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Decor, tops & weekend sales!

Winter Bathroom Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{chevron vase/faux cherry blossoms/similar wood ladder/tassel bath towels/heart rug/similar rattan tray/spectrum pitcher/candle}

Happy Saturday! Yea for the weekend. A long weekend for some! My kids are out of school Monday and Tuesday (Kole is out all next week!) so we’re excited to enjoy a little family time and break from the routine. When I shared my face steamer in my powder bathroom in my last blog post I got lots of questions about the faux flowers in this space and realized I never shared these pics on the blog. So for those of you asking, here is my pink bathroom in all of her February glory.. links included. :)

Winter Bathroom Decor (Sunny Side Up)

The faux flowers are artificial cheery blossoms from Afloral and this year they came out with these stems that are almost identical. I also have these exact cherry blossom stems in white that they brought back again this year. Both are beautiful faux options! (I have 4 stems in this white chevron vase.)

Winter Bathroom Decor (Sunny Side Up)

Pulled out my heart rug for the month.

Winter Bathroom Decor (Sunny Side Up)

And I love displaying these beautiful towels through Spring and Summer!

Winter Bathroom Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{ruffled chambray buttondown/AG jeans/similar booties}

I’m sharing a few cute tops and some great weekend sales! This ruffled chambray buttondown is a bit of a splurge but CUTE. Fits true to size (a great fit!) and I personally love the ruffle top. Obviously the color spoke to me. :)

Winter Bathroom Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{medium canvas transport tote}

It’s the same color as the bag I’ve been using since November. Have I shared this yet? It deserves a post all of it’s own! That’s how much I adore this bag. I’ve owned this beloved Madewell transport tote for years (Nordstrom carries this similar option with a zipper.. I personally don’t like the zipper). It has been such a staple for me for so long that when I saw the same bag in this green canvas my heart skipped a beat. I was going to ask for it for Christmas but couldn’t wait! So it came early from Kenny. He just didn’t know about it. Ha. (I’m tricky like that.) I own some cute small bags that I love to take when I’m going out on a date or with friends (a little more dressy), but for every day running around Madewell totes are so convenient! They fit EVERYTHING and are so easy to just toss things into. This canvas bag also has a huge pocket in the front (perfect for phone and keys so I can always find them) and a zipper pocket inside with a smaller pocket in front of that (perfect for lip gloss or whatever.) Plus it’s just so cute.. army green! With those leather straps! As you all know most of the clothes I wear are pretty casual and this bag just works with my wardrobe. Green top with jeans? Good. Black top with jeans? Good.

That sums up 80% of my wardrobe. Ha.

Winter Bathroom Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{pilcro ruched tee/initial pendant necklace/medium canvas transport tote}

Speaking of black tops.. one more favorite from Antho. Looks like the black sold out but it also comes in white and moss green! I’ve been going back and forth on getting the green too because it’s such a cute, flattering, comfortable top! But my sister always tells me I’m not allowed to buy anymore green tops so I’m pausing.. (Car be proud I’m at least waiting a while before I go ahead and buy another one.. progress.). 

Winter Bathroom Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{puff shoulder crew neck sweatshirt/initial pendant necklace}

Speaking of green tops I’m not supposed to buy.. oops. One more. :) Cutest puff shoulder sweatshirt! It comes in a couple of other colors too. I was wearing it in IG stories one day and got so many questions about it so I snapped this pic in my car to post with the link while I was waiting for Kole to finish tennis. It was evening so the lighting isn’t great.. color is really a deep green like the Nordstrom pic shows it. Also this initial pendant necklace is one of our favorites (Addison wears hers every day to school) and it’s 60% off – just $15 right now! I’ve never seen it so low. Not all letters are still in stock. I just ordered a few that were in stock for friend gifts. SCORE on that one.

If you are looking at larger home purchases (furniture.. couch, bed, mirror, coffee table, barstools, etc.) President’s Day weekend sales are some of the best for items like that! I rounded up sale favorites below from a few stores I always check out! Things I already have and love that you’ll recognize along with a few things I wish I had! :) I also found some cute sale items from Loft. I don’t shop on-line there often, but maybe I need to start. They carry one of my favorite brands of lounge wear (LOU & GREY) so I went down the rabbit hole on their website the other night looking for sweat pants and found a few really cute items on sale.

I hope these picks are helpful! Enjoy the start of your weekend! First up on my Saturday morning agenda is to finish de-cluttering a closet or two (still chipping away at my organizing challenge to-do list!). Then it’s time to relax and play. I hope you can do the same.


anthro 30% sale (

1- table lamp   2- pommed jute pillow   3- textured pillow

4- mirror   5- catalina rug  6- jersey quilt


anthro 30% sale (

1- zoe frame   2- hanging basket   3- dish towels 

4- peyton dish towels   5- bath caddy   6- vase   7-primrose mirror


McGee & Co 15% off (

1- seagrass tray   2- matson rug   3- cutting boards   4- teak bowl 

5- regina doormat  6- counter stool   7- faux olive tree

8- white terracotta jar   9- pastry cloche   10- sunny days doormat

11- pitcher   12- wood carved pedestal   13- arched mirror    14- coffee table


wayfair sale (

1- 8-tier cabinet door organizer  2- bench and shoe storage

3- bench   4- desk lamp   5- slipcovered sofa   6- geometric rug

7- wall hook   8- ombre pouf   9- desk   10- ladder


Nordstrom sale (thesunnysideupblog)

1- high waist leggings   2- cables crew sweater   3- bobbled ribbed sweater

4- moonlight pajamas   5- A-line dress   6- swift run sneaker

7- straight leg jeans   8- underwire bra


Nordstrom Sale (

1- balloon sleeve sweater   2- knit top   3- mascara primer   4- wristlet card case

5- ankle strap sandal   6- curling iron set   7- long sleeve top   8- knit dress


Loft Sale ( cowl neck tunic top   2- hoodie sweater  3- v-neck bralette

4- leopard oversized sweatshirt/matching sweat pants   5- plush zip sweatshirt   6- scalloped sweater

xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Decor, tops & weekend sales!

  1. Such a pretty bathroom! Thanks for sharing more about it. You look good in green, so maybe that’s why you enjoy it so. Lots of cute options. I hope you and your family enjoy a mostly relaxing weekend! And Kole a nice week-long break from school. Lots of time for tennis, then, right? Good luck with the closets! You can do it! Thanks for all you do and share, Erin!

  2. I like that ruffled buttoned down blouse. It reminds me of the pink blouse I just bought from Walmart and it was perfect for Valentine’s weekend. It was such a good price. I wore it with white skinny jeans I already have. It would have been better if my jeans were high waisted so this week I had to buy one of those too. Lol! Do you do that too? Buy something but then have to buy something else to go with it?

  3. Hi Erin!
    Your blog is my favorite to read. I love your decorating and just the overall fun you have with your everyday life. I don’t comment much, but just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that you do!
    A quick question…. What size is the chevron vase that you have in your powder bathroom? I notice the website has a 14” and a 20” and have been eyeing this vase since you showed it in one of your Fall posts. Thanks!

    1. You are the sweetest Denise! Thank you so much.. that means a lot to me! You made my week. :) My chevron vase is the 14″! Sorry I was slow to respond.. we were traveling and I wanted to get home and measure it to be sure. :)

      1. No worries. I have been traveling as well and just got home from a 10 day cruise. I needed the relaxation and the SUN! Thanks for letting me know the size of the vase, I am going to order one for my sunroom. Have a great day!

  4. Erin,
    Green IS your color! I drift back/forth with green too. I think I am drawn to it b/c of my hazel/green eyes. Also, “ARMY GREEN” is not ACTUALLY green. It is a neutral. Goes with just about anything-RIGHT?? NOW you can tell your sister that you have been adding “NEUTRALS” to your wardrobe. REALLY-ARMY GREEN is NOT REALLY “Green”. REALLY! I had so much in that color for a long time. NOW YOU are getting me back into it!
    I agree w/everyone. The cherry blossom branches are just lovely. They say both Feb. Valentine’s day AND SPRING is nearly here! Did I ever mention I ALSO am attracted to BLUSH? Just a hint of pink NEVER hurt anyone! Think ballet shoes pink and also just the very most pale baby pink. BTW BLUSH pink tops are fab. with Army green capri pants!!! BLUSH pink CAN also be a “neutral” RIGHT?? ;-D
    Take care and ENJOY getting ready for Spring. It’s snowing here AGAIN ;-O

    1. Sharon I’ve been thinking about you in all of that snow! Stay warm! At least it’s absolutely beautiful. :) And seriously where have you been all of my life.. army green IS A NEUTRAL! You are right! Sing it from the rooftops! Ha ha.. I’m calling my sister. Turns out my closet isn’t doomed after all. ;) XO

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