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Spring Entry & Teen Bedroom Progress

Teen Bedroom Progress (Sunny Side Up)

Hello hello! Sharing a few quick progress pictures of Ad’s bedroom today! Along with my Spring Entry. You’ll see what they have in common soon. I just snapped these pics of her room quick with my phone.. we’re moving slow in this space but we’re moving. :)

Teen Bedroom Progress (Sunny Side Up)

Around this time last year we added the detail to the wall behind her bed. LOVE the way the molding turned out! We just painted it white and then the rest of her walls a soft grey (the main grey color I used throughout my home and then we lightened a bit – you can download my paint colors here.) These lamps aren’t staying – they look a little too grown up to me for her room! They are just some I had on hand to use until we find what we want. The upholstered bed and white nightstands are new and we have been so happy with them both! The bedding is the whimsical waves comforter I also have in El’s bedroom.. we love white bedding at our house. :) I also recently bought this cute bench for the end of her bed and love it.. planning on bringing in a little more ratan to this space. The indigo barefoot dreams blanket was her Christmas wish this year and she has been wrapped up in it ever since! Looks like that color sold out at Nordstrom but you can also find it here.

Teen Bedroom Progress (Sunny Side Up)

{distressed arabesque wool rug}

I’m sure you recognize the rug.. it has been in my dining nook and guest bedroom and landed here for now. Addison loves blue! It has always been her favorite color so she wanted me to bring blue into her room and when we were looking at rug options she didn’t like any as much as this rug we already had. Definitely getting our money back out of this one. :)

Teen Bedroom Progress (Sunny Side Up)

{abstract mountain canvas/cloud wall canvas}

I ordered these two beautiful art options to try in her space and didn’t love the clouds print. It’s beautiful! Jut not the right fit for this room with the rug.

Teen Bedroom Progress (Sunny Side Up)

This abstract mountain canvas print is a strong contender! I love the rectangle shape on her wall, the moody vibe, and it works well with the rug. If I use this print I’ll switch out the flower pillow for something else. I might try to add some black into her room too. We still need a large mirror for the sidewall and I need to style her nightstands and bookcase. Not sure if El’s faux fur chair is staying in this room.. Addison always steals it because it’s so comfy to read in. :) (You can see El’s bedroom here.)

Teen Bedroom Progress (Sunny Side Up)

Anyway.. I thought I’d give you an update of where we are with her bedroom. Progress needs to be celebrated! Even when it’s moving slow. :) I linked sources here including her desk/new fan not shown. Hopefully I can share the room finished soon! It’s the first project I want to tackle after I’ve organized everything on my challenge list. :)


Spring Entry (Sunny Side Up)

So what does her room have to do with my entry? I loved this abstract mountain canvas so much I decided to “borrow” it downstairs for a while to see how it looked. I love it on the table in my entry! I always decorate with blues in this space because of my navy bench and this print is just gorgeous here. Hmm.. I may have to re-think Ad’s art situation! Where do you like it best?

Spring Entry (Sunny Side Up)

A couple of months ago I ordered 3 of these faux green bay leaf branches. I about died when they were delivered! They came in individual LONG boxes. I thought what in the world are those!? I had no idea how HUGE they were! These branches are BIG you guys. And absolutely gorgeous! They look so real.. crazy real! Like I cut down a tree and plopped it on my table. Ha. :) I struggled to find a vase big enough for them because the branches are too thick to bend. This large ceramic vase is the largest vase I have and I feel like it’s not quite tall enough! I ordered this mango wood vase to try – the small size which is actually huge. It’s the vase they show at PB with the branches and looks like it will be the perfect size. I’ll share it when it comes in but if you want some beautiful branches that make big statement look no more! :)

Spring Entry (Sunny Side Up)

Simple bench with pillows and this favorite faux eucalyptus tree are on the other wall.

Spring Entry (Sunny Side Up)

{woven striped square pillow/woven diamond throw pillow}

Love these pillows! Both inexpensive new additions for Spring.

Spring Entry (Sunny Side Up)

I added this long time favorite linen throw to a basket and called this space done!

Spring Entry (Sunny Side Up)

That is until I put the print in Ad’s room, move the faux tree to my spring porch and get the new vase for my branches.

Things are never really “done” around here. Just temporarily decorated until it’s time to rotate again. Ha. ;)

Spring Entry (Sunny Side Up)

But I’m definitely enjoying this entry spring re-fresh for now.



xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Spring Entry & Teen Bedroom Progress

  1. I could see some fun modern style crystal table lamps being cool in Ad’s room — she seems very girly and like she’d like the bling. RH has some really pretty options.

  2. Both spaces look wonderful. Your daughter’s room has a bit of a sophisticated feel to it. Definitely no longer a kid’s room anyway. I tend to agree the rectangular shaped art over the bed fills the space better. I do like the abstract art very well…in both spaces. Good luck deciding or buy another one! Or one similar. Thanks for sharing the progress in your home. It’s looking simply beautiful. :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! The other side of her bedroom has a lot more of a teen feel to it. But yes! She wanted a more grown up look for sure. :) I’m so happy you like what we’ve done so far! I hope you’re having a good week! xo

  3. Erin do you buy pillows that have zippers and inserts can be taken out? I struggle to buy new pillows I like because the covers don’t have zippers. My goal is not to accumulate any more pillows than I have to.

  4. Hi Erin!
    Your girls are so lucky to have you! The way you redecorate their rooms and doing so in keeping with their taste! I will have to say that I was a bit in the camp that said to them “YOU BEGGED me for that item (wall color, etc.) now you make it do at this point.” Actually, I missed out on a LOT of fun I COULD have had with them shopping together w/them and decorating. IF I could go back, it would be different now…. Anyway, a big hand for Els and Ads mom and I bet the COOLEST mom on the block w/their friends ;-D LUCKY girls.
    Erin, I love the print in your entry the most and the fur chair looks GREAT in EITHER girl’s room (get another??) I ALSO made TOO BIG a thing about “sharing”……
    I wholeheartedly agree on white bedding! I also love the idea that El is a “beach girl”! I bought both my girls little signs that say: “Raised on Salt Air ” Christmas 1 or 2 yrs.. ago Etsy has them, but they are no longer whitewashed. They are rustic brown. Amazons too. :-/
    One quick ques. The Barefoot dreams deep blue blanket. Does it shed?? I read reviews on the darker colors and that is what they say. I have the Barefoot in the Wild cream/stone blanket. NO shedding. I also have the light gray/linen(oyster)stripe, HEATHERED (throw size) no shedding but I was gifted w/the GRAPHITE color Barefoot in The Wild SOX and I love (SO soft, comfy) but they shed like crazy!

    1. Oh Sharon I have no doubt you were and are an AMAZING mom and hands down the coolest! It’s a tricky balance.. having fun and being a friend and then still being the MOM when you have to. Which is a lot of the time too right!? ;) That blanket hasn’t shed one bit! We haven’t washed it yet so I’ll follow up when we do, but so far no shedding and Addison carries it around with her EVERYWHERE EVERY DAY. It probably IS time to wash it.. thanks for the reminder! Ha ha.. ;)

      1. Thank you Erin. When we built our lake home a few years ago, I ordered quite a bit of furniture from Restoration Hardware and I don’t remember seeing the table. I will look online and see if possibly it is still available. We have similar decor tastes and your foyer table will look perfect in my home. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻

  5. Oh too funny…I as well recently got 2 faux magnolia branches from potty barn and they came in individual LONG boxes- and my initial thought was ” what have I ordered- trees?” . I had to get a kora large crate and barrel vase for the 4 ft tall stems- even after sawing off a foot or so- hahaha. I love them but will have to pay attention to dimensions more😉.

    1. Ha ha.. right Beth!? I’m so happy it wasn’t just me who was caught a little off guard by their size! They are beautiful.. but wow.. not small! :)

  6. Erin, I cannot thank you enough for your post that shows your paint color Seattle. Gray is such a hard color to choose and after seeing your post I was hooked. After a couple visits, I found a store that could make it. My painting contractors are almost done and I and so HAPPY. It’s exactly what I have been looking for. We are almost done with our new build in Massachusetts and the paint color was the only non-stressful part. Thank you for such a wonderful blog.

    1. Jenn! Your message just MADE my day! YEA! I’m so happy too! I’m thrilled you were able to get the color mixed and that you love it. Even more thrilled I took a little of the stress off.. I know all too well how stressful building can be! Thank you so much for letting me know. It put me in the best mood. :) Enjoy your new home! Excited for you! :)

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