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Christmas Family Room

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{eileen coffee table/chunky wool jute rug}

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a good weekend so far! My Christmas family room (including the mantel!) is done and things are finally feeling more festive and less messy around here. There is still some mess of course, but I’m getting there! I was so scattered with my decorating this year. For a while every room had been started and nothing had been finished. I’ve been trying to make myself finish one space completely before moving on to the next! I’m still going to switch out my coffee table decor but this will work for now and other than that my family room is finished!

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{brass lanterns/flamless pillar candles/brass arched mirror/antique brass candle holders/faux cedar garland/

similar faux cedar garland here & here/cable knit faux fur pillow/sherpa tree pillow}

My mantel looks similar to past years. This fireplace is HUGE and takes a lot of garland. I tried mixing a few different garlands for my mantel, but ended up liking it just simple the best with my favorite faux cedar garland (I linked similar options above!). I used the 9 foot garlands and I used 5 for this mantel. I gave both sides a swoop for a fun change.

I’m tricky like that. :)

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

My brass lanterns are my favorite during this time of year.. they click on every night around 5:00 and give such a nice warm glow! Every year I think about mixing it up and moving them somewhere else but I just know I’ll miss having them in this room too much! This room is where we spend the most time and I love watching movies with the candles on.

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{brass lanterns/flamless pillar candles}

This isn’t a great pic (it’s a screenshot of a video I shared on IG two years ago!) but it shows the sizes of candles I have. They really are so beautiful in person!

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{khaki velvet ribbon/similar handknit stockings/hanging bells here & here}

You can see in this picture the large command hook I used for my garland (I had one on each end and one in the middle). Then I also use that end hook for stockings, ribbon, bells.. anything I want hanging on the side. :)

Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

{all tree sources}

I used the same khaki ribbon that I used on my tree (just a wider size) to tie everything together. (Sidenote – my Christmas tree went on early access sale today and sold out but the 7″ is still in stock! So is this flocked version. My friend has the flocked tree and it’s beautiful too!) 

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

My console table got a little holiday re-fresh too!

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{feathery pine tree/bronze sculpted reindeer}

My cute skinny deer – I love them too much! I set them next to one of my favorite faux trees.

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{feathery pine trees in 3 sizes}

You might remember these from last year. I still couldn’t love them more and they are back and still in stock this year! I used them on my porch again and all around the house. :)

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{black winter tree scroll/tapered jar/gold leaf stems/metal serving tray/glitter stars/round ornaments}

On the right I hung my favorite scroll with a small command hook and then placed some ornaments in this pretty serving tray. I found a package of round Target ornaments with fall colors that work with my Christmas decor this year and spread them out here and there. I also landed on these pretty gold leaf stems at Target and they were perfect for a vase on the console table! I love that (like my leafy glam garland in my tree) I can use them in the fall and the winter.

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{similar console table/similar baskets}

Woodsy glam just like the tree! I guess it’s a thing. :)

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{light up birch trees/brass tray/vintage bell swag/*coffee table sources – brass metal nesting tray – 26″/glazed terracotta vase/swift oval serving tray}

Ignore all of my vases at the bottom of my skinny table.. I set them there while I was decorating! Like I said.. there is still some mess happening around here! But my light-up birch trees are out and I’m hoping to clear all messes by this Tuesday. I gave myself a deadline. Wish me luck with that one. :)

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{leather decorative boxes/black bowl/round ornaments/bryn vase/bottle brush tree here & here/metal easel frame/bottle knit throw}

Simple shelf styling. A few bottlebrush trees and some ornaments in a bowl and bam.. it feels like Christmas. :)  (Other favorite bottle brush trees are in this post.)

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{metal lamp/similar velvet pillow/bottle knit throw/black & natural basket}

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{simplicity/AD at 100/zinc reindeer/stoneware planter/terracotta pitcher/similar black pitcher/landscape canvas/similar metal serving tray/round ornaments}

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{striped throw pillow/conell lumbar pillow/similar tassel throw}

Here’s a quick look at the pillows in this space too!

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{reed striped lumbar pillow/similar velvet pillow/tree knit pillow}

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{similar velvet pillow/cable knit faux fur pillow/marled faux fur blanket}

My family loves this new faux fur blanket I shared earlier! Kenny and Ad both race to it each night. It’s warm and fuzzy on one side and soft and silky on the other. I love the rich color and texture for decorating! So good. I just ordered a couple more for gifts!

Christmas Family Room Mantel (Sunny Side Up)

These bells in the corner of my table are also beautiful if you still need bells! They are HEAVY and such nice quality. I was going to hang them but might just leave them out displayed like this on the table.

That’s it for a quick family room tour! Like I said, things are still a work in progress but it feels so good to have this space pretty much checked off the list! Have you started your Christmas decorating yet? I’m getting so excited for Thanksgiving. We get to see Ellie! Counting down the days over here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll be back soon!

I’m tricky like that.



xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Christmas Family Room

  1. Wow, this room looks amazing, Erin. You do a wonderful job. I like the woodsy feel of the space. Those skinny reindeer are fabulous and I really like your table area that has the scroll hanging. It all looks so comfy and cozy, which is perfect for this space you spend so much time in. Well done, my friend. No decorating for me. I have two kids who insist on enjoying Thanksgiving first. ;) I’ll bet you are so excited to see Ellie! Hope she’s had an amazing first semester at school. Have fun, Erin.

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! My kids have never know a Thanksgiving w/o a Christmas tree too.. ha. I bet you are so excited to spend the holiday with your sweet girls too! It’s just the best time of year isn’t it!? Have the best week! xo :)

  2. Erin,
    This is getting boring- BUT 2 words. JUST PERFECT! I tend to look around at different decor blogs during Christmas, ones I normally would not go to, however, yours remains the very best and much easier to emulate (without copying, of course!) and even at different price points. THIS, Erin is YOUR forte! Every year I promise to buy myself (you know Christmas B Day and all ;-D) the SKINNY DEER. Last year they sold out, so this year is D Day! I have a couple of gift cards to THAT store so……….
    I have one of those (the same!) multi point, gold stars you have on a shelf by a deer! Had it for so many years! Mantle is perfect You said you will have to tweak the coffee table, but it is perfect for NOW-this time of year, bracing the season from Fall to Christmas. The colors and texture you used! Simple. Just So simple but WOW! It says “THANKSGIVING but CHRISTMAS coming!”

    1. Oh you made my day with your sweet comment Sharon! Thank you. I’m so happy you like it! Definitely a “Thanksgiving but on our way to Christmas” look this year with all of the browns. :) Wish I could have you over and give you a huge hug! xo

  3. Hey Erin,

    I was wondering how you got the cedar garland from terrain it says it can’t be shipped. It is so beautiful.


    1. Hi Abigail! I think the 9 foot is still shipping! Try clicking on that size. If not it’s because it sold out. I always share this garland in October because it sells out so quickly! I hope that helps! :)

  4. Hi, I’ve never seen you mention where the curtains are from in your family room (white/grey, behind the Christmas tree). They’re just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

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