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Easter Platters and Treats

*This post is sponsored by Walmart. All product selections and opinions are my own!

Easter platters and treats (Sunny Side Up)

Easter is right around the corner! After I set up my festive Easter dining room table I started thinking about some fun snacks I could make to help make the weekend feel special.

Easter platters and treats (Sunny Side Up)

I ordered my groceries on-line from Walmart and got to work decorating cooking. Ha. We all know there was no cooking involved. I like making cute platters because it’s basically decorating with food. Now that I can do. :) This simple 4-piece serving set is a staple at my house I use over and over that I’ve shared before. I use it for candy, I use it for ice cream toppings, I use it when we’re roasting s’mores and I use it for after school snacks for my kids. It’s perfect to hold cheese and crackers and fruit!

Don’t you think Easter candy is the best candy? Chicks Ducks and Bunnies don’t last long at our house. Then there’s Cadbury Eggs. Cadbury eggs from the grocery store don’t even make it through the door. :)

Easter platters and treats (Sunny Side Up)

This is a simple way to make a festive snack for Easter that kids love. Make fruit kabobs and add a peep in the middle! You can get really creative with colors and use a rainbow of peeps or just stick to one color like I did. These white porcelain serving platters I’ve shared before.. they are also staples I use over and over when I serve food/entertain. They come in a rectangle size too!

Easter platters and treats (Sunny Side Up)

I saw this on Pinterest a few years ago and love making it for Easter because it literally takes two seconds! Isn’t it the cutest!? I made one for my friends a couple of weeks ago. We were meeting quick to chat and have Diet Cokes before we all took off for Spring Break and I came walking in with this carrot. They were cracking up. Paired perfectly with our Diet Cokes if you ask me. I’m all about balance! Ha ha. :)

Easter platters and treats (Sunny Side Up)

{similar wooden serving board}

This is another idea I saw on-line a few years ago and really enjoy creating. So fun right!? I love this too much and always have fun making different versions with the bunny face in the middle. You can use a bowl instead of bread and get creative with the face.  This year I used blueberries for the eyes, celery for the whiskers and smile and a strawberry nose. Cutest little bunny face. One year I used all fruit and this pink fruit dip in the middle..

Easter platters and treats (Sunny Side Up)

It’s seriously the BEST fruit dip if you haven’t tried it yet! I share it every summer. You just whip together 8 oz cream cheese (softened), a 7 oz jar of marshmallow creme and 2 teaspoons of Maraschino cherry juice. YUM.

Easter platters and treats (Sunny Side Up)

Isn’t the floral food server fun for spring!? I ordered it along with my groceries, but then when it came it was so pretty I didn’t want to cover it with food! It would be a cute table centerpiece too or fun to set napkins, utensils and salt and pepper shakers on (smaller items so you can still see the pretty flowers!)

Easter platters and treats (Sunny Side Up)

Candy, peep kabobs, carrots and cucumbers. Like I said.. balance in all things!

Easter platters and treats (Sunny Side Up)

Easter platters and treats (Sunny Side Up)

I know most people have Easter food traditions that include fancy hams and side dishes, but when you’re lacking in the cooking skills department (and your ham would 100% turn out less than desirable) you have to get creative.

Bunny face fruit & veggie platters for the win!

Plus pizza.


If you’re doing last minute Easter shopping Walmart has everything you need! When I ordered this food I also ordered all of the candy for my kids’ baskets. So nice to do it all on-line. When I was on-line shopping I also noticed that a lot of the items I ordered for my summer guest room re-fresh last summer are back in stock!

Summer Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

{chenille 3 piece duvet cover set/jute pouf ottomans/similar inhale & exhale prints/stripe pillow/trellis throw pillow}

Summer Guest Room (Sunny Side Up)

My rattan lamps are also back! Love these lamps. I left them up all year but they are especially fun during the spring/summer. The ceramic basket pot is also a favorite.. I think I own over 5 of them! Last summer I had them all over my house. They sold out quickly last year so don’t wait if you want one.

Or two or five. :)

Happy Easter decorating cooking everyone!


xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Easter Platters and Treats

  1. I love how you embrace your strengths, Erin! :) Such a good role model for the rest of us. I have not seen those ideas and think they are adorable! I’d hate to mess up the design, actually. Haha! But I wouldn’t mind balancing the veggies with the candy at all. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you and your family have a beautiful Easter. :)

    1. Ha ha.. I definitely know my weaknesses! That’s for sure. ;) Thank you so much Jeanne! Happy Easter weekend to you and your beautiful family! xo

  2. You never disappoint! Love all your food tray ideas, so cute, and healthy balance! Your posts are always a delight! Happy weekend-eve 😁!

  3. I like that floral food server. That would also be great for to set a candle on. I’m still figuring out what else to bring to a potluck Easter get together. I already bought a dessert from Costco but also want to bring a veggie dish of some sort because I do like balance too. Happy Easter to you and your family! He is risen indeed!

  4. Erin,
    LOVE it! Creativity on steroids! The BIG Carrot is my fav. and you could also use that fuzzy/ruffly lettuce for the stem/leaves. Frise-I THINK it is called. NOT my fav. in lettuce but it would work and of course, IS edible!
    NOW-The BUNNY FACE. WHAT did you use for the mouth(smile)??? You said celery and I see that in the “Wiskers” but the mouth?
    Mouth/smile is dark as are the eyes.
    Also, I just LOVE that guest room with the white and Navy. I have been meaning to try that out in a bedroom since I first read that description in one of Elin Hildebrand’s books. Don’t remember the title but the description put me on board to try it and then I sort of forgot about it till YOUR guest room. Hildebrand’s description was different in the furniture but the same in the bedding. The furniture was a rustic pine. I think it was that “unfinished look” pine. Wish I could remember which book……
    Was one of the ones in her Nantucket series anyway (not the Christmas series or the most recent novels set on St. Johns)
    MAYBE it was the one that was about a wedding. Not sure.
    HAPPY Easter, Happy family time. Happy bunny decorating.
    PS. My tabletop tree at the beach place was still up (as usual) so it JUST became an “Easter Tree”! Eggs, nests, chicks, carrot ornaments. 2ond time its been up this late and 2ond time I did this! Seaside Easter tree! NOW lets hope the eggs, bunnies, etc. don’t stay up till New years ;-D

    1. Sharon you’re right! The mouth isn’t celery.. I need to fix that. I used cucumber peelings for the mouth! And small grapes for the eyes.. now I’m remembering.. ha. I was kind of just winging it quick. I make it different every time! Any Nantucket series sounds like a good series.. I need to look into those books! Happy Easter to you sweet friend! Your Easter tree sounds like perfection to me! :) xo

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