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Outdoor furniture update!

*This post is sponsored by Walmart. All product selections and opinions are my own!

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

Who is ready for warm weather!? In the Fall I’m always incredibly jealous of those of you who get to experience the changing leaves and Fall in all of her glory! I start dreaming about moving to the East Coast or to northern Utah by my sister where I can wear sweaters 24/7 and over the knee boots and sip apple cider by the fire. Then before I know it the holidays have come and gone and it’s mid February. San Diego starts showing off with warm, beautiful sunny days here and there and I remember that I’m actually quite content right where I am. ;)

Every year around this time I start getting excited for Spring and Summer and days spent by the pool! It’s also when I start planning anything I want to change/add to our yard and my front porch to welcome the new season. I’m planting a few more rose bushes and one more lemon tree! (You can never have too many lemons in my book.) I’m also adding some furniture in our backyard and the first items I ordered came a few days ago. I was so excited for fun mail! I opened the boxes, laid everything out, looked at the multi-step directions.. and then called Kenny. :) Really this wasn’t hard to put together at all, but he can do this type of thing so much faster than me that I’ve found my skills are better used elsewhere.

Like looking for the frogs that are hiding in our water fountain with Kole which is what I did while Kenny put everything together.


Ready to see what I ordered!?

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

Ahhh! Are these not the cutest outdoor canopy chairs you’ve ever seen!? I knew I wanted more seating by our pool and when I saw these on-line my heart skipped a beat. Walmart has so many fun options for outdoor furniture this year!

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

Each chair comes in a set with the matching ottoman and I LOVE the canopy! Our back yard bakes in the summer with non-stop sun and I’m so excited that these chairs are covered. I can keep my face out of the sun and my legs in the sun which is usually what I prefer when I’m sitting poolside. :) We love our lounge chairs, but when the pool is full of kids and friends it will be so nice to have this extra seating.

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

I’m going to put these in the front facing the pool (I just turned them this way because I couldn’t photograph them very well from the water!) so I decided to anchor them with a rug. I ordered two options to try.. this navy geometric outdoor rug.

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

and this cute multi-colored striped rug. So happy and fun for summer! I love them both – great price, great quality and I’m excited about the cute patterns for summer. Originally I was going to return one of them, but I decided to keep the navy rug by the pool since that works so well with our umbrellas and the outdoor pillows we already have and I’m going to use the striped rug on the back porch or on my girls’ balcony.

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. back to these chairs. They are so comfortable! They are also wide so two kids could easily share one.

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

My favorite part is the detail on the side. Those wicker loops and circles! And the tassels on the canopy!? SOLD. Details like that get me every time. :)

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

The cushions are made with fade-resistant and stain-repellent fabric so they should hold up well. I will put them to the test and report back!

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

This cute little 3-piece set we ordered a couple of years ago for our upstairs outdoor deck has held up beautifully so I expect these will do the same. It’s back in stock by the way! It sells out quickly every year. You can see more pics of our upstairs deck in this post.

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

I was snapping these pictures and before I knew it two little heads were popping up in my photos. I couldn’t believe Kole and his buddy jumped in.. that water is ICE COLD right now. They only lasted a few seconds before hitting the hot tub. BRRRR. Our sun is making an appearance and flowers are starting to bloom, but we aren’t quite pool ready yet!

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

I took this picture a little later in the evening when the sun was starting to set so that you can see a better look at the rug. I’m so bummed it doesn’t come in a 9×12! This is exactly what I want for our outdoor seating area. Hunt is still on for that space.

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

Walmart Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

Chairs are now turned the right way ;) and Addison and I have been testing them out. She and Ellie are trying to convince me that they need these chairs on their deck upstairs, but for now they are staying put! I’m very excited about planting right here this summer – just me and my Coke Zero and a good decorating book. A little slice of heaven on earth. BRING ON THE SUN! We are now officially ready.

Walmart has so many cute options for outdoor furniture this year! I rounded up a few more favorites below. I’m thinking about picking up a couple more items that match these chairs for the lower back deck.. this set is just speaking to me! My birthday is right around the corner and I think I just found what I’m asking my husband for.

Assembly required too babe. Don’t worry.. I’ll help Kole find ALL of the frogs.

Kenny and I make a great team, don’t we?

He’s lucky to have me.


walmart outdoor (

1- 4-piece outdoor chat set  2- outdoor chair set   3- wicker egg chair

4- outdoor chaise lounge set    5- outdoor chair and ottoman set

walmart outdoor (

1-   4-piece outdoor wicker set   2- 3-piece outdoor patio set

3- outdoor loveseat and ottoman   4- outdoor wicker 3-piece set

5- loveseat bench

Walmart outdoor (thesunnysideupblog.set)

1- LED outdoor string lights  2- navy and white umbrella

3- stripe outdoor rug   4- navy blue geometric rug   5- 18″ wood lantern

6- 23″ wood lantern   7- large modern planters

8- white planters   9- tall planter


xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Outdoor furniture update!

  1. Those are some fabulous chairs, Erin! You do have a knack for finding some really neat items. I get a 70s feel from the sides and the tassels, but in a good way. So fun! Your backyard is as beautiful as your house. Gotta love frog hunting and boys who will jump into the water when it’s cold. Probably some challenge/dare. Haha. We will finally get out of freezing temps this weekend and your post is making me long for summer days. Enjoy your beautiful weather!

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I’m so happy you are out of freezing temps! I think we are all ready for some sun at this point. Total 70’s vibe with these chairs and I love it too.. so much fun. Wishing you warm days ahead! I love CO in the summertime! :)

  2. Do you leave your outdoor wicker furniture out even when it rains or do you cover them? I’m curious how the wicker part holds up. On another note, I recently discovered Cinco jewelry and bought 2 pieces for me “from my husband” as a Valentine’s gift. I told him I knew what I want for my next birthday gift. He’s lucky he has has me too and I take the load off him ahead of time. 😂

    1. They are SO lucky. Ha. ;) The set we have on our upstairs deck has survived through all of the elements so I’m going to try leaving these out and see how they do! If we have a really hard rain storm I might pull them in but we get moisture every morning from the ocean so if they can handle that we should be fine. I’ll keep you posted on how they hold up! :)

  3. Those canopy chairs are SO CUTE!! Too bad I don’t have a place for them . I’m fair skinned so those would be perfect for me! Enjoy!!

  4. Most adorable set Erin!
    I know they ae Walmart, but they have that Tommy Bahama vibe. Walmart is NOT Walmart anymore!
    Your nostalgia for THE SEASONS is understandable but I will be the FIRST to tell you it is all OVERATED!!!!!
    With the beautiful leaves, wood smoke in the evening, a crispness in the air (I SEE you dreaming Erin!) comes the PROMISE (sometimes even the next day) of a snowstorm or WORSE-ice storm :-O I would rather be sitting on the upper deck at Georges holding my creme caramel spoon and watching all the birds on that BIRD BEACH! When you are lighting your fall candles and dreaming of what I mentioned above-NOW you KNOW WHAT I am dreaming of! I wonder IF they still have THAT creme caramel?? Was so yummy!
    I may be jaded w/all our snow and cold (not as bad as the winter of 2014/2015 when everyone lived in fear of the next BIG storm (every 3-5 days) and ICE DAMS! Of course, we ALSO had a bad damage situation w/ice dams. Keeping THAT winter in mind this one has been absolutely balmy! However, are going down to 3 degrees. THREE! one night this week. We have already had a few of those.
    Hope you are getting your appetite back (The ONLY silver lining in the Food poisoning cloud-losing a few of the xtra Holiday lbs.! ;-
    Your back yard is a dream!

    1. Thank you Sharon! So happy you like them too! Ha ha.. ok ok! I’ll appreciate what I have here and stop day dreaming of all things FALL. What the two of us really need to do is just visit each other every year! I’ll come to you in October and you can come and visit in February. Then all would be right in the world with the best of both places. ;)

  5. I love your outdoor furniture Erin! I have had my eye on that little set on your upper porch for a year now. I am going to have to order it in black after seeing your post and it sounds like it has held up well. I have to style my whole front porch so I may need to grab a few of your other ideas too :)

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