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Fiddle leaf fig – with some DMD on the side

fiddle leaf fig fail
Alright friends.  My DMD (decision making disorder) is kicking in.  You might remember last Fall I bought a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree for my family room.  But as much as I loved it, it just didn’t feel right in the space.
fiddle fig fail
It was too big and covered half of my bookshelf.  Made things look too cluttered. Plus I was pretty scared about attempting to keep something this big alive.  I mean.  Seriously.  I’ve killed every real plant I’ve ever bought.  Eventually they all die.  Under watering.  Over watering.  Just enough watering.  Doesn’t matter.  Somehow my plants all bite the dust.  That’s why I like real flowers.  They last a week and die because that’s what they do.  Not because of something I do.  :)  So sadly, I took my fiddle leaf fig back to the store.  I think he was happy about that decision.
Then last week I bought another one.  Much smaller.  More manageable.  He just sort of called my name as I was passing by.  But after living with him for a week I decided he might be too small for the corner and he needed a stool.
Like this one.  My stool shopping trip to Home Goods was a success!  I tried this wooden stool out and loved it.
Fiddle leaf was higher and just right.
But that wasn’t the only stool that caught my eye.  And I sort of love this one too.  More of an industrial vibe and a little taller.
From this angle of the room you can see the actual stool.
The wooden stool is shorter and more hidden from this view, but elevates the plant.
So I’m sort of leaning towards this one.. but can’t decide.  Opinions?

You know what’s funny?  When it’s something important.  A really big decision I have to make.  I can make it and move on.  It’s these little insignificant decisions that bring out my DMD and stop me in my tracks.  Do I want a red popsicle or an orange one?  Should I wear the black dress or the navy?  Do I like the industrial stool or the wooden stool?  I’ll ask my husband to choose between two pictures every other night for a post I’m working on and they look almost identical.  But I JUST CAN’T PICK ONE.  He always answers “that one” and doesn’t even look up from the TV.

What would I do without him?

Anyway.  This decision doesn’t really matter since my new plant most likely won’t last longer than a month, but humor me.  It makes me feel better about myself if I pretend my new fiddle leaf fig and stool are here for the long haul.

It also makes me feel better to have all of you say “that one.”

Whether you’re looking up from your TV or not.


xoxo, Erin
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86 thoughts on “Fiddle leaf fig – with some DMD on the side

  1. Hello Erin;

    I love the one with the metal legs think the wooden one is a bit to chunky
    I also used to kill all house plants then we grabbed an orchid from IKEA one day as its from IKEA its cheapo if it dies its still cheaper than cut flowers……. well i can keep that alive AND have it producing more flowers more than expected and more often! i am amazed to say the least :) so what im trying to say in my long winded ramble is you may surprise yourself ……if not grab an orchid and give it an ice cube on sundays :)
    Charlie, Cambridge, UK

  2. I like the height of the metal the container you have the plant in, too! Funny about the other comment about the orchid…I’ve had two die on me in the last 6 months and, as you know, I’m pretty good with plants I give up on them…too delicate for me! But I do want to get a Fiddle Leaf Fig one of these days…love the deep green color! And, as you know, I’ve always gotta throw my 2 cents in…I’d hang on to the wooden stool! It’s cute and stools always come in handy! xoxo Meg

  3. Oh! The idea of a potted plant on top of a stool worries me! I can just see my kids running around the end of the lounge and bumping it, leaving a smashed pile of pot and dirt on the floor (that I have to clean up!)

    I can’t wait to see what you decide to do. :)

    1. I thought of that too Jamie! My kids usually don’t hang around this corner of the room much so fingers crossed we’re safe! :)

  4. Hi – just found your blog recently and really like your style! I think I’d go with the industrial metal stool. It’s really nice looking and very “in” right now. Goes nicely with your decorating style.

  5. I really like the metal one, which is surprising for me as I normally gravitate toward wood. But I like the lines on this stool. Even though I’m choosing to have faith that you can keep the plant growing, you can also use the stool as an extra seat should you need it. Win, win! :)

  6. I like the second stool best. I actually like that you can see it. The other stool is too short and chunky for the height of the room.

  7. I love the industrial one. It ties in with the lamp and coffee table. I don’t think the wooden one ties in as well, but your house is amazingly decorated, and either will look great. I love your style–thanks for always sharing!

  8. Hi. Erin,

    After a few weeks if the Fiddle Leaf Tree isn’t doing very well indoors. You could put the Tree outdoors. You could plant the tree in your garden or keep it in the pot.

    Olivia from Canada

  9. I think the industrial stool looks better there.
    The wooden stool is cute though, so you may want to keep it for another area of the house? It looks like it would be a great size for Kole?

  10. The industrial one! It looks great in the room and plays off the light fixture so well. Also (please recognize my teasing tone…the one that doesn’t come through on the internet so well….) you know plants grow, right? :)

    1. Yes Kym but to be honest I hadn’t worried about that much because my plants never last long enough to grow very big! Ha ha.. :) Maybe this time I’ll get lucky. ;)

  11. I like the wire stool better. I love what you said about having flowers, they die on their own because that’s what they do. lol so true! I feel ya on husbands just answering without looking, at least he is semi-participating lol. Have a good day!!

  12. Hi Erin, if you put the two pictures together, the metal industrial stool looks great and blends with the decor.The other just looks out of place because of the colour of stool and thickness. I go for the industrial stool :-) a Hope that helps.

  13. Definitely the more industrial looking one. It looks like it belongs where the other looks like you are just needing to hold the plant up for a moment. :-0 But I think you she hold on to that little stool, I think it will come in handy somewhere else in your house or even outside!

  14. I like the one with the metal legs; it seems to blend in with it’s surroundings. I notice the wooden one more, but I think the plant should be the focus. I’m right there with you on the DND; have been looking at stair spindles for weeks now!

  15. With out a doubt, the industrial one. It looks really good with the coffee table. I feel your pain Erin. DMD is real. My formal sits empty and I think it will for awhile. I can not make up my mind. I have stuff in the family room that will soon be removed. Thought I loved it, but nope!!! Found my headboard though. Just can’t decide on grey or beige. The struggle is real. Good luck with your plant. :)

    1. Ha! The struggle really is real Cathy! I know we both suffer from it! I’d volunteer to come and help you decorate but I be just as stuck! It’s a miracle I have as much done as I do.. one throw pillow at a time for people like us! ;)

  16. totally off topic but i never noticed the books next to Kole’s picture…i love all the prints together! very coordinated…i’m not much help in your DMD as I like the look of the plant on the shorter stool but I like the look of the metal stool…see…no help at all :-)

  17. The metal one…. Its so cute! I am so into that industrial vibe these days! Your house is absolutely stunning!

  18. I’d definitely go with the metal industrial stool. The wooden one is nice too, but I think it’s more noticeable because its color is different from the pot the plant is in. However, the metal industrial stool is more the same color as the pot and it blends in nice, so the focus is more on the plant, not on what it’s standing on. I love following along with your house decorating!

  19. My daughter and I just saw the industrial looking one at our Home Goods yesterday. I love it!! I think it fits the scale and look of the room better. The other looks a little to rust and primitive to me.

  20. metal one. love it. and, i know you’re not asking…but maybe a pot w/ a bit of coral? some colour…a stripe on that one? a bit of colour would look great!

  21. Definitely, the industrial style stool. It complements your room and is just visually more pleasing. If you don’t want it, I will take it.

  22. love love love love love the 2nd stool with metal legs. it’s perfect for the space… good luck with your fiddle leafe… now I want the stand and will have to take a look for it at HG…..xoxo

  23. Metal stool all the way. The wooden is cute but maybe for another space… the metal stool makes your room look more grown-up and put together. Hope this helps :)

  24. I think you should try it somewhere else. I’m not crazy about the stool.. If I had to choose, I choose the metal one but I think I’d try a different location for the plant because the scale is off. Good luck. I know it can be hard trying to figure all this stuff out lol.

    As for the husbands, next time try asking him about two different handbags… one being super expensive and one being pretty reasonable. If he doesn’t look up, pick the expensive one. Pretty soon, he’ll be looking up when you ask him something, once he sees the receipt, lol.

  25. Hello fellow DMD friend! People that are able to make decisions simply, easily, and quickly don’t know how lucky they are! Anyway, my vote on this one is for the taller stand with the metal base. Your room is pretty grand and I think the taller, more substantial stool is necessary.

  26. The industrial (second) one works better in the space, I think. It is weird with the wood stool (which I like a bit more than the metal one) because it looks like plant is sitting on the couch!

  27. Hi Erin! So nice to know that I am not the only one who has this disorder! I drive everyone nuts…including myself!! LOL!! Anyway – I like the metal stool better!!

    Have a great day!

  28. Hi Erin, I too share your history of killing house plants! I have 2 fiddle figs right now and so far so good. :-). I definitely choose the industrial stool, the height works better and it ties in nicely with your beautiful coffee table. Love your blog, such a beautiful home and girl inside and out! xx

  29. Where did you get your coffee table and area rug for your living room?? It is exactly the look I am going for when decorating mine! I love your style!!

    1. Thank you so much Brittany! Our coffee table is from Restoration Hardware and the rug is from Pottery Barn. I buy too much from those two stores but I can’t help it! ;) xo

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