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Christmas Prep!

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Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

Happy November! From me and Michael Buble. We’ve been hanging out together in my car since September.. but you knew that. :)

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{command hooks}

I hope your month is off to a good start! Batteries, command hooks, garland and twinkle lights are taking over around here and I’m not complaining! I’ll have lots to share soon, but thought I’d pop on to show you a few things I’m using to decorate for the holidays this year. TOO much fun. :) I also wanted to mention that if you want to see items I’m decorating with and sharing day to day AND if you want to see gift guides before they all hit the blog (coming soon!) you can always follow me here on the LTK app! I have lots of fun holiday favorites and gift ideas popping up in the app daily. If you don’t like using the app on your phone (sometimes I just prefer my laptop so I get it!) you can see the same content at the bottom of my blog home page. Scroll to the bottom of my home page and you’ll see “shop my instagram.” If you click on any of those pictures it will take you to the items also. Just an option! I usually post favorites on my blog first, but during this time of year when I’m moving fast with holiday decorating I share things on IG stories and link to the app on the spot. Just thought I’d share that as an option for anyone who didn’t know about it!

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{norway faux spruce tree/merry Christmas garland}

This gold Merry Christmas garland is beautiful and you’ll see it in a few spots in my home this year! A fun Amazon find. And yes.. that’s another Norway spruce in my living room (same as my family room tree!). The tree I’ve had in my living room for the past 9 years is finally retired. It’s a tough tree to put up and requires individually adding bulb lights every year (takes me and Kole hours!). After purchasing the spruce tree for my living room and seeing how easy it was to pop up and fan out (seriously takes 10 minutes!) I said DONE with my old tree.

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{2021 Christmas tree sources/Christmas living room sources}

RIP hard to set up and take down tree. Thanks for the memories. :)

1- ornament garland   2- glass beaded garland   3-bells garland

4-red beaded garland   5-wood beaded garland   6- beaded garland

7- leafy string garland   8-black beaded garland   9- gold beaded garland

Here are a few other beautiful options for tree garland!

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{cedar branch/pine and snowberry branch}

These branches are both beautiful options at a great price. I especially love the cedar branches and can’t wait to style them in a vase!

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{bobble striped knit throw/channeled faux fur throw/oversized basket weave knit throw pillow/Christmas tree lumbar pillow/sweater fleck lumbar throw pillow}

These are two recent favorite throws (also great prices) and they would make beautiful holiday gifts. The bobble knit throw comes in 4 colors and I love the texture it adds! The faux fur throw is SO good. It’s soft, has a beautiful silk lining and is very high end looking! I would have guessed it was from Pottery Barn if I hadn’t found it at Target. :) I picked up some fun new pillows and set them with the pillows I was using for fall. Just playing around with different combinations at the moment!

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{28″ cedar sprigs faux wire wreath}

These are all quick cell phone pics so sorry about the bad lighting but we don’t care because the hoop wreaths are back! YEA! My favorite. I love these wreaths so much because they are so easy to hang! Pop them on a light fixture, a cupboard handle.. anywhere really. I love the look too! They are so pretty. This wreath above is my favorite. I have 4 and use them in my formal dining room and on these lights in my entry every year.

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{asymmetrical mixed greenery wreath/28″ cedar sprigs faux wire wreath/18″ pine sprigs asymmetrical wire wreath/8″ juniper wreath}

The wreath on the top left is new this year and so pretty for fall decorating too. The little smaller hoop wreaths are also fun and easy to use around the house. I’ll show you soon what I’m doing with several! I ordered the small juniper wreaths for the backs of chairs and they sold out for now. The hoop wreaths sold out FAST last year so order quickly if you want one!

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{set 3 cyprus wreaths}

I’m returning these wreaths because I was thinking they would be larger (they didn’t work in the spot I wanted to put them) but they are so cute! A fun option for a window or door.

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{metal house village/ceramic tree/black metal houses}

Lots of Target favorites so far and these black houses take the cake! You can buy a set of 3 with some trees or buy individual houses. Too cute.. I’m in love!

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

They come with tea lights already in them! The only bummer for me about this is I want the lights on a timer so I’m either going to take out the tea lights and put in these tea lights that have timers OR I’ll add some twinkle lights in the back. Still figuring that one out, but regardless, you’ll see where I’m using these black houses soon. :)

1- white ceramic houses   2-village houses   3- metal house village

4-  ceramic houses  5- village tealight candleholders   6- winter village

I love village houses and rounded up my favorites above!

1-metal house ornaments   2-wooden house ornaments

3-lighted tree ornaments   4-house tree ornaments

Little house tree ornaments are also favorites around here. :)

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

Starting to pull village pieces out! I think I’m going to put the white houses in my kitchen cupboard again like I did last year. I love how it lit up at night!

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{tree cutting board/reindeer tea light candle holders/timer tea lights}

Speaking of lights.. how adorable are these little reindeer candle holders!? I have a thing for reindeer. But you already knew that. :)

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{bronze sculpted reindeer}

Here are a few other reindeer I have a crush on this year! These modern reindeer are too much fun. I ordered them on-line a while ago and thought they would be heavy because they are metal but they are actually really light weight. So skinny! :)

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{zinc holiday reindeer}

These reindeer are also favorites and look so cute on shelves and tables.

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{gold candle holders}

These gold candle holders are so beautiful! I’m using them on my tables this year for my holiday party.

Christmas Prep (Sunny Side Up)

{tan bottlebrush trees/antiqued metal tray}

I also have these cute little bottle brush trees in a few spots. :)

1-bottle brush tree   2- white and silver trees   3- red/burgundy trees

4- sage/silver trees   5- green trees   6 – sisal bottle brush tree

7- set of trees   8-green sisal tree   9-warm gold trees

A few other fun bottle brush tree options! Below are more Target favorites.. so many cute things for the holidays this year! Anyone else decorating this weekend?

There is nothing like turning on some Christmas music and decking the halls. :)

1-mistletoe pillow   2-boucle throw pillow

3- pine with juniper wreath   4- cypress wreaths   5-knit throw blanket

6- woven tree skirt   7- pine garland   8-  extra long pine garland

9 – bottlebrush trees tan  10-cream knit stocking

1-green knit stocking   2- ceramic candle holder

3-tree square pillow   4-mixed greenery wreath   5-lumbar pillow

6-large pine tree   7-medium pine tree   8- small pine tree

9- stripe throw blanket   10- weave tree cuff

1-pine sprigs wreath   2-stripe throw pillow   3-holiday plaid pillow

4- cedar branch stem   5-fir tree   6-plaid dinner plate   7-cable knit throw

1-pine Christmas tree   2- tree holiday pillow

3 – snowflake pillow   4- stripe woven napkin   5-knit lumbar pillow

6- tree stoneware plate   7- cedar sprigs wreath   8- holiday gift wrap


1-tassel throw pillow   2- mistletoe pillow   3- christmas tree pillow

4- noel pillow   5-lumbar pillow  6- red/cream pillow

7- green christmas tree pillow   8-tree square pillow


1- red & green plaid pillow   2- plaid pillow   3- rib knit pillow

4- stripe throw pillow   5- lumbar pillow  6- snowflake pillow

7- cream throw blanket   8- woven plaid throw   9-tasseled throw

10-grid throw   11- holiday plaid throw

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Christmas Prep!

  1. It’s definitely Christmas time in your neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing all your fun finds! So many options. My eye was definitely drawn to the chunky bobble throw! Would be fun to make! I always love your villages. The black theme is intriguing. I also like those skinny reindeer. So many choices! Glad you changed out your tree if it was taking so long to put up. You have decorating to do, can’t spend all that time on a single tree. LOL I’m sure Kole thanks you. I appreciate all your hard work and hope you are having a blast these days bringing Christmas magic to your home. :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! Kole was so funny. He always hates helping me with that tree and complains about it every year but this year when he walked in and saw the new tree he said “mom! Doing those lights on the old tree was tradition!” ha ha.. I told him to not complain about traditions in the future and maybe I’d keep them. ;) Really we’re both thrilled about the new set up and not looking back! Like you said.. too much decorating to do to spend that long getting one tree ready to decorate. :) Thanks again (you’re the sweetest!) and enjoy your weekend! xo

  2. How many of the McGee gold bead garland do you use for your 9 foot tree? I’m so excited to see how you decorate this year, so much inspiration!!

    1. Oh so sweet of you Melissa! Thank you! I used around 8 last year! The bottom larger sections of my tree have two strands tied together. :)

  3. Erin,
    Yes, in the kitchen cabinet! Of course! I was JUST IN LOVE w/THAT last year. IF I had more cabinets w/glass, I would do the same w/a village! Even if I cleaned out the dishes in one cabinet, my thicker wood mullions (New England, you know…) would block a lot of the view. :( LOVE that “look” tho! I also need some new, smaller house pieces, as mine is the original SNOW VILLAGE my mom started. LARGE. THAT and the Buyers Choice carolers! I feel v. guilty not using it all so I TRY to alternate the pieces and figures. You would think that it was pretty easy with this house in the burbs plus the small, year-round beach place, to spread it all out. NOT the case. At all. Double duty setting up, taking down, putting away and IF I don’t do it at the beach house and the daughters go there, they will say “WHERE is CHRISTMAS?” Now, my advice on your little dream cabin w/wood smoke circling out of the chimney on a crisp nite. LET THAT be your FANTASY! We had the mountain cabin for a while, sold it, went w/JUST one house and caved again and got the little beach place. 7 years in now. I NOW say spend the money and time going to nice places. When you are HOME, you are HOME. Does not matter WHICH house. After year 2, it’s no longer a “vacay”. There is laundry, picking up, cleaning and seasonal decorating. SAME as at the regular house. I say this as I look at all the containers in the foyer, staged to go to the beach house. Christmas items that I don’t have the room to store there. Erin, IF you were closer, I KNOW you could edit this whole thing for me. HA! I am having a fantasy now of a little mountain cabin with smoke curling from the chimney on a crisp evening with tiny white twinkle lights everywhere. The smell of a REAL fir in a REAL Christmas tree stand-BUT I got it thru VRBO! ;-D Sorry! I have been meaning to write this since you posted about the mountain cabin fantasy! I am JUST BEHIND!
    BTW. I am starting to LOVE your new pages! Once I set my mind to it I catch on fast! Possibly I am not as “untechy” as I thought!? BEAUTIFUL and really helpful holiday decorating post, Erin!
    PS. Speaking of Christmas villages. Did you catch Hallmarks “Magical Christmas Village” last night??

    1. Sharon I’m sorry I’m so slow to reply to your fun comment! It has been a little nuts around here this month. ;) It made me so happy when it came through! I had to laugh about your kids needing that village up.. my kids are the same way with our SNOW village! My mom collected pieces and handed a lot down to me and I always set it up when the kids were little (so much work!) and now they want it every year! It’s a major undertaking so I try but some years I just can’t go there with ALL the other decor going on around here.. ha. I can’t image decorating TWO homes like you do! The best of times and worst of times I would imagine.. ha. ;) I think you’re smart and I have a feeling VRBO will be the extent of our cabin dreams. We shall see! But it does sound lovely doesn’t it!? I hope you are having the best holiday season so far and are feeling better after surgery! I’ve been thinking about you! xo

  4. Erin! I love this post. Last year at Christmastime is when I found your blog and your Christmas village by your sink had me hook, line and sinker! Right now I have my husband and son bringing in all my Christmas bins so I can go through them and donate some old decorations to make new for all the new ones I have bought with your inspiration, ha! I am a faithful reader and am just in awe at your decorating talent. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together. ‘Tis the season ;)
    Melinda in Washington State

    1. Melinda your thoughtful message made my day! Oh my word.. you are to kind. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you found me and it’s wonderful to “meet” you. Enjoy the holiday season with your sweet family and happy holiday decorating! xo

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