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A few fun finds


Target finds (Sunny Side Up)

I hope you all had a good Valentine’s Day this week! Kenny took the afternoon off and surprised me with a drive and lunch. So nice because our evenings are always just divide and conquer with the kids’ activities and I wasn’t planning on going out or doing anything. Then Addison had a choir concert and sang the song “Like my Father” (I need a man who loves me like my father loves my mom.) Have you heard that song!? It’s so beautiful and we both teared up while she was singing. Ok.. Kenny teared up. I was full on SOBBING. Ad said the song reminded her of us.. the sweetest. Kenny and I are celebrating 25 years together in 2022 and I honesty can’t even believe it! I’ve spent more than half of my life with my husband.. HOW are we old enough for that!?

And yet.. we are. :)

I always re-read this past post on 10 ways we keep our marriage strong this time of year. I wrote that post 5 years ago and we are still consistently doing the things I mentioned. Our marriage certainly isn’t perfect, but we must be on to something because overall we are pretty happy. High school sweethearts beating the odds! Going a little crazy while we do it.. but still. :)

(If you visit that post and have a tip, leave it in the comment section! I love reading about how other couples stay happy (and sane) together too.)

Target finds (Sunny Side Up)

Kole had a good Valentine’s Day too! With his tennis court box and Christmas socks. This kid is living his best life. Ha.

Target finds (Sunny Side Up)

On to a few recent favorites! I’ve shared our beloved face steamer before and I know many of you now have one and love it too. Vanity Planet recently came out with one that includes 6 different settings (hot and cold) that is next level! Addison and I love this thing too much. I just leave it out on my bathroom counter and recently I’ve been steaming a little to wake up in the morning! I’m not a morning person and waking up is always a struggle for me (wonder why after hitting “publish” on most blog posts after 1 am..). This wakes me up and feels SO good on my face in the morning! The steam opens all of my pores and hydrates my skin and just helps me feel better about facing the day. My make-up goes on better too. It’s like having your own little spa in your home!

Target finds (Sunny Side Up)

Comes in a black too! Vanity Planet let me offer my IG friends a discount and I asked if they would extend it a little longer for anyone who missed my IG stories but reads my blog. If you order through THIS LINK you will get my discount along with a free gift! (Reusable face rounds in a little mesh bag.. you’ll see it when you check out.)┬áThis steamer also makes a great gift for women of all ages (teens too). I’m not sure how long my discount will last so don’t wait if you want one!

Target finds (Sunny Side Up)

{triangle ficus tree/eucalyptus tree/faux gypsophila leaf potted tree/chunky wool jute rug}

I’ve been on the hunt for a couple of new trees for my home and so far I really love these 3 options. The Eucalyptus tree in the middle I’ve had for a while (the trees I put on my green & white Fall porch!). The other two are new options. I would definitely recommend any of them! They all have very realistic trunks and leaves and look beautiful everywhere I set them. I want a tree that is a little taller for this corner in my family room so I just ordered this faux ficus tree to try in that spot. I’ll let you know where they all land as soon as I figure that out!

Target finds (Sunny Side Up)

{scalloped bowl/vintage vase/white textured vase/rattan tray/large geo handled planter/pink peonies here & here/table lamp}

These are a few other recent Target favorites I’m using to style my home. That round rattan tray is so beautiful! I’m obsessed with the table lamp too. It landed in my office. :)

Target finds (Sunny Side Up)

{jasmine in basket/large fern/small fern}

Along with faux trees Target also had the BEST selection of faux plants this year. I sorted through lots and found some REALLY good options. This jasmine and these ferns are so realistic! I love the pots they come in too.

Target finds (Sunny Side Up)

{jasmine in basket}

The jasmine was so pretty I picked up a few extras to give as gifts and just gave one to my friend Amy on her birthday. In my opinion it’s so much better than sending real flowers that die! Something a friend or neighbor or teacher can enjoy in their home for years. It’s no secret I am team FAUX plants and flowers. ALL. THE. WAY.

I’ve done enough damage with real plants to last a lifetime. The plants and I are BOTH over it. Ha.

Target finds (Sunny Side Up)

{large asparagus fern/pothos plant/flowering thyme potted plant}

These are 3 other beautiful and realistic options! I’m so excited to show you where these all landed in my home. They brought in so much warmth! A little taste of Spring is always the best this time of year isn’t it!? I’ll share everything here styled in my home soon!

Right now.. I need to get some sleep. Kole has to be to school early for play practice and my steamer (while it works wonders on my tired face) can only do so much.



xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “A few fun finds

  1. In this day and age when divorce is more the norm, you two are a great example of how it can and does work. Congratulations on almost 25 years. That’s fantastic! I’ve not heard the song you referenced but what a sweet daughter. You two are a wonderful example for her of what to look for in a partner. Loved Kole’s Valentine box. So fun and creative. Awesome socks, too. All your new plants look lovely. They are very realistic and faux plants have definitely come a long way, baby. The steamer looks quite interesting. Glad it works for you. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. Got another date with the snow shovel this morning. Haha. After being dry for so long, we are defintely on the snow train these days. ;)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I know.. it’s so sad how many marriages end in divorce and really I can see why. Marriage is hard work! You have to want to be there for each other and keep making each other a priority. Little things add up. Hard but definitely worth it! I’m so happy you are getting some snow and moisture! We’ve had lots of sun lately which has felt amazing but then we stress about not getting enough rain so I’m hoping we have some cloudy wet days in our future. Send some snow this way.. just for a week! ;)

  2. Hi Erin,
    Thanks for all of the faux plant ideas! I am switching to faux plants, as the last several “real” plants I have purchased have all died!!
    My question…how do you keep them clean/dusted? Especially curious about the trees.

    1. Right!? ALL of my real plants end up dying. I really don’t do much with my faux plants. Every other year I’ll get a damp cloth (just water) and lightly go over any leaves that look dusty. They’ve been really low maintenance for me which is why I love them so much! :)

  3. I just love that you introduced me to this song Erin! Hadn’t heard it before and now I’m bawling! Can’t imagine how special it was to hear Addison singing that for her choir! And what a special anniversary this year for you two! Congratulations! Have a wonderful day.

    1. Oh my word.. isn’t that the sweetest song Lisa!? I cry every time I hear it! I keep watching the video of Ad singing it.. it’s just so beautiful. I’m so happy you love it to! xo

  4. Love everything about your decor! Where can I find the beautiful pink flowers that are shown behind the face steamers??

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! I keep getting flower questions and thought I shared those on my blog but I think I only did on IG! I’ll add details and links for them in my next blog post! Coming soon. :)

  5. OMG that song! We have four daughters and their dad has set a very high bar. Our 2 sons will be amazing husbands because he has taught them well.

    1. I love that Susanne! What a neat example he must be to your kids. They are all so lucky to have a dad like that! Isn’t that song beautiful!? I can’t stop watching the video of Ad singing it.. I tear up every time!

  6. The flowering branches shown in the picture with the steamer, what kind are they and where did you purchase them? Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Carolyn! I keep getting flower questions and thought I shared those on my blog but I think I only did on IG! I’ll add details and links for them in my next blog post! Coming soon. :)

  7. Erin,
    Hi! Happy belated Valentines!
    I am glad you had a good day. I had a BAH HUMBUG one, but I do tend to “ROLL WITH the PUNCHES”. some V. days are good. Others are GREAT. SOME-Well, BAH HUMBUG! When you are hitting that 35th anniversary you KNOW “something” must be right. Right!?! Erin, I KNOW you will say RIGHT!
    I must say that it is good that you guys live in Ca! The way you both look together in that car in the picture, you would certainly be mistaken as MOVIE STARS here in my “neck of the woods”. HA! REALLY! Just the cutest couple!
    I re-read the piece on what keeps your marriage strong. You are SO wise Erin. So often today couples just give up, move on and THEN do it ALL OVER AGAIN and with the SAME results! I see this ALL the time especially at your stage with teens and the start of college. Jump ahead to my stage of empty nesting after having a house full of kids for many years. Such a challenge to keep things moving 1/2 way smoothly in the face of big changes! I say halfway smoothly b/c sometimes HALF way is ALL you need to build on and keep things out of the dumpster and THAT is with kids as well as husbands! Half is good IF you are a “glass is half FULL” person and NOT a “glass is half EMPTY” person! We still struggle with this as I am the HALF FULL, the husband is the HALF EMPTY one. In that case, the more positive one compensates. ME! Of course! ;-D
    Take care and I love that new tray!

    1. I love you Sharon! Your comment made me laugh.. Kenny is totally the half empty one in our relationship (a realist he calls himself) and he teases me about how “half full” I always am. Not getting me down.. just try it! ;) He used to always say to me “I’m so glad I live in the real world so that you can float above it.” Ha ha.. anyway, I feel your pain there! And transitions are definitely challenging. I’m really anxious about El moving out in the Fall for college.. it will be hard for our whole family! No doubt you’ve had a HUGE adjustment with empty nesting. One day at a time right? We have had lousy Valentine’s Days too and I think that’s why this year felt special.. just taking a few hours out of the routine was so nice! You are too kind to say we look like movie stars.. especially when I clearly did not know we were going out with hair and make-up looking less than ideal! I can’t thank you enough for your sweet words. Keep over compensating! Our husbands are lucky to have us. ;) XO

  8. Congratulations on your anniversary Erin! So happy for you!
    And I love the Christmas/Valentines Day combo from that sweet boy.
    Your house looks so bright and sunny and spring like.

    1. Thank you Sarah! It makes me feel old that I’ve been married that long.. ha. We’re better and wiser right!? ;) Always the best when I hear from you! xo

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