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Wearing Lately (Spring Fashion)

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Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

Hello hello! I hope your week is off to a good start! I’m kicking off this post with a quick pic of some birthday fun last Friday. Feeling pretty grateful for good friends! And for my favorite balsamic grilled chicken salad. And for good pizza. You just can’t go wrong when the three are combined. ;)

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

I’m also grateful for Cadbury eggs! I got them.. yea! Lots of them! Ha ha. When my friend Darci pulled these out I honestly laughed so hard. She hadn’t read my blog post from that morning! She knows I love them but my friends haven’t given them to me for my birthday the past few years.. usually my kids do. I just had a feeling I guess.. ha. #nailedit  ;)

They were prizes for a little quiz she gave everyone to see “who knows Erin best.” (My friends are too funny.) Can you answer this question that was on the quiz..

What has Erin had for lunch almost every day for the past 25 years?

If you can answer that you are probably a long time reader and I’m very impressed. :)

Really it was a great birthday. Spoiled by family and so many great friends throughout the day. AND sweet e-mails and happy birthday wishes from so many of you. Thank you! 45 might not be so bad after all. ;)

Ok.. on to some Spring Fashion! If you come here solely for decor and/or organizing take a quick pause and I’ll be back with more of that in my next post. If you are one of my fashion loving friends this post is for you! I’ve been taking selfies of daily outfits forever and keep thinking I’ll share them and then I get behind on posts and just never do. So apologies in advance for so many mirror pics! These outfit selfies have been building up for a while. :)

A look at what I’ve been wearing lately..

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{henley shirt/madewell necklace/ag jeans}

First up this cute green top I wore to my birthday lunch. True Erin fashion and just as predictable as what I eat for lunch most days. ;) The necklace is a recent favorite I shared a few months ago. Love it!

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{cinched v-neck top/madewell necklace/half moon bag/ag jeans/similar booties here & here}

This cream v-neck top is so soft! (Comes in other colors too.) I love the material and neckline (perfect to wear with a fun necklace). ;) Also how fun is this half moon bag!? Such a fun style and perfect for both spring and summer. It comes in a green too (that I of course love!) but I bought the cream because I already have my green madewell bag and cream will work with more of my spring/summer wardrobe.

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{textured summer hat/half moon bag/paily slide sandal}

Speaking of all things spring and summer these are 3 of my essentials! A cute purse, a good sun hat for the pool/beach (this hat is so cute on and is 25% off right now!) and some great sandals that go well with everything. Check check and check. :)

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

You might have noticed my cute new phone case too!

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

Walli cases – a recent obsession. They are great because aside from all of the cute patterns and colors they come in, they also have a finger loop and a slot for credit cards so they can double as a wallet. So handy! I loved mine so much I got one extra for me and one for each of my girls. I recently got so many questions about my phone case on IG stories that I thought I’d share the link here too for anyone who missed it. You can get 15% off when you use this link and type in the code SUNNY at checkout. :)

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{puff-sleeved knit henley/half moon bag/initial pendant necklace/ag jeans/similar booties here & here}

This puff-sleeved henley is so fun for spring! Lightweight, colorful and happy. And on sale!

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{flutter short sleeve blouse/madewell necklacelight ag jeans/similar wedge sneakers}

A simple, cute black tee is always a good thing and I love the sleeves on this top! These light jeans are also fun for spring. (Do you love that they are cropped on the model and long on me!? Ha. I’m 5’3 and 1/2 for size reference.)  I need to break out of my skinny jean rut but just can’t quit my AG’s! When you find a jean you love that fits well it’s hard to stray. :)

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{hooded pullover/ag jeans/similar booties here & here}

Our weather is all over the place lately. Cold and cloudy one day and then 75 degrees and hot the next. This hooded pullover has been perfect for most days because it’s warm but lightweight. Really cozy and I love this pretty soft blue!

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

 {half moon bag/eyelet peplum/light ag jeans/paily slide sandal}

This floral eyelet top is adorable! Such a cute fit. It comes in white and gold too but I love the little flowers for spring. :)

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{cropped hoodie/leggings/similar adidas sneakers here & here in cream}

It wouldn’t be a fashion post if I wasn’t sporting a green hoodie and leggings in at least one picture. Ha. But this really is a good one. :)

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{madewell transport tote/madewell canvas transport tote}

Half of the week I’m cleaned up and the other half of the week I’m in clothes like the outfit above – leggings, sneakers and some sort of sweatshirt or cropped hoodie. That’s why I love my madewell totes so much and have used them for years. You can dress them up, but they also look great with casual clothes for every day running around. Staples for me! (My green canvas tote sold out at Nordstrom but is still in stock at Madewell and on sale right now!)

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{balloon sleeve peplum blouse/half moon bag/ag jeans/similar booties here & here}

Ok.. this blouse is so pretty! A great fit and a great price for such a beautiful top.

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

I wore it to dinner on my birthday with some of our besties. :)  *Sidenote if you’re local – this was my first time trying Larsen’s in La Jolla (UTC) and it was SO good! A really fun special occasion restaurant. We were originally going to go to the place I got food poisoning at a few weeks ago (had planned on that ahead of time) but of course after that night I alerted our friends that we needed to hit plan B! Ha. So happy we did because I loved this restaurant.

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{glider crewneck sweatshirt/ag jeans/similar adidas sneakers}

A few comfy sweatshirts for cold days when you just want to be warm and cozy! Love the sleeves on this crewneck.

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{sunseeker stripe sweatshirt/leggings/similar adidas sneakers here & here in cream}

This is really cute too. A little long on me so I’ve been wearing it with leggings. I might give it to my girls because I prefer sweatshirts that aren’t quite this long/baggy. My girls are all about long and baggy. :)

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{revival crewneck sweatshirt/light ag jeans/similar adidas sneakers}

Another similar style that’s cute and comfortable. You can’t go wrong with a fun sweatshirt!

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{asymmetrical snap-up fleece/leggings/similar adidas sneakers here & here in cream}

You also can’t go wrong with a cute fleece! This snap-up fleece has been a go-to for me the past few months on cold days. It’s cute but also just so warm! This is the same fleece in a different color pattern.

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{asymmetrical snap-up fleece/leggings/similar adidas sneakers here & here in cream}

It comes in lots of colors and I loved mine so much I picked up the black a few months ago.

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

This post is getting cozier by the minute. ;) Remember these cute Christmas pjs I loved that came in a red and green stripe?

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{cozy stripe lounge sweatshirt/cozy stripe lounge jogger pants/cozy knit slippers}

They came out with the same pjs in spring colors! Blue and pink! It was a very happy day when I discovered this news. :) I love these pjs because first – they are so soft! They are also warm but lightweight so they are perfect to sleep in. I’ve worn them almost every night since I bought them! I also love that they come as separates because I’m always xs on top and small on bottom and when pjs come in a set I either have too tight bottoms or a too baggy top. Ha. (Anyone else different sizes on top/bottom? Then you know exactly what I’m talking about.) ;)

Ok.. we have definitely hit a limit for mirror selfies today! But I truly love everything I shared so I hope this post was helpful if you need a pretty spring top or a cute comfy sweatshirt or anything in-between! Let me know your favorite!

It’s always the pajamas for me.



xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Wearing Lately (Spring Fashion)

  1. So many cute outfits, Erin! You wear them all so well. It’s good to know what looks good on, isn’t it? I especially liked the blue one with the little spring flowers. It looked so pretty on you! So wonderful that you were celebrated so well by your friends and family. What a blessing. I hope your year is filled with lots of happy things! And I think your daily lunch is a turkey sandwich. Maybe with a side of popcorn. LOL Only you usually eat the popcorn at night…when you are blogging. ;) Have a happy week. We got a respite from the cold/snow here(it was in the upper 60s/low 70s yesterday), but we will be hit again tonight into tomorrow. Quick hit then a beautiful weekend, hopefully.

    1. Jeanne you the sweetest. Thank you! And wow.. you know me well. Turkey sandwich for the win! And popcorn every night while blogging. Nailed it! :) Are you getting some sun in-between all of that snow? I hope so! You deserve all the sunny days. :) XO

  2. Love all the new cute tops! I swear every time I’m looking for something, you blog about it! I was just searching online last night for flowery puff sleeve tops 😂

    Thank you!

  3. I think it’s something like a chicken salad sandwich?? :) You had a wonderful time celebrating! Have a great day, Erin!

  4. The answer is TURKEY SANDWICH! “Veggie ROLL UP” on pita w/homemade dressing ONLY when changing it up!?!?
    PLEASE explain “Barbie” at the party! ;-D
    I HOPE the bad food issue was NOT G*****s Tell me it was not! I THOUGHT it was an eatery in Palm Beach….
    HAPPY Birthday!

    1. Sharon! You nailed it! Turkey sandwich for the win! And the veggie roll up with homemade dressing here and there to mix it up. You are GOOD. And I am spoiled to have someone so thoughtful with me here every day! Grateful for YOU! XO

  5. I think the answer to the question on the quiz is, turkey sandwich and strawberries. One of my faves also. Happy to hear that you had a great birthday. Xo

  6. Hi Erin! Just curious, what size are you wearing in that Abercrombie pullover? I dont own anything by them and am curious about the sizing.
    Thank you!!

  7. So many cute tops and different looks to mix it up! Your birthday celebrations look fun! And I’m echoing an earlier comment from Sharon – what’s with the “Barbie” doll at your party?! I’m sure there’s a fun story to tell…!!

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