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Fun 4th of July ideas!

It’s the 4th of July this weekend!  So excited.  We have fun plans with family and I can’t wait to be together with everyone!  I made some 4th of July Pretzel Hugs a couple of weeks ago to get us in the mood.  Same Pretzel Hugs I’ve made for Christmas and Valentines Day for years.  I just switch out the m&m color.  Now there’s a versatile holiday treat!  :)  **Picture sources: scale is from Nordstroms – I can’t find it there anymore but their other home decor is adorable! Rolling pin is from Anthropologie, cake stand is from World Market – looks like they only have ivory left (kind of want this marble/wood stand too!).
Place the hugs on the pretzels on a baking sheet and then place the baking sheet in the oven at 200 degrees for about 7 minutes. Just watch for the Hugs to barely melt.  Take them out and place red, white and blue m&m’s on top and let them cool!  Patriotic and delicious.  A great combo.

I rounded up some other fun ideas for the 4th in preparation for our weekend and wanted to share them all with you.  So many creative ways to make this holiday memorable!  Here are a few fun ways to serve food on the 4th..
{Source}  Love all these flag ideas!
{Source}  This is so simple and adorable!  All you need is a star cookie cutter and kabob skewers.
{Source}  I love this fruit salad because it’s so simple and looks delicious!
{Source} And my favorite!  How adorable is this simple S’mores Bar!?

Usually I’m out of town over the 4th of July, but as soon as we celebrate the 4th at my house these are a few home decor ideas I’ve been saving!
flag jars clock
{Source}  Aren’t these painted mason jars adorable!  Definitely going to get my craft on and make these at some point.
{Source}  I just added a chalkboard to my house!  Excited to switch it up for the holidays.  I love this simple 4th of July shelf/chalkboard.
Uncommon 4th of july Burlap banner 1 2011
uncommon 4th of july burlap banner 2 2011
{Source}  I want to make this American Flag Burlap Banner for my front porch!  I don’t sew but my girls do (thank you sewing summer camps!) so this is a fun project I want to do with them before next year.
{Source}  Having people over and not a lot of time to decorate?  You can’t get an easier more festive centerpiece than this!
{Source} Another simple and stunning centerpiece.  That’s just blue food coloring in the water!

Because my kids are going to be staying up past their bedtime each 4th of July for fireworks I always like to give them a little down time during the day.  I try to get them to nap but of course they are excited and that never happens.  So I decided I’m going to be prepared this year with a few fun 4th of July quiet activities!  Check the original source to print these out!
{Source}  Fun 4th of July crossword!
{Source}  Cute activity sheets for younger kids.  I’m printing a few of these out for Kole.
{Source}  How adorable is this scavenger hunt?  So fun if you’re having an outdoor BBQ or picnic.

I was going through some old 4th of July family pictures and I can’t believe how fast my kids are growing up.
El about 7 years ago.  This is another fun treat I make most years.  Simple cheesecake out of a box!  Dressed up with blueberries and strawberries.  It’s a family favorite.
El a few years later on the 4th with Kole.  (Tear!)
e and k
And El on the 4th last year with her dad.  Pre-teen!  I can’t believe it.
That baby in the car seat is now my little stud on the left in this picture from the 4th last year.  This picture of him and his cousin is one of my favorites!
And I can’t forget my curly headed little firecracker.  :)  Addison about 6 years ago.
And Addison a few days ago.  Time is flying and I want to cherish every single 4th of July with these three kids who are getting too big too fast for their mom!  I just bought this fun 4th of July tank top for my girls from Justice.  It’s getting harder and harder to find clothes my girls love that I approve of so when they fell in love with these tanks I was thrilled!  Because I love them too.  :)
And no.  She hasn’t lost her curls!  I promised her we could straighten her hair when we got to Utah (at my mom’s now!).  The dry air with no San Diego humidity makes the two of us very happy.  Good straight hair days are guaranteed.  :)
me, dad and K
My hair never goes this straight in San Diego!  This was taken on Father’s Day.  My two favorite dads.  Lucky me.  :)  I’ll probably wear this outfit again on the 4th because it’s the most patriotic thing I have!  I need to find a red necklace or something.  I have to admit I LIVE in Gap skirts every summer.  They are comfortable and lightweight so every year I buy a few more to add to my collection.  The one I have on is knee length (from last year but this one is similar).  I also love this similar maxi skirt that is full length.
One more of my girls with one of my mom’s cute friends!  We are having so much fun but it is so HOT in southern Utah right now!  Trying to adjust but San Diego weather has spoiled us.  Thank goodness for swimming pools and air conditioning!
{Source} One last fun 4th idea I want to try!  Isn’t this adorable!?  Hoping my girls aren’t too old to let me experiment with their hair.  But knowing me, that star will end up looking like a blob so maybe I better not.  Ha!
Well!  I rambled on enough for now, didn’t I!?  Happy 4th of July planning everyone!

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Fun 4th of July ideas!

  1. Terrific ideas, Erin. I made those pretzel hugs one year after seeing your post about them. Yummy! :) Enjoyed all your ideas, but most especially seeing the growth of your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing. Have a happy 4th! :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! Those pretzel hugs are dangerous! If you eat one you’ll eat 10. :) Thanks sweet friend! Enjoy your 4th! xo

  2. Hi Erin, Happy 4th of July :-)! I have to admit your post and blog is always a welcome read, as it’s funny and full of laughter and smiles. Thank you :-)

  3. Hey, Erin. Wishing you a happy holidays. I just had to say, Addison is a mini you!! Crazy how alike you two look. I had a thought, your sister is also a middle child, right? And she looks exactly like your mom. It’s funny how genetics work sometimes. All the best to you and your lovely family.

    1. Thank you Sara! Addison and I hear that a lot. :) You are good! Yes – my sister is the middle and looks just like my mom. I’d never thought about that! Enjoy your 4th sweet friend! xo

  4. Hi Erin! I love your Independence Day food & snack ideas!! They are so clever, and they look easy to put together. Also, the games are great – especially the 4th of July Scavenger Hunt! It is hard to believe your three babies are growing up so quickly! They are absolutely precious, and I know you enjoy every single minute of your time with them!

  5. Very cute ideas! Your children certainly have grown since I’ve started reading your blog…time sure flies by! Love the hair idea! Have a wonderful 4th!


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