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Fall Fashion

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Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{flutter sleeve dress/mumbai runner/kitchen sources}

Happy weekend! I hope you are enjoying it so far! The Halloween festivities are in full swing and my kids are excited! I’m excited too. Mostly just to eat their candy and bring out more Christmas decor. It’s a happy weekend for all. ;)

I’ve been snapping selfies of what I’ve been wearing and loving for weeks and haven’t had time to share any of them so forgive me for the major selfie dump. But Fall fashion! It’s my favorite.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{mock turtleneck sweater/AG jeans/similar pointed toe boot}

We’re finally enjoying some “sweater weather” and it feels amazing. Really the temps only dropped a few degrees but there is a chill in the air and it’s enough to get everyone in San Diego excited and pulling out all things cozy. I can only wear this sweater in the morning because afternoons are still warm but I’ll take it! It’s so soft and cute. A major Target score and I’m tempted to get it in cream too!

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{pullover sweater/AG jeans/madewell canvas tote/similar totes/similar boots/initial pendant necklace/fall porch sources}

BUT I already have this cream sweater and absolutely love it. A little more of a splurge but when you try it on you won’t want to take it off. Such a good fit! I love the wide neckline and sleeves too.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

Here’s a closer look so that you can see the ribbed detail. Perfection!

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{rib dolman sleeve sweater/paige high waist wide leg pants/initial pendant necklace/similar wedge sandals}

These pants! They are so much fun. Really this picture doesn’t do them justice. They are CUTE in person. They have a high waist and a wide leg and are so soft and comfortable. This sweater is on its way out (I bought it during the N sale) but it’s such a great fit. I have it in two colors and have been in one or the other at least once a week this month!

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{rib dolman sleeve sweater/AG jeans/initial pendant necklace}

Color #2. :)

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{puff shoulder shift dress/similar madewell belt/similar over the knee boot}

Ok.. when I first tried this dress on I hated it! It has no shape and is HUGE (I’m wearing an xxs and it still felt big!) but I decided to buy it because I love the colors/print and I wanted to take it home to try on with a belt. I was so glad I did! I LOVE it with a belt! It gathers so cute. I ended up wearing it for our family pictures this year. It’s on sale too! Size down and add a belt and you will love it! This will be a fall favorite in my closet for years to come.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{somerset chiffon dress/initial pendant necklace/similar sandal}

This is the dress I originally bought for our family pictures. It’s so beautiful and I love how it fits! I ended up choosing the navy dress above because this was too hard to coordinate family outfits with (I was shopping closets at the last minute!) but I’m so glad I have this for dressy events. Anthro has a collection of “somerset dresses” and it’s basically this same style of dress in lots of different fabrics, patterns and lengths. You might remember the green dress I bought over the summer from the same collection. They are beautiful and would be great for holiday parties! Especially the velvet! You can see the collection here.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{juliette sweater-blazer/initial pendant necklace/AG jeans/over the knee boots}

Ok this sweater-blazer! It’s on sale this weekend and is so good! I don’t usually even wear items like this because it’s on the dressy side (I’m more of a cardigan girl!) but this had me at hello. It’s such a good fit and just classy. One of those staples I know I’ll have and love for years. It can be worn so many different ways. I mostly wear it with a tee and boots but it would be beautiful over a dress as more of a coat and would also work with joggers and sneakers! I would size down one (I’m wearing the xxs) unless you plan on wearing it over sweaters.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{long sleeve tee/initial pendant necklace/AG jeans/dixie waterproof boot}

If you need a good long sleeve tee this style has been a favorite of mine the past two years. I have it in multiple colors and it’s great to layer with a vest or coat.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{chateau parka}

Speaking of coat you might remember my favorite from last year. :)

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{chateau parka/fall porch sources}

This coat is so good and on sale this weekend! If I lived in a city where I needed a coat daily I would have this same coat in 3 colors. But I don’t. So I just have it in black. :)  (*For shorties like me – I tried this in the petite sizes but didn’t like it because the arms were too short so I went with a regular in size 0). 

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

I wear it whenever it’s chilly enough to pull it off! Out with friends.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

And out with the kids. :) It can easily be dressed up or down.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{quarter zip sweatshirt/live in pocket joggers/cross body quilted waist pack/houston sneaker}

This is a fun casual look and the sweatshirt is so cozy! A great Target find. The joggers are gold (I’ve had them for years) and how cute is this crossbody purse!? These types of purses are all the rage right now and I think this is such a cute quilted style for a great price! It would make a really fun Christmas gift too. You could give it to someone on its own or fill it with surprises or a gift card. I’m a fan. :)

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{peachy pajamas/cozy knit slippers}

Ending our fall fashion post with my favorite outfit of all.. pajamas! Shocker I know. These pjs are almost good enough to make me want to never buy another pair of pajamas again! (But let’s not put that in writing.) ;)  They are PJ salvage so enough said! Always the coziest pjs and the best fit. I have basically lived in these for the past month and a half. My husband will testify. I can’t wait to change out of jeans and into these every evening. These slippers are favorites from last year that are back in stock. They sold out quickly so I was happy to see them back again this year! Both the slippers and pjs would be fun Christmas gifts too.

Alright friends. Back to all things Christmas Halloween!

I’m trying. ONE MORE DAY.



xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Fall Fashion

  1. Lots of great fashion pieces! You look wonderful in them all. The purply floral dress is so pretty! Thanks for sharing. I loved the pic where you and your daughter are all bundled up and your son is in shorts! Too funny. And I’m sorry but I have to chuckle at the cross body quilted pack thing. I mean it’s a great idea to wear it across the body…but it’s a fanny pack worn differently. Fanny packs were the rage when I was young. (yup, I’m showing my age)LOL We may not be so behind the times where I live anymore because I’ve seen them worn that way here, too. Usually we are definitely behind on the trends/fads. Thanks for all you do, Erin! I appreciate you! Enjoy going full force into Christmas decorating.

    1. Oh totally! It cracks me up to see the things my girls think is so cool.. I’m like ummm.. we did that when I was 10 but ok. Ha! I’ll always love a good fanny pack regardless of how it’s worn! ;) Too funny. Thank you Jeanne! And yes.. Kole in shorts and I’m in a coat. That is SO San Diego! You can get away with anything when it’s 70 degrees all year! My friends and I always laugh at how someone will be bundled next to someone else in flip flops. :) xo

  2. Erin,
    you look wonderful in every piece, but of course, my fav. is the “green things”! Of course, you knew that ;)
    The PJ salvage looks like it will get my business! Never had them before. T.Y.!
    If I lived in a warmer place, the Chiffon dress would be in my basket, flutter sleeves and all!
    Will not hack it HERE in late Fall/winter! You will get a lot of use out of that dress!

  3. I enjoy your blog so much. All your ideas and purchases are so classic, modern, but not too trendy; and, never tacky. You don’t just fill up space to be filling up space. You have all useful ideas.

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