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Family Room – signs of spring!

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{roll arm couch/wool jute rug/rattan stool}

Happy weekend! Sharing some current pics of my family room. Now that the time change is behind us it’s really starting to feel like Spring! I struggle losing that hour (I’ve felt tired all week!) but I love that it stays light enough that Kenny and I can walk/hike in the evenings again after work. So nice having a little more daylight in the evening isn’t it!?

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

I keep tweaking things in this space and it doesn’t feel “done” for the season yet but I took some pics to share anyway. Progress! :)

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

I love this faux ficus tree! Pretty leaves and it comes in this cute pot, but I’m still deciding if this is the best spot for it. I wish it was just a  little bit taller for this space.

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{3 ivory decorative boxes/artisan vase/floral framed canvas/oval metal tray/similar oval metal tray/wooden beads/similar frames}

Simple shelf styling. I might add some black at some point (maybe black frames?) but this is where we are for now. I love the 3 decorative boxes! They are so pretty with those gold handles.

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{asparagus fern/handled vase/simplicity/AD at 100/linen tray/wild poppy art/display easel/similar frames}

Linking what I can.. I shopped my house for most of these items. :)

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{round rattan tray(similar tray here & here)/maidenhair fern/cross hatch object/Live Beautiful/brass canister/gold candle snuffer/eucalyptus and sage candle/marble coaster/down to earth/made for living/live beautiful/patina farm}

Shared coffee table details in this post.

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{brass lanterns/flameless candles/brass arched mantel mirror/seagrass basket}

My mantel is simple at the moment. There is always so much going on with my shelves and the console table that it starts looking like too much when my mantel is busy. Plus I just can’t quit my brass lanterns! I love the candle light clicking on in the evenings. They are so cozy at night!

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{Santorini Urn/similar faux cherry blossoms/scalloped bowl/wood chain link/Dreary Abstract Landscape Canvas/candle holders/battery operated candles}

Still loving this moody canvas next to pretty faux cherry blossoms. :)

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{kitchen sources}

I’ve been decorating with mostly neutrals – blacks, browns, creams, etc. with some soft pink here and there for spring. I found some really cute, inexpensive pillows to pull things together.

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{dotted stripe throw pillow/striped jute throw pillow/similar pink pom throw here or here}

I snapped a few pics with my cell phone to show you pillows .. love these two especially! :)

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{center stripe tassel throw pillow/oversized textured neutral throw pillow}

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up){color block border throw pillow}

I also picked up this cute color block throw pillow. Kind of fun placing a longer lumbar pillow on the couch to mix things up!

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{oversized woven lumbar throw pillow/color block border throw pillow/oversized boucle woven stripe throw pillow}

I actually found 3 lumbar pillow options I love! Really nice quality for the price. (Sorry this is horrible lighting! They look better in person.) The stripe on the left is currently on my bed in my master bedroom. :)

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{ribbed knit tassel throw pillow/oversize woven stripe pillow/woven throw blanket}

I had this stripe pillow and throw already (I used them in the Fall) and I added a pink tassel pillow from my living room. Then I felt like I needed a floral pattern with all the stripes going on.

Sometimes I tend to over stripe.

It’s a problem and admitting it is the first step.

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{rose floral printed pillow}

So I moved my tassel pillow back and brought in this cute floral pillow. Exactly what was missing!

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

Took this pic before the floral pillow swap. Ha.

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{white spring cherry blossoms/Pine Brooke Diamond Rug/Abbott Dining table/similar chairs here/wood serving board light wash/wood serving board dark wash/spectrum pitcher}

My nook is pretty simple at the moment. I just added these pretty white flowers.. they brighten any space for spring!

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

Nothing like March. Around here that means turning the fireplace on one day and heading to the beach the next. There’s only a 10 degree difference between the two activities, but that’s as exciting as it gets when it comes to weather in southern Cal. :)

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

Have you been adding spring touches to your home? Bring on the sunshine!

We are ready.



xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Family Room – signs of spring!

  1. I also enjoy the light we have in the evenings. But I’d rather not have the time change to get it. LOL We do what we gotta do. We are still dealing with a snow storm a week here and have one scheduled to arrive tomorrow into Tuesday. Sigh. We’ve had snow at least once every week since January. I know we need it, but…Your living room is looking great. Well, it always looks great, but you do a great job decorating it seasonally. It looks lighter and good for Spring. The pillows are pretty. Comfy cozy! Thanks for sharing, Erin. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. So much snow Jeanne! Good for sure but no doubt you are ready for some warm weather. I hope it’s coming soon for you! I hope your girls are doing well too. :) Thank you and have the best week! xo

  2. Erin,
    Looks good! AHH… baby pink/pale blush accents!
    Agree with adding just a bit of black here/there within the confines of the space.
    IF you can-I KNOW YOU CAN! ;-D
    Keeps the eye “focused” GROUNDING-right? Carry the big black hanging lights thru!

  3. Your faux flowers look amazing and beautiful but do you know where I can get similar ones that are not made in China?

    1. Thank you so much Eva! I’m working on a post with favorite faux flowers so hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for.. coming soon! :)

  4. Yay Spring!!! Love the new pillows and your room is so pretty and cozy 💜
    The ficus looks great there…maybe add a low plant stand to give it some height. There are some cute black ones at Lowe’s. I think it would add just the right amount of height 👍

  5. The blush/pink accents are so pretty! The time change is just not my favorite thing – stays light just a little too long in the evening here in Indiana! Not at the moment, but as the days go toward summer. Hard to complain about it, but we go to bed early since my hubby goes to work so early, so going to bed when it’s light out just feels wrong! Anyway, we’ll adjust and move on as always… :)

  6. Thanks for the ‘spring’spiration, Erin! It’s pouring rain here up here on the ‘wet coast’, so I love the heads up from SoCal :)
    That Ficus is absolutely beautiful, and I was thinking the same thoughts as other commenters about how a plant stand or low stool would give it the extra height you’re looking for to fill the space without having to get a different ‘tree’.
    Happy Spring!

    1. Thank you so much Samantha! Definitely looking for a cute stool for that tree! And sending some sunshine your way! ;) Happy spring to you and yours! xo

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