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Get organized (Sunny Side Up)

Happy March 11th! I’m 45 years old today! Wow. That age really hits home when you type it out.. ha ha. Getting up there! Really it’s all good. I’m just so grateful to still be here healthy and happy! Doing what I love – raising my kids, loving their dad and organizing my drawers and closets to death. Who could ask for anything more? I mean maybe a Cadbury Egg or two wouldn’t hurt. I’m pretty sure someone I know will give me one today. If not I know what I’m giving myself. Tis the season! For birthdays and ALL the Easter candy. Bring it on. I’m so ready. :)

I have some fun plans for the day/weekend with friends and family but I’m still hoping I can squeeze in some organizing too! I have to get major knee surgery mid April (boo!) so I’m using that date as my end goal. I want to have everything on my list checked off by then! A pretty big task because we have my kids’ Spring Break and lots of life happening in-between now and my goal date. I need to keep my motivation going so I took my original list..

Get organized (Sunny Side Up)

and copied the to-do’s I still have left on a new list. Just the act of writing things down again helps me focus. I’m making progress and I hope you are too! If you’re feeling unmotivated try making yourself a new list. Then pick a day/time on your calendar to organize and when that day/time comes pick one thing on your list and knock it out! Honor that commitment you made with yourself. You’ll be so happy you did! Make it more enjoyable by listening to a good podcast or book on audible while you organize – that helps me look forward to it! (You can download this printable HERE.)

Get organized (Sunny Side Up)

I scheduled a 2 hour block last Saturday in-between kids’ activities and was so productive! I tackled my playroom closet and drawers and said good-bye to things we aren’t using/loving!

Get organized (Sunny Side Up)

{handheld vacuum}

Then I enlisted some help and tackled our mudroom. Kole makes his chores more fun by listening to music. He has learned a trick or two from his mom. :) You can see I still had my Christmas cards up! I usually leave them up to enjoy through February but by March we’re ready to take them down and move on to all things Spring. We donated old shoes and cleaned out our lockers. Feels so good to have this room organized again!

Get organized (Sunny Side Up)

Then I laid down this cute stripe jute runner (one of my kitchen options!)..

Get organized (Sunny Side Up)

{oversized woven diamond pillow/addie stripe tassel pillow}

and I added a couple of pillows to the bench. Simple touches to welcome a new season. This stripe pillow is a long time favorite I pull out every spring/summer and it’s on sale! I have it in navy too (also comes in a lumbar pillow). It’s Serena & Lily’s spring sale this weekend and everything is 20% off right now with the code HOME. Lots of my S & L favorites are linked HERE.

Coffee Table Styling (Sunny Side Up)

On to some simple coffee table styling! I mentioned that I’ve been a tad obsessed with home decor books lately. I have so much fun flipping though them in the evening! Zoning out with a good show on, a decor book in my hand and the fireplace going (chilly weather this week!) has been my favorite way to relax lately. Which is why my table is covered in books at the moment. :)

Coffee Table Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{round rattan tray/similar tray here & here/maidenhair fern/cross hatch object/Live Beautiful}

A simple round rattan tray with a fun plant is an easy way to welcome spring!

Coffee Table Styling (Sunny Side Up)

You also can’t go wrong with a stylish small tray. (Similar option here.)

Coffee Table Styling (Sunny Side Up)

I added a brass canister, a gold candle snuffer, and this eucalyptus and sage candle (smells so good!) on a pretty marble coaster, (a gift from a close friend!).

Coffee Table Styling (Sunny Side Up)

Then books books and more books!

Coffee Table Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{down to earth/made for living/live beautiful/patina farm/simplicity/AD at 100/wool jute rug}

Hello. I’m Erin and I’m 45 years old and I like home decor books. These are my recent favorites. Not only are they FULL of beautiful inspiration but they also look amazing styled on a table or shelf.

I should know. I’m 45 years old. Did I mention that yet?

Just trying to help that number sink in..


Coffee Table Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{eileen coffee table/wool jute rug}

Coffee Table Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{console table sources here}

Enjoy your weekend! If you see a Cadbury Egg think of me! Or better yet.. if you see a Cadbury Egg mail it to me.

I deserve it right!?

I mean.. I am 45 after all.



xoxo, Erin
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26 thoughts on “Coffee Table Styling

  1. Happy Birthday, Erin! 45 looks amazing on you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with love and all the Cadbury eggs! :) Bummer that you have to have another big knee surgery, but hopefully after that, you will be pain and trouble free. I like how you motivate yourself to finish your goals. I know you can do it! Your house is always beautiful. It’s lovely of you to share it and some of your sources of inspiration. Thanks for doing all that you do. It is very appreciated. Now go and enjoy your birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, Erin!! Love your sunny outlook on life! I turn 45 in April, so I’m right there with you, and nothing makes me happier than organizing and decluttering…although I’d maybe take a Lindt truffle over a Cadbury egg!!

  3. Erin,
    Happy Birthday!
    Hey, you are REALLY only as old (YOUNG) as you feel and LOOK! Anyway, even IF you are feeling OLD b/c of the worry with the upcoming operation-YOU, my friend LOOK 31-34 and MAYBE even younger! BTW you are the SAME age as my youngest baby sister WOULD be this March! My “BABY” Baby sister (I am the oldest with 2 “baby” sisters) The real(youngest) “baby- baby” sister I lost, but somehow, she is still with me. Guess what? Her name is Erin, also! Odd connections, ODD connections! Thomas Hardy may have been right!
    Anyway, glad you are back on the blog but sad to hear about the upcoming surgery. Hopefully this is the ticket for you!
    The rug looks great in its new spot and looking at it I am wondering WHERE I could use it. The stripes would be perfect for the beach place but like most beach places, it’s quite small (the phrase the real estate agents use to sell these villas is “charmingly cozy”, NEVER small) and I am point blank out of room!
    Keep on organizing/decorating, watch some old Hallmark movies and keep the news to a low roar….
    Take care Erin

  4. Happy 45th Birthday, Erin!! I hope you have a fabulous day and get lots of Cadbury eggs!! Sending love to you and your sweet family!! ❤️

  5. Happiest of Birthday’s to you 🥳. Seems like you’re getting used to the new number.💜. As my Dad says, “I love birthdays….they are way better than a dirt nap “. Dad is turning 81 this April ♥️
    Enjoy your day!!!

  6. Happy 45th from another Erin who happens to also be 45 yo and LOVES Cadbury eggs! Delicious! Hope your day is bday is fun! I so enjoy your blog. Just wondering which home decor book is your favorite if you could just pick one?

    1. Thank you so much Erin! Love that we are the same age and share a love for Cadbury eggs! The best! :) Makes my day that you enjoy my blog! It’s hard to choose just one book, but if I had to Made for Living! So much inspiration. Enjoy your weekend! xo

  7. Happy Birthday Erin. Hope you have a day filled with family, love and happiness. You look awesome. Always inspired by you. xo

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