy at least 2 bundles. I would buy 3 bundles to be safe so you have a few extra flowers to fill in gaps. I hope that helps! :)

  4. You had a fun panty inspiration!!! I think you meant pantry. Thanks for the laugh – I think you have been doing too much laundry!

    1. Oh my WORD! Nicola! Ha ha.. I am laughing out loud! Can’t believe I did that! Actually I can.. I finished this post so late and was too tired to edit. I just fixed it. Thank you for letting me know! CLEARLY too much laundry and not enough sleep is going on around here.. ha! ;)

  5. What size minka vase do you have (I’m guessing the large?) with the olive branches and how many branches did you need to fill that? It’s so pretty! I love all of your decor… Thanks for all of your joy and inspiriation!

    1. Thank you so much! So kind of you to say. :) This vase is the medium! I have 7 branches in it but they come in bunches of 3 and you could totally get away with 6 branches (order 2 sets).

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