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Thanksgiving Table

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Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

{paneled wall mirror/wool jute rug}

I hope you’re having a good week so far! It has been pouring rain here all day and we are loving it! We need the rain so badly plus it’s making the Christmas tree lights feel even cozier. :) On that note.. trees are coming soon! But I wanted to share this fun Thanksgiving table for those of you who are hosting and looking for a few ideas. This table could also easily work for Christmas with just a few small tweaks!

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

{similar table here & here/similar chairs/similar end chairs}

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

{similar square pendants/sideboard/sunken treasure art/lamps}

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

First I poured some glass stones into these beautiful glass hurricane candle holders. (I added some wrapping tissue at the bottom to fill in the base!) Then I added my favorite pumpkin clove candles.

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement (Sunny Side Up)

{glass mason jar vase/antiqued round metal tray/marina enamel vase/mini glazed latte bowl}

Remember my pumpkin and flower vase?

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

I used that for the centerpiece – just minus the flowers and water. Pumpkins only. :)

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

I set my candles in the hurricane vases on the sides of the pumpkin vase and added 4 tall candles along the center of the table too. So nice to use all of the little white pumpkins I had around my home! I spread a few more out along the center of the table.

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

{jute charger/gold flatware/dinnerware set/cane drinking glasses}

I kept my place setting simple using my beloved jute chargers and glasses with these beautiful earth toned dishes.

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

My favorite detail of this Thanksgiving table is the beautiful leafy glam garland with lights! It’s just stunning and I’m using it on one of my Christmas trees this year too! I used two of the garlands for this table but you really only need one. I wrapped it around the front and back of the pumpkin vase so that’s why I used two.

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

I also added some of these beautiful gold votives with tea lights. Really this table shines the most at night!

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

It’s hard to tell in photos (and I’m terrible at night shots!) but between the candles, tea lights and garland it just sparkles!

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

Thanksgiving Table (Sunny Side Up)

And yes! Those are my reindeer out the window lighting up my front porch! I have Christmas going on outside and in every other room of the house. So much fun. This table could easily work for Christmas too. Toss the pumpkins and add some fun bottle brush trees and done!

I hope this table gave you a few ideas for holiday dining! Sorry I’m not more help with the actual meal.

You’re on your own with that one. ;)


xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Table

  1. Oh my goodness! Your table is stunning, Erin! I love all the details and you are so right, it glows and sparkles so prettily. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m curious, do you keep the tablescape up all the time? I noticed your reindeer out the window. If you are decorating everywhere, you need time to get it done before December, right? I appreciate all your hard work!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I do keep my holiday tables up through Nov/Dec! I have to get them up early to share with everyone here and then I just love looking at them. :) So I keep them up and I’ve found it makes me want to have people over more! The table is all set and ready to go so I can invite friends over for dinner on a whim!

      Then I order take out. ;) xo

  2. Your thanksgiving table set up is just gorgeous, Erin! I especially love the touch of the leafy glam garland! Perfect!

  3. I love setting our dining table for the seasons. However, who else’s husband is like mine that when the actual holiday dinner/party happens he removes the decors on the table so people can see each other across the table and put the food on the table so the guests don’t have to get up to get seconds? I know he’s trying to make our guests feel more comfortable but it just ruins the whole table look and then the decors end up on our island during the dinner.

    1. ha ha.. too funny Debbie! We always keep the food in the kitchen spread out so people can keep going back for more. Maybe convince him that’s better this year so you can keep your pretty table. ;)

  4. Such a beautiful table setting! May I ask if you put out cloth napkins here on the table or at the serving area maybe?

    I’ve never put out Christmas prior to Thanksgiving day but this year several of my kids and grandkids are coming to visit over Thanksgiving but won’t be here for the Christmas holidays. I’m very torn about the dual decorating scheme……I don’t have a large house and they would be so close that it feels conflicting to set the table for Thanksgiving and have Christmas all around it. Any thoughts? I can totally wait until they leave to put out Christmas because it will just be myself and my husband after that.

    1. Hi Dianne! I usually put out cloth napkins but the past few years I’ve just been buying pretty disposable napkins (so much less work!). As far as the decorating, I really don’t think there is a wrong way to do it but we’ve always had a Thanksgiving table next to a Christmas tree and I love the lights! One options is putting your tree up but waiting to decorate it. Then you just have the pretty lights but the decor isn’t conflicting. xo

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