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March Amazon Buys, Fashion & a fun trip

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Amazon Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{similar black top here/here/here/high waist pencil pants/half moon bag/paily slide sandal/initial pendant necklace}

{*cell phone case – 15% off using my link}

Happy April! I hope the month is off to a good start for you! I’m sharing our March Amazon buys today along with a few other favorite things I’ve been wearing. Then wrapping up the post with some personal pics I want documented so feel free to skim if you’re not interested. There is no time in my life during this stage for documenting family life so once in a while I go old school and toss a few things up here. :) If you’re new here and don’t know, this blog started as my family journal around 13 years ago when my girls were 3 and 5! Sometime (if any of you are interested!) I’ll have to write about my blog journey so that it’s documented too.

But that’s a story for another day. Today we’re talking about recent favorite green pants. Because that’s fun too. ;) Seriously though.. how cute are these high waist pencil pants!? Talk about an Amazon score. They are so flattering and comfortable! I’m wearing a small (they fit true to size) and I would 100% recommend them.

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I’m wearing them with my paily slide sandals and thought I’d share a pic of these two sandals because they were my most worn shoes last spring/summer. They work with everything! Great neutrals and the square toe is so much fun. The flats are Marc Fisher slides and come in several colors. This is their new version out this year.. so cute. Below are other similar options I’m loving that are also out this spring!

March Amazon Buys (

1- high waist pencil pants   2- cotton bikini brief underwear   3- straw clutch purse

4- plaid zipper tie/spring zipper tie   5- crochet beach cover up   6- two piece knit outfit

7- furniture repair kit wood markers  8-  surf boys rashguard/kanu surf boys rashguard

9- ezyroller pro-x ride toy   10- Paul Mitchell hair putty

11- beach swim trunks/quick dry  beach swim trunks   12- mesh beach bag

These are my March Amazon purchases! Lots of fun things for Kole because he turned 12 on the 30th. :) He needed new ties for church and new swim wear.. I ordered lots to try, sent a few back and kept the ties/suits in my collage above.. they are all great! I ordered #3 and #12 for our spring break trip! A cute clutch and a huge mesh bag that’s easy to pack and perfect for the beach. The hair putty is Kenny’s favorite he has used for years and the the furniture repair markers we use on our wood floors for larger scratches. You have to find the color that matches your floor and it works so well! Underwear for the girls and a cute cover-up and knit outfit for me. The knit outfit is so cute and comes in lots of colors! I’ll share it on soon too. The EzyRoller (#9) was Koles main birthday gift. He loved his ziggle so much growing up we got him a more adult version to help with any summer boredom. ;)

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I can’t believe my baby is starting middle school next year! Love this boy so much. :)

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

In other fun news I have a discount for you on my favorite speakers! I shared my Kove speakers around the holidays.. great sound and we use them all the time. They connect to your computer or phone but they don’t need to be right next to them. I love using them when I clean the house to listen to music or a podcast. We use them a lot outside too when we’re hanging out, exercising or when we’re lounging in/around the pool.

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{kove speakers/geo planter – on sale!/faux peonies/larger peonies mixed in/stoneware planter/petal plates}

They just came out with a travel size I’m loving! So small but the sound is still great and you can attach them to your bike or backpack. If you use my link you can get 67% off! They would make a great Easter basket gift for a teen. My girls love using them too. :)

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{twist it cropped pullover/lulu high-rise aligns/swift run sneakers}

You know that I’m all about comfort when it comes to clothes.. I run around in joggers/leggings at least half of the week! These are 3 tops I’ve been absolutely loving! All so cute and comfortable. The first is this twist top pullover. It’s cropped so I love it with high waisted leggings like the pair I’m wearing. Perfect to throw on after a workout or wear on its own. The material is so soft!

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{vuori halo crewneck/resourced convertible belt bag/here too/lulu high-rise aligns/swift run sneakers}

Vuori is hands down one of my favorite brands (and my husbands #1 favorite!). This halo crewneck is also so cute and comfortable. I’ve been running around a lot with belt bags because they are so easy and convenient and this Madewell belt bag is perfect. Just right for your phone, keys, credit cards and chapstick. I think the black sold out but it comes in other fun colors and I linked both places you can find it above.

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{zella light crewneck sweatshirt/everywhere belt bag/lulu high-rise aligns/swift run sneakers}

This is another belt bag I love. They are perfect for spring/summer family outings too! Especially if you’re traveling to a theme park, zoo, etc. So nice to not always have to haul around a purse when you’re doing a lot of walking. This Zella crewneck sweatshirt is what I reach for more than anything else in my closet! I love it so much I bought two of them! It’s the perfect length and such a great fit. Really soft and comfortable.. I can’t recommend this sweatshirt enough. Staple!

Alright.. a little blast from the past.. you know how I always pop my left knee in my mirror selfie outfit pics?

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

This pic was taken on my first day of Kindergarten.. can you find me? Apparently the knee pop has been my signature look my whole life.. ha ha. Always posing. ;) Behind me are a couple of other girls who became life long friends.

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

This was our class picture that year. I love old pictures like this! Can you spot me again? Just a slight head tilt this time. :) (Second row of girls.. red turtleneck and a pony tail.) If you find the tallest girl in our class you’ll spot my then future BFF Koni.

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Koni and I were friends all through school but by high school we were inseparable. The tallest and the shortest in our class and we did everything together. Everyone said we shared a brain and we pretty much did. Who remembers how cool these striped shirts and braided belts were!? I miss the 90’s!

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

When I say we were always together I meant it.. this picture always cracks us up! Me kissing Kenny at a ski resort and Koni isn’t far.. ha ha. She didn’t approve of him at first but eventually he won her over. ;)

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

This was the rest of our crew. I was so lucky to grow up in a small town with these girls! I was close friends with all of them through Elementary, Middle School and in High School we got really close. (Bangs were all the rage at this stage. I remember the night of this dance I was experimenting with hot rollers.. maybe not my best move.. )

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{homecoming royalty senior year – I’m with my buddy Tyler.. the two shorties of the group} ;)

A new High School was built in our area right before my senior year and everyone within the boundaries had to move schools, but as seniors we had the choice to stay at our previous high school and graduate there or to come over to the new school. It was a hard decision because we all had so many other friends we would have to say good-bye to! We decided to move to the new school together and to help get it up and running and we ended up having the best senior year. We got to pick out everything for the new school.. school colors, mascot, we set up new traditions, Koni and I got to be in charge of everything with the new dance team. It was an amazing experience and bonded us all so much.

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

We finished high school together (class of 95) and all went to our local community collage for two years (basically an extension of high school!) before all taking off in different directions for more school or work.

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

College graduation with my girls. :) We have all stayed in touch and every year when we visit our families in our hometown for the holidays we try to get together for lunch. It has become harder through the years to all meet and we have talked about making a girls trip happen for years! Last weekend we finally did it for the first time and I don’t think we’ll let a year pass going forward without doing it again!

Above was us then.

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

And this is us now. :) One of us couldn’t make it and we have one close friend (shoutout to Bonnie in the far left!) who wasn’t from our little town and stayed at our original high school senior year, but she was always part of the gang. :)

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

We went to Sundance and lucked out because even though there was still snow on the mountains the weather was warm and beautiful!

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

We rented a cabin for the weekend and had the best time together laughing and catching up!

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

We swam in a crater..

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

ate out, went shopping and bought Sundance hoodies. Because when in Sunance you should buy a Sundance hoodie. Unless you’re like me and live in a place you don’t wear hoodies much. Then you buy a Sundance long sleeved tee. :)

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

But most of the trip we did this. Stayed up hours every night in sweats eating all the food and just talking. We talked and talked and talked and then laughed until our sides hurt and then talked some more. So many funny memories we all have! It’s cool how everyone remembers different things. There were so many things about our past I had completely forgotten! But it all came back pretty quickly with this crew.

Spring Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

My friend Angie brought everyone bracelets with our home town zip code on them. That was the name of our group because in high school we were obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210.. ha! Our plan was to grow up and leave for school and then all move back to our hometown and live in a cul-de-sac together. We haven’t quite pulled that off, but we’re thinking there’s still hope for when we all finish raising kids and retire. ;)

There is something so special about childhood/highschool friends isn’t there? I could go years without talking to these girls and then see them and pick right back up like we were never apart. We’ve been through so much together. From constant play time and sleepovers and riding our bikes to the local Merc for candy, to braces and awkward middle school years, to first dates and kisses and high school drama, to college and “adulting” for the first time, to careers and marriage and having babies, to raising toddlers through teens. We’ve been there for each other though all of life’s joys and through a lot of heartache and hard times too. We will forever be close and I’m so grateful for the special bond we all share. This was the first of many girls trips to come and in 5 years when we all turn 50 (yikes!) we are going to plan something BIG. Maybe THREE nights of non stop talking and laughing instead of just TWO.

I think after all we’ve been through together we’ve earned it.


xoxo, Erin
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26 thoughts on “March Amazon Buys, Fashion & a fun trip

  1. You got some great stuff from Amazon. My daughter just bought a dress that will be arriving today. Fingers crossed it fits/works. My, I bought a couple of books. Nothing too exciting. But one is cookbook, so that might be fun. haha. Loved seeing your scrapbook photo/school memories pictures. So happy for you to have been able to get together with your girl friends and connect in person. I can see the joy on your faces. Something special for sure. Hope your Spring Break is a blast when you go. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great week, Erin. xo

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! A cookbook huh? I’m happy that’s fun for you.. I’d be excited about the dress! Ha ha.. ;) Fingers crossed it works. Amazon has so many cute clothes options lately! I hope you’re getting some nice weather and doing well! xo

  2. What a sweet post! I loved looking at your photos and seeing your “crew.” I feel this way about my college girlfriends. Aside from one friend who lives out of state, we all stayed in the Chicago area and get together often…everyone’s birthday, annual Christmas get together, trips. They are my people and I truly cherish our 32 years of friendship. Nothing better than true friendship.!

    1. Oh I love hearing that Leah! It’s just the best isn’t it!? I agree. nothing like years of true friendship. Such a gift! Thank you for your sweet comment! xo

  3. What a fun post, Erin! You had me smiling at all of the photo dump pictures at the end of you and your girlfriends through the years. So sweet! I love that you all have been able to stay close. I’m excited to try the floor markers. Definitely have a few scratches that need some fixing! The picture of you and Kole couldn’t be cuter! Your first childhood photo is a spitting image of your youngest daughter. The classroom picture of you is the spitting image of your oldest daughter! You’ve inspired me to try the Kove speakers! I have the lululemon bag and LOVE it! Thanks for the share – it made me smile today :) Have a great day!

    1. Oh you are too kind Lisa! Thank you! I’m so happy you liked the photo dump! I’m grateful we’ve all stayed so close too. Childhood friends are the best. :) Definitely try those floor markers! They work so well hiding scratches. We use ours all the time. You will love the speakers too! Yea! And so funny you said that about my daughters.. I hear from so many people that I look more like Ad and then I’ll hear I look more like El. My parents think El is my twin but my friends think Ad is. I think they both got some of me in them which makes me happy. :) Thanks for your sweet comment.. you made me smile today too! :) xo

  4. Oh Erin, how fun to see your blast from the past photos! Glad you had a fun girls weekend and I vote YES on the blog journey! I missed the first few years and would like a recap :)

    1. I’m so happy you liked this post Clare! Thank you! I’ll definitely have to recap my blog journey sometime.. it’s crazy to me that I’ve been blogging so long! I’m just grateful that I still enjoy it so much. I’m lucky to have kind people like you reading. :)

  5. Erin,
    What a wonderful group of friends! There is nothing like the friendships that involve “shared history”.
    You are lucky that you have so many! THAT REALLY says something about YOU!
    Anyway, hope things are better (the “NOT SO GOOD”) and MOST everything is REALLY GOOD! OK-so EVERYTHING in life can NOT be ALL “REALLY GOOD” with NO “NOT SO GOOD”. That is just LIFE, but it’s always best when MOST is REALLY GOOD, and I know you have the personality to turn MOST into REALLY GOOD!
    Our weather is good now (the last in a series of 3 days) so I must get outside before our 4 days of rain begins! UGH……..
    The rain does make the REAL flowers grow tho ;-D AND SO much better than SNOW!
    BTW, I did order the Amazon high waist bow pants. Got a size S. Hope they fit. Guess WHAT color????
    I kno you do not even have to guess! Army green of course! You know-REALLY a neutral, RIGHT!?! ;-D
    Of course!

    1. Sharon you’ll have to send me a pic of you in them! So cute! I love that we’ll be twinning. Definitely a neutral! Ha ha.. that made me smile. :) I’m so happy that you are having a few days of good weather! Definitely get outside and enjoy it. You’re the sweetest to say that about my personality. Luckily the not so good isn’t that bad.. as long as we are all healthy right!? Anything else we can handle. Just keep swimming.. ;) XO

  6. Erin, I totally love all the old photos and memories. Such a treat to look back on them and great that you girls could get away for a week-end. xo

  7. I love these fun flashback photos! Thanks for sharing! So glad you were able to have a girls weekend together!

  8. Such a fun blog post, Erin! Such a lovely group of ladies!! :) You are so blessed to have kept so many friendships. Love keeping up with your kiddos too, who seem to be growing up extra fast!! Always enjoy the Amazon posts – honestly, you look good in eveything!

    1. Oh you completely made my day Patty! What a thoughtful thing to say. I am blessed for sure and YES! My kids are growing up way too quickly. I need time to stand still for a while. :) Thank you for your kind comment.. I hope you’re having a good week! xo

  9. Love your blog and always look forward to your posts. Which belt bag do you prefer the Madewell or Lulu? I’m headed to Lululemon today so thought I’d get your opinion before heading out! Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! Oh man.. honestly it would be hard to pick one! I love and use them both so much. If I HAD to I’d go Madewell only because it’s handy to have that little zipper pocket in the front. But really you can’t go wrong with either! :)

  10. Loved seeing the blast from your past! Lifelong friends are the best and share a special bond. For the past three years (minus covid year), 6 of my girlfriends I met at age 12 have come to my lakehouse for 5 days every June to reconnect. It is a wonderful time eating, swimming, boating and just laughing! A great tradition to continue. (I just turned 66 in January, so I have known these women for 54 years!!!)

    I also take another girls trip annually—- For the past 25 years with girlfriends I met when I lived in Texas, we have taken an annual girls trip. We met when we were all raising young families and in our late 30’s. We rotate between “land” and “sea” trips. We’ve gone to many states and on a few cruises and Caribbean island travel. We have missed only two years during that time due to either busy schedules, weddings, illness, or work schedules.
    Enjoy these times! I have pictures from each trip and it is fun to look back at them and see how much we have changed as well as the fashions. Lol

    1. Oh my word.. you are an inspiration Denise! I love that you get together so much with your girlfriends! Your lakehouse sounds amazing.. what a dream destination for everyone! Old pictures are the best aren’t they!? So are old stories.. we laughed so hard just remembering things we did/saw together! Nothing like a girls trip with long time besties. :)

  11. Your HS pics are amazing!! Nothing like late 80s-90s fashion!!! I just turned 50 and a got to go on a girls’ trip with four of my HS friends in March. It was soooo fun and I hope you have a big bash when it’s your turn! We learned that it didn’t matter where we were… we just wanted to eat, drink, and laugh together. ❤️

    1. Oh that’s the best Jill! We all said the same thing! I really doesn’t matter where we go because the best part is just talking/laughing/being together! I’m so happy you got to do the same. Happy 50th! Such a fun birthday and time of life! :)

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