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Mom’s new Spring decor

I cannot believe it is almost the first of March!!  It feels like just two days ago our Elf on the Shelf was heading back to the North Pole.  And now all of the sudden it’s almost here.  My favorite month!  March signals Spring around here (well – pretty much any month could signal Spring around here) but March is when I can make it official.  I am so excited to decorate and make my house feel a bit more Spring-y!  My mom has already started adding some Spring touches to her beautiful home so while we were visiting last weekend I took a few pics.  Because that’s what I do.  :)

First – her bird painting.  A score from Pier One Imports.  I LOVE all of the colors.  
 I also love the way it looks on her beautiful rock fireplace.  The accents to the side of the painting (a small plant, clear jars, and a bird nest with a few eggs) are perfect little touches for a Spring mantel.  

 Love her built-ins and beautiful french doors…

and her wood floors…and her pillars…and everything else about her house!

 She didn’t stop with the bird painting at Pier One.  She also picked up some fun, bright pillows that add such a great pop of color to her neutral couch.  That’s the way to do it people.  Buy a neutral couch and change the pillows whenever you’re in the mood to mix things up.  Instead of buying bold colorful couches.  Like I did.  :)  Oops!  Lesson learned.  (Although I loved my bold colorful couches for seven years – but now going on year eight – not so much.)

 Those bright pillows were just what this living room needed!  Mom – I’ll tell you what this living room doesn’t need.  That trunk you are using for a coffee table.  It would look much better somewhere else.  Say… in my house in San Diego perhaps?  Just a thought.  
(You know I’m not giving up until that trunk is mine.)  
Love, your favorite.  

Looks like March signals Spring in Utah too!  Or at least it does in my mom’s house.  Thanks for letting me take pics of your house again mom.  And thanks for the trunk.  In advance. 
Happy almost March everyone!!
More pics of my mom’s house:
Exterior here
Interior here and here
xoxo, Erin
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23 thoughts on “Mom’s new Spring decor

  1. I LOVE your moms house. Seriously, it has everything my dream house would have. It is so my style. Who was the builder? And please feel free to post moms house pics anytime!!!!

  2. I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but it’s still February. Haha. I love your mom’s house… And you should just take the trunk next time you’re there. She won’t notice. :)

  3. Cute – guess the design/decor vibe is in the genes?

    Just one thing confuses me – your post’s dated Feb 28 but you’re talking about it being 1st March?!?! Is San Diego in some sort of weird time zone all of its own? In the twilight zone maybe? I’ve noticed this on the blog before but figured I must of been imagining things…

  4. ha! I was thinking the same thing. Wait it’s not March yet!!!
    Love your mom’s house. Her pillows are so pretty. and the picture screams spring which is what I need today considering we are getting SNOW!

  5. Hello!
    I was cruising on a internet and came to your blog! I absolutely love it! You know how to make things shine :)even with couple of kids! I will be your reader now on…!

  6. Your Mom’s house is beautiful and I just wanted to comment how much I enjoy seeing her ideas/decor/house too…gives some new inspiration! Keep posting on her…I would love to see more of her house decor!

  7. Your mom’s house is stunning! I would love to know the layout of it. Did they build it to their specs? More pictures please!

  8. Do you know where your mom bought her couch or what brand it is? I am currently looking for one and I like the looks of it.

  9. I love the bird print and the blue pillows even though neither would really work in my house! They do scream spring though which is exactly how I feel right now! I’m always ready for spring by February 1.


  10. Really, really gorgeous home! I actually had to do a double take because her living room is strikingly similar to ours. We also have a large stone fireplace, windows along the one wall, and a small oval window at the base of the partially exposed stairs. We’ve never seen another home with that type of window before. We really love ours! :) Thanks for sharing.

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