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Organized Pantry and Ziploc Bag Drawer

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Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a good week! I finally wrapped up my kitchen organization. I seem to be taking two weeks per space so I’m totally behind on my own organization challenge living proof of how you can tweak this challenge to work for you.

I’m tricky like that. ;)

Sharing a few organized pantry updates! (Organization challenge details are in this post.)

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

I’ve shared this space before.. it’s one that I work to keep clean and organized daily! My best tip when it comes to keeping your pantry clean is spending a few minutes on it every time you bring in new groceries. I always unload our groceries, toss boxes and empty packages in the recycle bin, toss anything else from the pantry that is garbage (empty sacks, expired items, etc.) and then I straighten things and quickly vacuum crumbs out of the baskets and drawers. It has become such a routine/habit for me that I don’t even think about it! I just naturally do it every time I bring in new food.

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Because of that I didn’t have to do too much in this space. I basically just followed my routine this week to tidy things up and then I snapped some pics with my phone to share! I’ve been using this beloved handheld vac to hit my drawers quickly and absolutely love it. It’s so small and is perfect for drawer crumbs!

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

I even organized our treat drawer. Every home needs one. ;) It made me smile when I saw all the green and purple Blow Pop suckers. My girls and I love them but we all 3 like the red ones best! You’ll never find a watermelon, cherry or strawberry sucker in this drawer because we eat them so fast and then just have purple and green leftover. Ha.

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

This pic of our top pantry drawers was taken years ago!

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

So I also smiled when I took pictures the same drawers this week.. my kids are older but snacks around here haven’t changed much.

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Kole still eats Ramen noodles at least once a week. Creatures of habit at my house. ;) And I still swear by my drawer dividers for spaces like this! I use different drawer dividers in my closet drawers too and love them. They are perfect for separating items without taking away drawer space.

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

The main pantry update I wanted to share with you all today is my Ziploc bag drawer! It’s one drawer I continually have to straighten because it usually looks like this with my kids getting in and out of it so much for lunches and snacks they take to school.

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

SpaceAid Ziploc Bag Storage Organizer (4 pack)

I found a couple of fun Ziploc back organizers on-line and ordered two different sets to try. I ordered this set that isn’t available anymore (I linked a similar set above) and I wasn’t sure how much room they would take up in my drawer. I tried laying them in a square like this.

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Then I played around with a few other arrangements.

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{SpaceAid Ziploc Bag Storage Organizer}

They basically took up the same amount of space as this similar organizer that has everything in one box. My second option! I decided to go with this because I knew my kids would move the individual boxes around and there was a better chance things would stay put together with this organizer.

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Plus we never buy quart sacks! And we always have TONS of sandwich bags so I like that with this box I could label them how I wanted to and use two openings for sandwich bags. Is this organizer not GENIUS!? Seriously why did I not invent this? The top slides off so you can place the bags in their individual spaces and then it slides right back on and bam! You can now easily pull one Ziploc bag out and everything else stays in place. Words can’t express my love for this organizer! After I had this beautiful set up going on I had to find something to store my tin foil and saran wrap. I mean why mess with perfection!?

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{SpaceAid WrapNeat Dispenser & Cutter}

So I ordered this too. Ahhhhh! When I stood back to look at my drawer after adding the foil/plastic organizer the angels were singing so loud the heavens opened! Seriously brilliant. Not only does it store tin foil and plastic wrap nicely but is also has a little cutter that cuts them perfectly too! DAY  YEAR MADE. I wanted to order this dispenser & cutter with 3 slots so that I could fit my parchment paper also, but it was too large to fit in my drawer. I was bummed for about one minute until I asked myself when was the last time I actually used parchment paper and I couldn’t remember a time I’ve ever used it.. ha. So I decided I could do without both the larger organizer and my parchment paper. Less is more, right?

I’m tricky like that.

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Pantry is clean. Ziploc bag drawer is the cleanest.

And I am one happy mom.

Pantry Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Right up until it’s time to fix dinner. Again. My menu (that hasn’t changed in 6 years) isn’t helping much.

Since it’s Friday I think it’s time for take-out! What better way to celebrate a clean pantry than to just leave it clean? Right!? At least for one night.

Or two.

We’ll just play things by ear.

Because I’m tricky like that.



*I linked some fun fruit print options since mine are sold out! 

xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Organized Pantry and Ziploc Bag Drawer

  1. Your pantry is such a great space, Erin. You are so smart to straighten and work on pulling out old, expired food as you put in new groceries. I need to come up with a routine like that. My family puts the groceries away, but maybe I could fiddle and futz the next day…hmmmm? Would be better than waiting until it gets to the point that you have to do something. LOL The baggie organizer looks neat, for drawers that are wide enough. LOL I have baby drawers that want to be like yours whenever they grow up. LOL I was limited by my space when we re-did our kitchen. I might select differently if we were to work on it again(highly, highly unlikely). But I’ve got soft close drawers and cabinets and I do love those! Thanks for sharing your great pantry and that fun fruity print again. It makes me smile! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! It definitely helps to straighten the pantry often! Then you can avoid having to do a major overhaul (not fun for anyone!). Your baby drawer comment made me laugh! Definitely a plus having soft close. I say have your family tidy the pantry after they put the groceries away. That’s the routine we BOTH need to put in place, right? ;) Enjoy the Super Bowl! xo

  2. I had not seen the one box option with the labels so I am happy to see you found one. Already in my amazon cart!

    Can you tell me the width of your pantry? I love your layout and have been wanting to do something with our shelves.

    Thank you!

  3. I love it!! Our drawer is always overflowing and I find bags in weird places. Thank you for the tips. Also I find it’s easier to buy the box of parchment sheets. They are made to fit cookie sheets and so much easier to store.

    1. Thank you so much Amy! Same.. our Ziploc bag drawer was always a mess! I’ll have to look for parchment sheets! That sounds so much easier. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer! I bought those from Pottery Barn when we built our home 8+ years ago and unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore. Such a bummer!

      1. Have you seen anything similar? We just redid our pantry with the Ikea Pax system and I would LOVE to get label pulls for the drawers.

        1. I haven’t Jennifer! I searched high and low for those when we built and then searched high and low for something similar when they sold out and I haven’t come across anything like that. Which seems CRAZY because they are so perfect for drawers! If I ever come across something similar I’ll definitely share it!

  4. Erin,
    I am IN LOVE with your pantry. IF it’s possible to BE IN LOVE w/a thing-THIS is it!
    I have ALWAYS planned on a butler’s pantry (well, a BUTLER WOULD be a NICE touch as well) I just never got around to MAKING
    it happen. I think THAT is one of the things you DESIGN INTO a new home or have done as SOON you move into a home.
    It is the perfect space for any family and USED to be pretty standard in homes back in the “old days” butler or not! ;-D
    I would gladly give up a room for this space however, once you are into a home and there is this and that space that needs DOING or Redoing a space like this falls by the wayside. I would LOVE to just take over my multipurpose mudroom/laundry/utility room for a butler’s pantry. Since it does open up to the garage it would STILL need to be a mudroom/pantry combo, but the laundry room would be ELSEWHERE. Imagine coming in from the garage and just putting all the groceries away?!? MAYBE too big a dream and perhaps scale it down and I use the closet at the end of the kitchen ……..
    NOW THAT IS POSSIBLY obtainable IF I “Marie K” the closet! Anyway, for anyone reading and building a house or just moving to another house-DO THIS RIGHT AWAY BEFORE there are 30 or more OTHER things that stand in the way! I have never known anyone who is sorry they DID this!
    Erin, your good habits! Keeping it nice/clean before it is a BIG job. My wonderful grandmother rarely had housework. Always DOING before it NEEDED Doing!
    Wonderful post!

    1. Oh bless your grandmother! She was smart for sure. I wish I had that habit in place in other areas of my home. For some reason I can maintain this pantry that everyone is in and out of but my closet that only I touch is a hot mess! Work in progress over here. :) You made me laugh.. if only a butler came with the pantry! We would all be set with both now wouldn’t we!? :) I have a few closets I need to “Marie K” myself so maybe if we tackle them at the same time it won’t feel so bad. Ha. Thank you sweet friend! Happy Super Bowl Sunday! xo

  5. I love a good organized pantry and am especially envious of your enormous walk in pantry. I haven’t yet gotten around to organizing mine but it’s on my short list of things to do. Have you tried reusable zipper bags? I bought an assortment from Grove a few years ago and have been so happy with them. We still use Ziploc sometimes but the reusable ones are way more cost efficient and much more eco friendly. Have a great day, Erin!

  6. Love the organization!! Just wondering where you got the picture hanging on your menu board that says kitchen essentials? It is cute!

  7. Oh my goodness! Those ziploc, etc, organizers are what dreams are made of! I can’t wait to check and see if they will fit in my drawer!

  8. Hey what is the size of your pantry? I love the way you have it organized and would like to make some shelves and have it like you have yours but I don’t know if mine is too small. What is the measurements from wall to wall? Instead of cabinet to wall.

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