1. Totally LIT post, Erin! I loved hearing what Kenny had to say. Got to know you and him a tiny bit better. LOL Thoroughly enjoyable read. Thanks, Kenny for taking one for the team. You did great. It shows that you two are made for each other and it sounds like you balance each other quite nicely. Thanks for sharing this, Erin. And Happy Father’s Day to Kenny. Maybe Erin will make you that super special Spinach Lasagna. ;)

    • Ha ha.. I’m NEVER making him that again! He teases me about it so much because our first 5 years of marriage that’s all I knew how to make so I made it over and over! I was nervous reading his answers the first time. He gives me such a hard time about so many things I wasn’t sure what was going to come out! ;) Thrilled you liked it! Thanks Jeanne! xo

  2. THis was great. I got a good chuckle out of some of them. I actually sent #15 to my husband. I’m always cleaning up and putting stuff away and then getting “yelled” at because they can’t find something. LOL Well, if you put it where it goes the first time I don’t have to do it. Thanks, Kenny and Erin! :)

    • Oh my word.. I was so stressed reading his answers the first time! You never know what’s going to come out of my husband’s mouth..ha! So happy you liked it Kelly.. thank you!! :)

  3. Haha!! I KNEW he was going to say your cute butt!! You shouldn’t be surprised, everyone who really knows you guys knows that’s a key point in the story! Oh man, hearing from Kenny just makes me miss you guys more. You two will always be our very favorite couple to spend time with, we miss you guys! Love you both so much!!
    Oh and I’m shocked there is a dinner recipe you haven’t mentioned on the blog! Haha!

    • Ha ha.. Josie that was all I knew how to make when we first got married so I made it over and over and over! He loves to tease me about that. Definitely due to make it again. ;) And I about died that he said that about my butt on the blog. I was so tempted to change some of his answers! Ha! But I didn’t. They could have been worse.. you never know what is going to come out of his mouth. We feel the same way about you two! We miss you guys so much and wish we saw you more! Love you!! xo

  4. Your hubby is hilarious! I now see how true it is that you both have the same kind of sense of humor. That was a fun read and glad to know more about you Erin. Don’t worry Kenny didn’t make you less appealing to us…!

  5. Kenny is so funny! I keep giggling about your “tattoo”! Someday we will all get to meet! Love you my friend! Blogging would not be possible without all of you! xo

    • You didn’t know about that tattoo Randi? Ha ha.. oh my word.. he is too much for me sometimes! You will definitely meet him! I have no doubt. Love you so much and I can’t wait to go read your post! xo

  6. Erin, I think this was my favorite post EVER! I adore and love your blog but getting to know you through the hubbies eyes is so fun! And it cracks me up that you had to get your rebuttal in there. LOL

    • Ha ha! Yes! Had to have the last word. ;) YEA! So happy you liked this post so much Cindy! That made me so happy! You are too kind. Thank you! xo

  7. What a cute post, and kudos to your hubby for being so honest! I wasn’t really surprised by any of his answers except the “motorcycle” thing….crazy man!

    My hubby is one of those truly honest men, too. That’s probably one of the reasons we have been married for 49 years today….and you thought those flags were out for something else!

    Happy Weekend and Happy Father’s Day!
    Warm hugs,

    • Carol! Happy 49 years!! Oh my word.. that’s incredible! And definitely something to celebrate big time! So happy for you and your husband! I hope you were able to do something fun together. I admire that you’ve been together that long so much. Sending huge hugs to you! (And I think the motorcycle thing is crazy too!) :) xo

  8. Loved this!!

    Both you and your husband said that you rarely get mad. How is this??? Any tips or do you think you were just born that way?
    Thanks Erin

    • Hi Grace! I think it’s a few things! Part of it is just my personality. I absolutely hate contention of any kind so I usually don’t make a big deal out of much of anything because I like to keep the peace! But also I’ve always been able to keep things in perspective. I’m always asking myself “is it really that big of a deal?” The answer is usually no. Life is short and so precious. I hate to waste time with people I love arguing over silly things like who left their clothes on the bathroom floor. ;) xo

    • Thank you so much Tana!! You are too kind! And you know how much I LOVE you too! Thanks so much for stopping by cutie! Made my day! :) xo

  9. Erin this is sooooo cute! Kenny is such a riot! I truly hope to be able to meet him one day – he and Neil would get along for sure, he loves his motorcycles!! You two are so adorable!! xox

    • Thank you so much Tam! We really do need to get those two together someday! I have no doubt they would talk and ride motorcycles nonstop! Love you! xo

  10. Erin I’m totally cracking up!!! I just love you and Kenny and love his answers (ok the tattoo one was my fav but I laughed out loud at several)! I’m so glad someone else is the same in the cooking department as me and the next time I come over I definitely want to eat your spinach lasagna!! Love you friend and so glad we got to do this post together!!! xoxo

    • Bree we are definitely in the same cooking department! I love that about you and all of the other millions of things we have in common! Loved doing this post with you too.. I’m so grateful for all of the fun times we’ve spent together! All of the late night roomie chats. :) We’ve been roomies from day one! LOVE that and love you! xo

  11. Okay twinsie! I need that lasagna recipe…if you can make them there’s hope for me😂😂 And what’s wrong with ramen noodles and lean cuisine??😂 Just add apples and a few cheese sticks and call it a complete meal 🙌🏻 Those high school photos…priceless and pretty sure you two won the cutest couple nomination!! Love you guys and can’t wait to plan another gathering soon!! Love ya!

    • Shauna I’m cracking up! You have no idea how many times I add apples and a few cheese sticks to something easy and call it a meal! Ha ha.. we really are twins in so many ways! Love and miss you! Time to plan the next trip! xo

  12. This was THE BEST!!! Makes me miss you guys so much! This was totally you two! We need to get planning on our next trip so I can hear all of Kenny’s one liners in person :) xoxo

    • Gina Kenny and I were JUST talking about our Fall trip today! I’m calling you to plan as soon as we are back in town! The last one was too much fun. Time to calendar! Plus I just miss your voice! :) xo

  13. Erin,
    This was great. Your husband sounds like his sense of humor is a lot like my husbands. I always tell him when we meet new friends that he can’t really show his true colors until we’ve known the people over a year. HAHAHA. Loved all the old pics. Happy Father’s Day to your hubby. Hope he gets to do all those things on his special day.

    • Ha ha.. I’m laughing Jenn! That sounds like a good rule and one my husband totally needs to follow too! We should get the two of them together. ;) Thank you! I hope your summer is off to a good start! xo

  14. I love that you are a mixture off picky and high maintenance yet laid back and easy going. How in the world do you manage that?! Any tips welcome!! :)

    • Ha ha.. not an easy skill to pull of Kristin! ;) Honestly I have no idea! It’s just my personality! I like things a certain way and try to get that when I can, but overall I’m laid back and go with the flow. Does that even make sense? Ha! xo

  15. This post is so sweet!! How fun to read about you through Kenny’s eyes. Made me laugh and appreciate you even more!! You work hard to share with others something you are passionate about and have a great suppirt system. I was just explaining about your blog and your organization and decor motivation to one of my friends a few days ago, and said I feel like I know Erin! She’s so genuine and that’s why reading and enjoying her blog is such a treat. :) Enjoy your day and happy Father’s Day to Kenny!

    • Genelle you are such a sweetheart! Thank you! Your kind words made my day! I feel like I get to know all of you too and love that. I always wish I could have blog readers over for a BBQ or something! Would be so fun to hang out. :) I hope your summer is off to a good start! Thanks again cutie! So sweet of you. xo

      • That would be so fun!! :) My husband travels to SD often for work and I’m like look for my fav blogger Erin! He just laughs and says um…its California… :D A girl can dream! Our summer has been great so far, thank you! Currently I am loving some nap time productivity on a rainy day! Enjoy the rest of your week!! :)

        • Ha ha.. you never know! Maybe we’ll run into each other! ;) Cozy nap time productivity on a rainy day used to be my favorite when my kids were little! Enjoy cutie! :) xo

  16. I was totally laughing out loud about you saying that you get furious and Kenny basically saying no way – even when you’re telling me something and you say “I’m so mad”, you do it with a smile on your face – lol! You guys are just the cutest couple – loved this so much!

  17. Fun read! You and Brittany (addison’s wonderland) look like you could be sisters! Not twins, but related :) Both beautiful!

    • Thank you Kristy! So sweet of you. Funny because when we go to blog conferences together we hear that A LOT! We call each other twin. ;) xo


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