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Outdoor Furniture Re-fresh

*This post is sponsored by Walmart. All product selections and opinions are my own!

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

Wow.. we are at the end of March! What a whirlwind of a month. I’m over here just trying to catch my breath. For some reason this month has been a little crazy for us. Anyone else feeling the same!? I’ll catch you all up on a few things going on around here soon  (mostly good.. some not as good!) but today I’m excited to share another fun update to my backyard! I’ve been working so hard to get our yard ready for spring/summer! Remember these fun chairs I shared last month!?

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

I love them so much I ordered this cute matching set! A close friend of mine just moved and the little patio set I used to have in this spot was perfect for her outdoor space so I gave it to her. I’ve been looking for different options for this space and couldn’t pass up these cute chairs and table. I had a really hard time choosing because I love this chair and ottoman and this little couch too! I might still order the couch to add with the chairs. Still a work in progress but I love the way it’s looking so far!

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

You know how I feel about all things rattan so when I found these cute rattan plant stands I was thrilled! Such an easy way to spruce up the yard and elevate your plants. You could flip them around and use them as baskets too! Flowers make everything happy don’t they!? Crossing my fingers I can keep these alive through the season!

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

My lemon trees are having a good year and this glass pitcher has become a summer staple (comes in a set of 2!). I get excited to pull it out because it represents summer and sunshine and lemons and friends. :)

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

I added these beautiful light blue outdoor pillows to complete the look!

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

My tried and true coat rack turned towel rack isn’t going anywhere! Still the best solution for all of the pool towels! I highly recommend it if you end up with lots of kids and towels in your yard all summer. Of course you can also use it by the front/back door or in the garage to hold coats and shoes too. I’ve loved seeing pictures of how so many of you use your coat rack! This baby is a treasure for many of us. :)

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

I ordered another navy geometric rug for this space so I’ll put one out by the pool and keep this here. I really wish it came in a bigger size! I’m still hunting for a new rug for my space by our fireplace. If you like this chair and table set and it’s showing that it’s sold out this set is very similar! Also check back because they might get more in stock.

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

Our pool storage closet is overflowing (on the summer “to-organize” list once again!) so I ordered this cute outdoor console table.

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

So excited about this! I’m going to keep goggles and smaller pool toys in the baskets so they aren’t cluttering up our pool storage closet (I’ll just use the closet for large floaties.) This will also be perfect to use for entertaining. Look at the picture on-line.. perfect to hold food and drinks too!

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

I might move this.. I have a few spots in my backyard that it works, but for now I’ve got it tucked into this little corner.

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

Before I set this up I spent an hour cleaning our back deck.. it gets so dirty when we aren’t using it often! It feels good to have this space clean.

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

My roses are blooming and everything in the yard is starting to show off!

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

I love this time of year when everything is blooming.

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

I snapped these yard pics with my cell phone quick after I finished sweeping. It always feels so good to have the yard clean!

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

I had a spurt of motivation after working on the backyard so I cleaned off my front porch too and sprayed the dust off of our rocking chairs. Then I added these cute new pillows. Stripes for the win at my house!

Again! :)

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

They are really soft and I love the texture. Perfect outdoor pillows for a great price. They are actually more comfortable than some I have on my couch so you could definitely use them inside too! I started my front porch and will share that as soon as it’s done.

Outdoor furniture re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

Have you started getting your outdoor spaces ready for spring? I grew up helping my dad in our yard every weekend and mowing the lawn was always my favorite! All those perfectly straight lines and that smell of freshly cut grass.. ha. :) There is something so gratifying to me about putting together spaces like this. It makes me happy to create gathering spots where friends can enjoy spending time together. Plus sunshine and flowers are good for the soul aren’t they!? I’m always in the best mood after working on our yard! I have help with some of our plant/lawn maintenance (it’s too much for me to keep up with now) but I will always love yard work and creating outdoor spaces we can enjoy all season. Bring on summer.. it’s time to plan a party!

I’ll bring the lemons.


I’ve rounded up more cute Walmart outdoor furniture below.. I’m seriously loving their options this year! If you see something you love don’t wait because their outdoor furniture always sells out quickly!

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

I’m so happy this cute 3-piece set is still in stock! This is the post with details for those of you who emailed me about it. It has held up great (even in direct sun!) and we’ve been really happy with it.

Walmart Outdoor (

1- sofa lounger with two wood tables   2- 3-piece wicker set   3- gymax 3-piece patio sofa furniture

4- davenport 3-piece outdoor set    5- wood patio bench   6- sage 3-piece bistro set

7-  2-pack outdoor ottomans   8- outdoor rocking chair
walmart outdoor (

1- 4-piece outdoor chat set  2- outdoor chair set   3- wicker egg chair

4- outdoor chaise lounge set    5- outdoor chair and ottoman set

walmart outdoor (

1-   4-piece outdoor wicker set   2- 3-piece outdoor patio set

3- outdoor loveseat and ottoman   4- outdoor wicker 3-piece set

5- loveseat bench

Walmart outdoor (thesunnysideupblog.set)

1- LED outdoor string lights  2- navy and white umbrella

3- stripe outdoor rug   4- navy blue geometric rug   5- 18″ wood lantern

6- 23″ wood lantern   7- large modern planters

8- white planters   9- tall planter


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Outdoor Furniture Re-fresh

  1. Your backyard is quite the oasis! I’d love to spend time back there! You did a great job with your new additions. They look comfy cozy and ready for a gathering. So happy you have such a fabulous space to lounge and entertain in. Our backyard isn’t quite the oasis for me. We are surrounded bypeople who have dogs that bark constantly when I am outside. :( I simply do not like to spend time outside anymore, unfortunately. So, I will admire all the lovely spaces others can enjoy. :)

  2. Hi! You have such a cute blog! Could you please tell me what brand and color your pavers are around your pool? Thanks so much!

  3. Love your outside decor and your beautiful plants that are blooming! I need to get some that will bloom for me.
    Where did you get your hanging light? Looks like something I could use here.

  4. T,Y. Erin!
    THIS was a wonderful post for this time of year! It makes me think ahead(New England remember??)
    We had such nice and unseasonal warm weather(for us)St. Pats day was 60s and Day after low 70s!
    THEN it HIT AGAIN! The cold(a couple 17 degree nites) but we did miss being hit with snow. YEA! Its the little things that matter
    ;-D right?
    OHMYGOSH Erin,, you have so many wonderful outdoor conversation areas to enjoy! I just love them all! Cant pick a fav. There is one for tea and a good book, one to chat on the phone with a friend, one to bond with a daughter, one to get sun on your legs(you can guess mine are white as a ghost about now) Fab. job w/the photography. You have made me jealous of all these spaces, but in such a GOOD way!
    Hint :IF you cant keep the beautiful flowers alive-I have a “cheat” that I may use here/there and as a fill in. Grandin Road has some beautiful outdoor “fakes”! A very good friend used to use a catalog place called “petals” but not sure IF they are still around? I have a few things from Grandin(outdoor things) and I have been happy. If I try one of their floral “urn fillers” I will let you know.
    Petals used to be so good I couldn’t tell where my friends REAL stopped and her FAKE began! She did a mix.

    Hope all is going better as far as the “not so good” and the good that has been keeping you busy outshines the not so good.
    I DO hope all is ok. Take care.

  5. I love how you’ve transformed your outdoor space! The choice of furniture and colors is so inviting. It’s amazing how a little outdoor furniture refresh can breathe new life into your patio. Great inspiration for my own outdoor makeover!

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