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Mom’s new outdoor decor

I hope you’re all enjoying your summer so far!  We are having a fantastic week at our #1 getaway.  A place where food is bought and cooked for me, babysitting is readily available, my kids are forever content and everything in sight is a walk down memory lane.  Mom’s house.  Ahhh.  Love it here!  Isn’t my parent’s home beautiful!?  It’s just as cozy and welcoming on the inside as it is the outside.  We spend a week here every summer and aside from the dreadful heat (San Diego weather has spoiled us!) we love everything about our time here.  Yesterday my parents celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary.  41 years! They are such an amazing example to me of what real love is all about and I loved being here for their special day.
My cute dad bought some outdoor furniture from Home Depot for my mom to celebrate.  They have this corner next to their BBQ that was begging to be a place to sit!  My dad unloaded the new furniture and set it down and then my mom said she’d have to buy a few things to spruce it up.  I told her to give me 5 minutes and ran in the house!  Then I went shopping.  Shopping in my mom’s house is something I’ve become extremely skilled at over the years.  Her house is full of treasures just waiting to be discovered!  It’s my duty of course as the oldest child to discover said treasures and put them to good use. Usually in my own house.  :)  I take one for the team because I’m nice that way.
After 5 minutes I came outside with some pillows, a rug, a plant, some jars  and… ta-da!  New furniture set was decorated!  Not bad for just rounding up odds and ends if I do say so myself.  :)
Isn’t this yellow trellis rug cute!?  It’s from Target!  My mom had it by her garage door where hardly anyone saw it.  It added such a fun pop of yellow to this space!
The red bird pillows are from TJ Maxx.  They were on some other random chairs, but really pop and come alive on this outdoor denim.  The yellow pillow is actually this cute trellis pillow also from Target turned around.  With so much pattern in the rug and red pillows I wanted a solid background.
Isn’t this little bird pillow perfect for the chair!?  (Clearly my mom is a fan of birds.)  Also from Target!  Target you are not disappointing in the pillow/rug department this year.
I’m sure my mom and I will find lots of fun items to add to this table, but for now this simple plant and festive yellow jars (a Home Goods score) work great.
So there you go!  Colorful and inviting.  My parents loved the mini makeover which made me so happy.  My mom keeps going outside to look at it and just smiles.  My dad (who’s job in life is to tease me) said “well.. it’s not Restoration Hardware, but it will do..”  I laughed and said “Dad!  You’ve been reading my blog!”  He just smiled.  “Occasionally.”  :)
41 years ago.  My dad’s outfit!
And today.  Love these two.

Oh!  And my mom wants me to tell you all that her laundry room still looks amazing.  She kept it organized for a year!  Mom.. we are all so proud.


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xoxo, Erin
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31 thoughts on “Mom’s new outdoor decor

  1. Omg can your parents be any cuter!!? I love love! And love happily married parents :) (mine are celebrating 42 years this sept!)
    Lol so great that you went “shopping” for your mama and repurposed all of that great stuff!

  2. Happy 41st to your parents! That’s one lovely wedding picture. Big anniversaries make me all warm and fuzzy inside. And I love the outdoor makeover you gave! Looks so cozy. You have an eye for decorating, Erin!

  3. Congratulations to your parents!
    We bought two of the same chairs for our patio this Spring & I have that same rug in our entry! Your mom has good taste. ;) I’m thinking of getting the loveseat if it goes on sale at the end of the season, but I still haven’t figured out a good placement for the two chairs, so for my husband’s sake, I should probably wait.
    Good job styling! :)

  4. Oh how I love your sweet family!! When I read your blog, it feels like I’ve known you all for years!! Happy 41st Anniversary to your parents – They are just adorable, and they have such a wonderful family!!

    1. Thank you Jane! You have been such a sweet loyal friend – you have known us for years! Wish we could have you over to visit on the new patio set. :) xo

  5. Your ideas and taste for decorating is perfection. However most of us don’t have restoration hardware or pottery barn budget for everything nor a custom home. A blog post about how to get that look without the big price tag would be great. But maybe that’s not possible.

    1. Hi Anon! You must be newish to my blog. We’ve only lived in our custom home for a year and a half. For years before that I blogged about decorating on a budget! Here is a post with TONS of links to past decorating posts in my much smaller previous home.

      I also wrote a post about decorating on a budget here:

  6. Absolutely delightful post, Erin! What a lovely couple. You are indeed one lucky family to have each other. Congratulations to your parents on their anniversary! That outdoor furniture looks comfy cozy and you’ve added some great touches to really make it shine. I’m amazed that you found all that goodness in the house! Clearly you and your mom are shopping geniuses and can spot great style when you see it! Then you can pull it out and rearrange it to look just as great, if not more so, in another location. Thanks for sharing. I can definitely see why this is a favorite go to locale. :)

    1. Thanks Jeanne! I know! My mom always has fun stuff just laying around her house. I love putting it to good use. :) Happy 4th sweet friend! xo

  7. Hi Erin,

    Your parents home is so beautiful! There is definitely something about staying at your Mom’s house. I have the same experience when I go to my Mom’s house. It really is a vacation for me and my boys. All of our favorite foods are made for us and it is always so comfortable…like you never want to leave. Enjoy your time there. Have a safe and Happy 4th! Your parents are adorable, congrats to them on 41 years!!!


  8. Ahhh – Congrats to your parents — they are adorable — on their wedding day and now too! You’re such a sweet daughter to help them out. Happy 4th!

  9. Hi Erin. Happy Anniversary to your cute parents. Family is so important!! Love the patio and your mom’s house. I love the yellow rug and the jars too. Have a happy 4th.

  10. Love your Mom and Dad! Love seeing their wedding picture, your Dad’s hair was pretty incredible! And your Mom, so gorgeous Bonnie! She is still just as darling!

    1. Thanks cute Josie! I know. My dad is hilarious in that picture! :) Still on a high from hanging out with you guys! I’ll talk to Kenny about dates that would work! xo

  11. I just love everything about this post!! Love, creativity, humor, decor, organizing … beautiful and happy anniversary to your beautiful parents!! They have an amazing daughter :).

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