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Holiday Planner & Christmas Favorites

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Holiday Planner (Sunny Side Up)

Hello and welcome to the new Sunny Side Up! Which is pretty much the old Sunny Side Up with some fun new features. ;) I’m so grateful to be here chatting with you all today and done with this website re-design! My assistant/friend Vanessa and I worked around the clock for 3 days straight to get all of my content set up and organized on the new site. Kids were fending for themselves, husbands covered all after school activities and I went way too long without washing my hair. Ha. But it’s done! I so hope you like it. Spend some time on the home page and click around! I’m still adding and tweaking things here and there (please let me know if something isn’t working right!) but you’ll see that there are different sections set up for different things like a section with all of my current and past posts, a section for home sources, a section for all of my organization posts, etc. If you click the button (on the right of the top of the page) labeled SHOP I have a fun shop page set up too! I’ll be updating this often with things I’m loving and I have it broken down in categories (home, organization, fashion and right now.. HOLIDAY!).

Speaking of holiday, my annual holiday planner is ready to download! I designed this planner years ago to help all of us stay organized during the busiest season of the year. A little planning ahead makes a huge difference! Some years I use the entire planner front to back and other years I just use certain pages. It’s so nice to have a set place for all of my lists, party plans, gift ideas, etc. With the blog re-vamp I decided my holiday planner needed a little re-fresh too and I hope you like the green! Mostly I just hope it helps you stay organized so that you can enjoy the holidays. :) You can download my holiday planner HERE by joining my e-mail list. If you’re already on my list just enter your information again (it won’t add you twice) and you’ll get instant access to my printable library. At the moment my printable library only has this one printable in it.. ha. I decided to pause and wash my hair and feed my kids so the rest of my home/organizing printables will be coming soon. ;)

October is flying by and before we blink it will be time to decorate for the holidays! I’m so excited. My husband trains all year to run marathons. Well.. holiday decorating is the marathon I train for all year. You too? BRING IT ON. :) I’ve been checking out all of the good holiday decor popping up on-line and I rounded up fun decor I’m loving below! I’ll be back to all things fall in my next post, but some items (like my beloved cedar garland!) are close to selling out or on major backorder so I wanted to share this early for those of you (who like me) are training too. ;)

Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1-Merry Christmas banner   2-juniper wreath   3-pine garland   4- bells

5-glass ball ornament   6-wool felt tree   7-wood bead garland   8-leaf decorative tree


First up some favorites from Amazon!

1-gold glitter star   2- wood bead garland   3-stoneware bowl

4- tree serving tray   5-aspen fir tree  6- ornament set   7-mini trees   8-faux fur tree skirt


1- security safe   2-sheet set   3-ziplock storage organizer   4-cheese board

5-travel toiletry bag   6- digital picture frame    7- long sleeve henley

8-throw blanket   9- knife set   10-ice maker  11- portable charger   12-sweatshirt

I also added a few Prime Day favorites! I have and love most of these items. My parents gave us the nugget ice maker a few years ago for Christmas and we use it every day. Best gift! Our friends just bought one after using ours and love it too. These sheets are long time favorites and I just ordered the henley for Kenny and the sweatshirt for me. Good deals!


Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Norway 9′ faux spruce tree/burgundy wood bead garland/gold bead garland (similar here)/glitter star ornaments/gold ball ornaments/star drop ornaments/gold star}

My tree is back in stock this year! It’s honestly the most beautiful tree! It’s also SO easy to assemble. I had it put together and ready to decorate in 10 minutes! I’ve never owned a tree this size that is so easy to put together. And the lights! They are absolutely stunning and have different settings. I know it’s a splurge, but if you are considering it and on the fence I’m telling you that you will LOVE this tree. (It comes in a 7 foot size too.) I linked the ornaments I used last year and honestly I don’t want to change much this year! I could go in a totally different direction (I never really know what I’m doing until I start playing around with decor) but I would also be so happy with this same look because I really loved it last year. Is this making anyone else excited!? I can’t wait to pull my trees out! Speaking of trees.. below are a few other fun options for decorating along with more of my Mcgee favorites!

McGee & Co (the sunny)

1- brown brush tree   2- pre-lit faux tree   3- wicker mantel tree   4- faux cedar tree

5- faux spruce tree  6- snowy faux pine tree   7- crochet trees   8- norway potted faux tree


Mcgee & Co (the sunny)

1- winter evergreen garland   2- juniper wreath

3- cedar pine garland   4- cedar & pinecone wreath


McGee & Co garland (the sunny)

1- wood beaded garland   2- wooden bead garland

3- gold wood garland   4- gold beaded garland   5- grey wooded bead garland

 McGee & Co (

1-mantle hanging   2- wooden nutcracker   3- marble stocking holder

4- checkered doormat   5- happy holiday doormat   6- knit stocking


McGee & Co (

1- brass taper holder   2- antique candle holder   3- taper candle holder


Mcgee & Co (the sunny)

1- pine ornament   2- botanical ornament   3- noel ornaments

4- noel neutral ornaments  5- metal bell ornaments   6- piper ornament


2021 Holiday Planner (Sunny Side Up){bell options here/here/here}

Ok.. let’s talk garland! These two I’ve shared time and time again. They are my favorites! My beloved faux cedar garland mixed with my favorite eucalyptus garland. The sad news is that my faux cedar garland sold out in the 9 ft and the 6 ft is on major backorder. The happy news is that I’m seeing a lot of similar beautiful options popping up on-line!


1-pine garland   2-norfolk pine garland   3- faux cyprus garland PB   4- eucalyptus garland

5- faux cyprus garland C&B   6- faux hemlock pine   7- faux cedar garland


These are other beautiful, realistic options I’ve found! The good garland is always the first thing to go and I bet a lot of these options will sell out soon too. If you know you want faux garland this year don’t wait to order it!



1-cedar garland   2-norfolk pine garland  3-pine garland

4-cedar pine   5- pine branch  6- faux juniper


Afloral has beautiful options this year too and as I’m writing this they have 20% off of all of their greenery with the code PINE. Woot woot! I love these 3 branch options too.. one of my favorite things to decorate with! This cedar greenery looks identical to mine (a little shorter but less expensive too!).

SO many cute things at Crate & Barrel this year. Many of the items below I bought last year and can’t wait to pull out again!


1- faux cypress swag   2- serving board   3-ceramic ranch house   4- cutting board

5- textured tree ornaments   6- caramel fur stocking   7- string lights   8-reindeer


Crate & Barrel (the sunny)

1-metallic ornaments   2-  star tree topper   3- faux potted cypress tree  4- star ornament

5-snowfake serving board   6- cypress garland   7-holiday houses   8-wood bead garland


Pottery Barn’s Christmas selection never disappoints! I honestly narrowed my favorites down although it’s hard to tell. I could have easily made 5 more collages!


1- handknit stockings   2- pine wreath garland

3-tabletop pine trees   4- faux eucalyptus garland



1-faux berry bundle   2-glass candleholders   3-reindeer

4- snowy pine trees   5- merry salad plate  6- Christmas village

7-mercury ornaments   8- birch trees    9- indoor/outdoor lanterns


1-velvet tree pillow   2- towels   3-velvet quilt

4- waffle sherpa throw   5-twinkling twig trees    6-advent calendar

7-plaid cotton duvet   8-nativity manger house   9- blue spruce tapestry



1-faux fur pillow cover   2- sherpa tree cover   3-jingle all the way

4- plaid pillow cover   5-pillow cover with tassels

6- falala lumbar pillow cover   7- winter trees pillow cover   8- merry pillow cover


Are you excited and feeling the holiday magic by now? Mission accomplished!

Plan ahead and then back to pumpkins we go.


xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Holiday Planner & Christmas Favorites

  1. Hi Erin! Looking good around here! I poked around a little bit and downloaded the planner with no issues. All your efforts are paying off. Well done! Thanks for sharing all your favorites. Can’t believe it’s getting to be that time of year already. Thanks for keeping us on track so beautifully. Hope all goes well with the blog transition! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I’m so happy everything is working well! I’m also so happy to have that website re-design behind me.. whew! Not my favorite part of this job that’s for sure. I just want to decorate for Christmas and organize some drawers.. ha. ;) I hope you’re having a good week! xo

  2. Love the new design of your website!! I especially love that the email that I get alerting me to a new blog post takes me straight to the post now. Simpler 👍
    I’m excited to get decorating too 🌲.

    1. So happy to hear that you like it Lynn! That makes my day.. thank you so much! And YEA for Christmas decorating! Can’t wait to get started. :)

  3. Love this new site! So much easier to navigate! Cleaner and brighter! Much better organization. Thank you!

  4. Erin,
    Well, the format is certainly different! This will take me a while. Ha! I am like that. CHANGE. Hmmm… well, it is like a dirty word to me! ;-) I can see how I will end up seeing this as MUCH more efficient. EVENTUALLY! I like to change up decor and fashion but technology……
    I still read with a book in hand or a magazine on my lap! I live in fear of having to get a new type of TV and having to set up a new phone is a day without sunshine for me!
    Oddly, I can NOT wait to get rid of old appliances and onto new and better (even more techy!) so THAT is odd!
    Erin, I have 70 % of my Christmas shopping already done this year! As far as decorating goes, I am enjoying the Fall decorating this year. A bit more than usual! Not sure why…
    Usually, the itching to begin Christmas decorating is already with me!

    1. Sharon I’m the same! Change is HARD and I resisted this one for way too long! It really had to be done because of so many issues on the tech side of things. I hope the new website grows on you! :) And WOW! I am so impressed that you have so much of your holiday shopping done! I’m starting this week and need to hurry to catch up. ;) Happy you are enjoying fall decor.. it’s such a beautiful time of year. Especially in your neck of the woods! Thank you sweet friend! xo

  5. Hi Erin! Your new website design is just beautiful! Kudos for all of the hard work! I just love the garland you posted from Afloral!

    1. Lisa you are too kind.. thank you so much! I’m so happy to have it behind me. :) And I agree.. the Afloral garland is absolutely stunning. Thanks again! xo

  6. Thank you so much for the planner. I have been using it for the past 4 years and absolutely love it. My husband always laughs at me because I get so excited! It does combine two things I love, organization and Christmas!

    1. Alanna I’m so happy to hear that! Thank you! Right!? Organizing and Christmas.. the two best things! Sounds like you and I would get along famously. :) Happy holiday planning! xo

  7. Love the new look! So fresh and modern – and the new colors and fonts on the planner too! Lots of work I’m sure, but a fun change for sure.

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