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Living room update and a new favorite shop!

First of all, I can’t thank you all enough for solving my plant/stool dilemma!  Industrial won hands down!  YEA!  Love it when you all agree and there is an obvious winner.  My fiddle leaf fig thanks you too.  DMD (decision making disorder) is cured!  For today anyway.  :)

Quick update on my formal living room progress!  Houston we have a couch!
It’s Pottery Barn’s Chesterfield Upholstered Sofa and I couldn’t be happier with it in this space.  Yes it’s white and yes I have children.  But I chose Pottery Barn’s new Perennial Performance fabric.  Totally kid proof!  You can wipe just about anything off of this couch.  YEA.  I love it so much!
We also have a mirror!  From Restoration Hardware.  Fell hard for it just like I did the coffee table.
It comes in two sizes and the smaller size fit perfectly inside my mantel molding.  Love it when that happens.
It’s so much fun seeing furniture in this space!  Lots of neutral going on (I love a neutral foundation!) but that won’t be the case for long.  My girls are the only ones less than thrilled with the new look.  They lost their ice skating/dance party/gymnastic arena.  :)
I have to share my latest obsession with you all.  Have you heard of 25:40 LOVE?  It’s an on-line shop with so many fun homemade items!   Chalkboards, frames, barn wood signs, etc.  I discovered their site one day and fell in love with it!  I was checking out all of the fun things they sell and my jaw dropped when I saw the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote on this sign above.  It’s one of my mom’s all time favorite quotes about the meaning of true success.  She had me and my brother and sister memorize it when we were kids!  I still repeat it in my head to this day.  I knew it would be a perfect birthday gift for my mom.  When it was delivered I set it in my living room and then my jaw dropped a second time because it looked so good in my space!  So I’m thinking I need to order another one for me.  For my mom’s sake you know.  After all, she did want me to always remember it.  :)
What I did order for me was this adorable trellis framed chalkboard.  Isn’t it so fun!?  Oh my word.  Love that grey and white rustic wood frame!
I originally bought it for my playroom.  This room needs to be decorated so badly!  I thought my new chalkboard trellis frame would be a good starting point.
But then I set it in my downstairs laundry room and I’m kind of loving it there!  Another space that desperately needs some decor!
The grey ties in so nicely with my tile floor!  Thinking I might hang it on a blank wall in this room.

So I have to tell you the other reason I adore 24:50 Love.  The darling couple who started it had the goal of funding the international adoption of their little girl for whom they are anxiously waiting for.  They now are serving other worthy causes as well.  If you purchase any item from they donate 15% of the purchase price to the charity or cause they are featuring.  I love that!  Shopping and giving back.  Two of my favorite things.  :)

Sweet Jessica from 24:50 Love is offering a discount for all of my readers!  When you check out, enter the code sunnysideup and you will receive 15% off of your purchase!  This offer expires Friday night at 11:59 CST so don’t wait!  They have so many beautiful things!  Check out their site.  I know you’ll love it!  I’m seriously tempted to buy half of their inventory. :)
Next time I show you this room there will be a splash of color!  Drapes and pillows are right around the corner.  And maybe a new sign or two.


xoxo, Erin
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42 thoughts on “Living room update and a new favorite shop!

  1. Looks great! That’s good to hear about the fabric. Can’t wait to see the room all finished:)

  2. Wow, Erin! You’ve got some great additions to your home here. Bummer for the girls to lose their gymnastics/dance space, but worth it for the addition of the lovely couch and mirror! They look fabulous. I don’t remember ever seeing that quote before, and it sure is a great one. Your mom is one smart cookie. How lucky are you to have her influence in your life. :) The sign would look great in that space for sure. You definitely need it somewhere. Excellent words to live by! The chalkboard is really great, too. Yay for excellent progress. You’ve got some excellent taste for decor! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I know – isn’t that a great quote!? Good words to live by and that sign looks amazing in person. I think we both need one! :)

  3. Love your home! I also decorate with all neutrals,and then add color. It is so much easier to change out the accent colors for holidays or just because I see a new color I like. I too have the motto less is more. My friends and family always say my home is always spotless,it may not always be spotless,but because there is no clutter it gives that illusion. Your home is absolutely beautiful! I wait for your e-mail every day to see what you have added. Your living room is coming together beautifully,can’t wait to see the drapes!

    1. So sweet Noreen! Thank you! I agree – no clutter definitely makes things look clean even when they aren’t! It really is nice to add the color in accents and be able to switch things up whenever the mood strikes. Sounds like we have a lot in common! :) Thanks again Noreen!

  4. Gorgeous! Will be purchasing from your new favorite site for sure! Where is the rug and side table from?? LOVE!

    1. YEA! Love that site! She has so many fun things! Rug is from Restoration Hardware, side table is from Z Gallerie. I’ll add a link to it in my post! :) Thank you Michelle!

  5. Your home is lovely. I hope that sofa fabric is truly stain resistant! You are braver than me haha. I enjoy these progress posts. I look forward to seeing what you do with knick knacks that we all have… family photos, stuff you picked up on vacation, etc. The touches that make a house a home, I suppose. I just moved to a new condo and am struggling with what to purge as well as how to display my unique items. At least for me, it’s harder to put a room together than one would think!

    1. Thank you Meadow! I know – I have a lot of stuff to display, I just need to figure out how to display it! It’s a lot harder than it looks to put a room together. I’ve struggled with it too! We’ve been focusing on getting the large furniture in so I’m excited to start the styling. I’ll keep you all updated on the fabric for sure! Fingers crossed. :) xo

  6. Your new sofa is beautiful Erin. I am looking forward to hearing about that new fabric from PB and how you think it holds up to stains and kids, although in your formal living room it probably won’t get a big workout:-)
    New to your blog, and I think your new home is beautiful. You’ve done a great job.
    Looking forward to the new additions to your space.

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you! I’ll definitely let you know about the fabric, but you are right! This room won’t have the wear and tear my family room does. :) So happy you found me! It’s nice to “meet” you. xo

  7. O my goodness i love it! I’ve said it before i’ll say it again can i PURLEASE come live in your house! its gorgeous and you have lovely sunny weather :)

    It looks fab you really have a great eye, i have to live vicariously through your decor as my 1940s english home doesnt suit the decor i love the most i love big american houses with all the space and light :)

    Charlie, Cambridge, UK

  8. I love what you’ve done with your formal living room!!! We have the PB chesterfield armchair and I loooove it! Seeing your beautiful couch totally makes me wanna redo my living room now! :P :)
    Heading over to 24:50 love now to purchase a couple of things. Saw one of my favorite verses on her IG (proverbs 3:5-6) and I must get!
    Thanks for sharing!! And thanks for the discount code!

    1. Oh yea Susan! So happy you found something you love! That shop has so many cute things! And I love that they give back to charities also. FUN! I bet your armchairs look so good! I love the chesterfield chairs too! xo

  9. Whoah Whoah Whoah, could I love your home anymore oh my goodness, absolutely stunning. So looking forward to see drapes and cushions and pop of colour oh will it be coral. Never mind you being excited i am super excited! Thank you so much for sharing x

    1. Nicola! You made my day. :) Thank you so much! Coral is coming! So is navy and a bit of teal. Should be fun! Thanks again! xo

  10. That is one of my favorite quotes in the whole world as well. I actually quoted the original version and my stepfather’s memorial service. It’s beautiful and so well-written. I Think that they have done a beautiful job in framing it. It would be such a nice gesture if it were correctly credited to the real author. It was written by Bessie a Stanley. It is not an Emerson quote.

  11. I love the lines on your new sofa.. Looking for something like it. Our kitchen will be gutted next week. Trying to work on one room at a time. After the dust settles from that reno I am going to start on the formal. I am still so in love with your coffee table. Can’t wait to see the navy with the white. It’s going to look amazing

    I finally made my decision for counter tops today. Elle had to go with me. I was so excited. Now, at midnight, I am second guessing my choice. I am bringing the samples home tomorrow so I can see it in the light in my house. went with quartz. That part I am happy about. Back splash…Not so sure. Erin, I think I have decorators block. :)

    Have a great weekend.

    1. It’s so hard Cathy! Try to not second guess yourself! Usually your first/gut instinct is what you should trust. Easier said than done though, right!? :) Hang in there! And definitely reach out if you want a second opinion! Although that might just confuse you more because I have such a hard time with decisions myself. We’re quite a pair! ;) xo

  12. Your living room is shaping up beautifully, Erin! Our son & dil purchased this same sofa and bought the “kid-proof” fabric. With a 4 & 6 year old, theirs has already seen quite a few mishaps and has held up perfectly. The Ralph Waldo Emerson quote sign is beautiful, and you definitely need one, too….you know, for your mom’s sake! Love the chalkboard, too!

  13. Beautiful room. The sofa looks great!
    Can you tell me the name of what your fireplace surround is made of and the color? It looks like the same as the book shelf counter top in a deep gray. Room looks so great already. Can’t wait to see it with a splash of blues. So fun!

  14. I’m hoping PB was honest with you about that fabric. It is by no means “stain proof” or “kid proof”. It is definitely more resistant than some other fabrics, but calling it “kid proof” is a long shot. I have been testing fabric swatches to get ready to make a sofa purchase, and I am rubbing strawberries, coffee, blueberries, tomato sauce, dirt, etc into samples and believe you me, nothing comes out perfectly. You are a brave, brave woman!

    1. You are smart to test it first April! I’m not too worried about it because it’s in our formal living room and that spaced isn’t lived in like our family room, but good to know!

      1. Hi Erin!! I am getting ready to order this sofa ~ love it!! I know the question was already asked but do you remember if this is the ivory or the oatmeal premium performance basket weave??? Thanks!!

  15. What paint color did you use on the living room walls and coffered ceiling? We did light French gray on our walls and trying to pick a darling color for the coffered ceilings.

  16. Your living room is beautiful. I love the quote sign- can’t get to the website for some reason, it has a log in? Any idea of how to get to it?

    1. That’s so weird Danielle! I think it must have been having temporary problems because I can click over to it from my blog now fine and there has never been a log in?? Try again and see if it works! Thank you! xo

      1. Good to hear! I just got the premuim performance basketweave in ivory Pottery Barn Air sofa. 2 sons and a cat. Hoping for the best :)

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