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Christmas Night Lights

Oh my word.. Christmas is almost here!  My kids are so excited I think they might burst.  I still have so much left to do I think I might burst.  There is a lot of almost bursting going on around here.  :)  I’ve actually managed to stay fairly calm during the storm that is December and I think a large part of that is because of my house.  My Christmas decorations have a way of calming me down.  Especially the lights at night!  They are so warm and cozy.  It’s hard to feel stressed when you are also feeling warm and cozy.  Sometimes I pull it off and I feel all the feelings.  I’m tricky that way.  But most of the time, with Christmas night lights, calm wins. :)
Christmas Nights Tour2
Christmas lights are truly one of my all time favorite things (ranking right up there with pj’s, dutch oven potatoes and cherry ice chapstick).  Because I love them THAT much, I’m joining my sweet friend Rachel at Maison de Pax for her annual Christmas Nights Tour.

When Rachel invited me to join this tour I said YES!  YEA!  Christmas lights are my favorite!!  Then about an hour later I said OH.. Oh no.. I don’t know how to take pictures of night lights.  This could be bad.

Guess it’s time to do what I often do on my blog and with everything else in life.  Time to fake it. :)
So welcome to my home!  The pictures of my porch turned out the best so we’ll start from there.  And gradually go down hill.  ;)
Nothing makes me smile like pulling into my house at night and seeing my red and white twinkling lights.  Every year I seriously debate asking my neighbors if they would care if I left them up through March. village-at-night
Yesterday I shared our entry way decked for Christmas.  On one side of the front door is our Snow Village all lit up at night.  snow-village-at-night
Nothing makes my kids happier than this village.  They truly love it and I love watching them take in the lights every evening when it gets dark.  village-snowfisherman-nookvillage-lights
I tried so hard to capture its warm, cozy glow but instead I mostly captured a warm, cozy blur so close your eyes and pretend for me.  ;)christmas-card-wall
I didn’t get any night light pictures of our formal living room and wish that I would have!  But I did capture one of my planked Christmas card wall.  When we built the house I had two lights put on the side of this wall and I love how it lights up the cards so I can see so many of my favorite smiling faces each evening.  red-and-white-striped-christmas-tree
Our family room is the room we are in the most.  I could sit by the lights of the tree for days and be completely content.  christmas-tree-at-night
Even more so with a few of my favorite little people joining me. :)red-and-white-candy-cane-christmas-treefireplace-glow
The garland on my mantel gives off such a cozy glow at night (you can read why these stockings are so special to me here), plus we have been lucky to have cooler weather lately!  Fireplace weather is rare in southern Cal so we enjoy it immensely.  Nothing like reading Christmas books by the fire and tree.  Like I said.. melts the stress away!fireplace-at-nightcozy-treewondeful-life
Now if you need me the rest of this week, you’ll know where to find me.  :)

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Also if you are new here and would like to see my house decked for the holidays during the day (when I have natural light and my camera feels like my best friend instead of my worst enemy) you can check out the posts below.  Happy Holidays!  :)

coastal-craftsman-house 2









xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “Christmas Night Lights

  1. Hey, Erin! You did an amazing job “faking” it with your camera. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit. Your house is beautiful during the day, but it really becomes magical at night with all the lights. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing! I have watched that movie a time or two. :) Love it!

    1. Oh you are so sweet Jeanne! Your comments are always so incredibly kind. They mean a lot to me! Thank you for being such a supportive friend! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas! xo

  2. Oh Erin, you have nothing to be ashamed of!! Those pictures turned out just BEAUTIFUL!!! And there will be some bursting going on at my house this week, too. ;) Merry Christmas, my friend. xx

    1. Oh my word.. I was so wishing I had you with me last week! I need a personal tutor with this stuff Rachel! Ha! :) Thank you so much for including me in such a fun tour! LOVE seeing everyone’s homes lit up for Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful holiday sweet friend! xo

  3. Well, sweet lady, there is nothing wrong with your night-time pictures…..your home looks amazing! Your front porch is so welcoming and pretty. I adore the little snow village….I love little houses & churches that light up…..I have a few of the California Missions (collected from Mervyns many years ago) that I keep out all the time, and that they light up! Your card display looks beautiful on the gallery wall.

    You just keep on enjoying your family and your home (plus pjs and nightlights) and have a Very Merry Christmas!

    Warm hugs,

  4. So beautiful, Erin!! I had exactly the same thoughts- I almost backed out of the tour because I didn’t know if I could do it. But there is always more to learn, and no way to learn then by jumping in, right?! I love how cozy and welcoming your home feels all lit up for the holidays- and that Christmas card planked wall is amazing. Adorable picture with your little guy at the tree – those are my favourite images as well:) Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

    1. Thank you Krista! Yeah.. talk about learning by jumping in! Hopefully we’ll be better prepared if we all do it again next year. ;) Thank you so much cutie! Merry Christmas to you and your family! So happy we found each other this year. :) xo

  5. Your house is beautiful day or night but I have to agree with you, there is nothing more beautiful then Christmas lights. I can’t get enough of them. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You pictures came out perfect.

    I’m sure you are enjoying having your parents there. Tell your mom I said hi. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family. Xo

    1. Thank you so much Cathy! I told my mom hi and she says hi right back. :) Hope you are enjoying the holidays with your adorable grandkids! xo

  6. Have you ever shared your house floorplan? I’d love to see it. We’re looking to build next year and I love the space I’ve seen through pictures. ;)

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