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Recent Walmart Favorites

{This post is sponsored by Walmart. All product selections and opinions are my own!}

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Saturday!

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{BHG stripe rug}

Popping in with a few recent Walmart favorites today and they are GOOD. I ordered this new rug for fall for my dining nook and I have to say.. it is a definitely a winner! My friend was over when I laid it down and she snapped this picture while I was straightening it after we put the table back. Then she thought about where she could put this rug in her house too! I fell in love with the stripes and neutral, causal vibe when I ordered it on-line and was just hoping it wasn’t too scratchy (as rugs with a jute vibe often are!). Not only is it not scratchy.. it’s incredibly soft. Softer than any rug I’ve ever had in this space and my kids noticed it immediately! We all like walking on it barefoot. :)

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I love the tassels too. Plus it can be used outside which means it’s a low maintenance easy to clean rug. The best kind. :)

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

With this new rug and updated light fixture this space feels so much lighter and brighter! Simple changes make a big difference don’t they?

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{BHG blanc de blanc dinnerware}

Ok.. this set of dishes is crazy good for the price! They are beautiful, great quality (heavy stoneware) and aside from being perfect every day dishes, the neutral cream and brown also make them perfect fall dinner party dishes. I’m using them in my fall tablescape this year and will share it soon! These dishes come in a set of 4 (this shows what comes in one set) so I ordered two sets for a total of 8. I love plates that have a lip around them almost like a shallow bowl. Easier to eat things like pasta! These would be beautiful for Thanksgiving if you are hosting too.

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

The two toned look sold me again. So good!

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{BHG Abbott dinner dishes/pumpkin bowls}

They are very similar to this set I shared earlier with my pumpkin bowls. Also a two toned look but these have more of a shiny finish with white plates. (My pumpkin bowls are out of stock at the moment and I have a feeling the modern blanc de blanc dinnerware will sell out quickly too.)

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I’m in the mood to bake or cook this weekend! A rare sensation for me.. ha. It only hits in the fall and doesn’t last long so I’m planning on seizing the day tomorrow and making something. What I’m cooking I don’t know, but something that makes my kitchen smell good! I know the suspense is killing you. ;) This fall charcuterie board would be fun to snack on during Sunday football so I might have to make it again soon too.

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{water hyacinth baskets/knitted throw blanket}

These water hyacinth baskets are my next Walmart favorite. So beautiful and they come in a set of 2 (this is the large size and it’s perfect for fall throws!).

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Our homework game with Kole is strong this year (at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves daily.. ha) so we set up this fun homework station for him at the beginning of the school year to help keep him on track. Kole really wanted this jurassic wold stationery bundle but asked if he could just use it at home. Ahhh middle school. And so begins caring way too much about what other people think!

Don’t worry bud.. I get it. We are WAY too tough and cool for a dinosaur binder.

At least at school we are. ;) 

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{mesh desk organizer/jurassic wold stationery bundle}

He likes to do his homework in the kitchen and other random spots in our house (basically everywhere but the home office!) so now he has everything he needs in this fun organizer. It even has has a side pocket for his notecards. You know how much I geeked out over this set up. :)

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{pleat shoulder sweater}

And last but not least a few cute recent tops I’ve been wearing! This pleat shoulder sweater is my #1 go-to top lately. It’s lightweight and so soft. Perfect for early fall while it’s still warm outside. I love the sleeves!

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I love it so much that after reaching for the almond colored sweater over and over I finally ordered it again in cream. :)

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{sleeveless ruffle top}

This sleeveless ruffle top is also great for early fall while the temps are warm. So cute!

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{square neck sweater}

Of course I’ve never met a green sweater I didn’t love. :) I’ll have to patiently wait to wear this one! It’s soft and warm and perfect for chilly fall days. Which aren’t coming quickly enough around here.

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{raglan long-sleeved sweater}

This is another really cute sweater. It comes in lots of colors but I love wearing this orange/brown color in the fall. It just feels right doesn’t it!? Pumpkins patch photo ready at any given moment. ;) So if you see me on IG stories in orange/brown sweaters over and over and over again during the next few months you’ll have to forgive me. At least it’s a break from all things green!

Unlike most middle schoolers I stopped trying to be cool a LONG time ago.



xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Recent Walmart Favorites

  1. Great finds, Erin. That rug looks great! Bonus that it is not scratchy! The dinnerware looks great and a bit unique. All your finds are terrific. You have a great eye. We had a fall feel for a day and a half and now it feels like summer again. LOL Wish I could bag up some of your charcuterie board treats for when we go see our daughter perform with the marching band at half time later today. ;) Have a great weekend, Erin.

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I’m sorry you’re having warm weather again like we are. WHERE is fall!? Ha. I hope you had fun watching your sweet daughter perform! The best. :)

  2. Erin,
    Dining nook is JUST right! Understated but FALL just the same! The rug! Love it! Walmart-who knew!
    Erin, ALL the sweaters are just perfect for you! You look so much better in it than my neighbor…….
    I had a bit of an odd moment when trying to figure out my own Fall sweaters and maybe order one (OR TWO! new ones ;-) when there came a knock on my door. It was a neighbor, holding in her hands a black swimsuit with tags in place. She said, “This is YOURS-I think?” Well, I had ordered it back in July and have been dealing with UPS etc. ever since. The neighbor had opened it by mistake, discarded the wrappings and hung it in her foyer coat closet planning to return it to me and FORGOT! WHAT jostled her memory was our sudden cooler temps and she was going thru her foyer coat closet looking for her bittersweet color sweater (do YOU keep your sweaters in the foyer coat closet??) Anyway, there it was, my black swimsuit, on a hanger. Well, I was hoping this suit would turn up but also had to buy another one in order to have a nice one at the beach place. Its ok to wear WHAT you want (faded, baggy, etc.) in your own pool but the beach is different! ;-D
    So, now I have an extra black suit (can you have TOO MANY black suits??? NO. And GREEN is in THAT SAME category!) Oh, gosh, I am taking up all your space with this story! CUT TO THE CHASE SHARON FROM N.E.! Erin, the neighbor was wearing the SAME bittersweet color sweater you showed us!! THE EXACT SAME and I complimented her on it, and she told me where she ordered it from!
    PS. Like this REALLY needed a PS.! I relate, relate to the notebook and Kole! We moms want (LOVE) to keep them LITTLE AT HOME (sniff, sniff…) BUT NOT in public where they can be hurt by words/looks of the “overly mature ” kids! Let them play and be little as long as possible, but at HOME! THIS is already starting with my little Grand girl at such a crazy, young age. She LOVES, LOVES Bitty Baby (has 2) and I “REDIRECT” her to bring a regular AG doll out in public! YOU are a GREAT mom, Erin!

    1. Oh my word! That is too funny about the swimsuit! Ha ha.. that explains why you never got it! I agree.. you can never have too many black swimsuits and yes! You always need something a little nicer for the beach vs. your own pool! I’m happy you have multiple options now. ;) You and your stories make my day so don’t for one minute worry about rambling! It’s always the best to sit down and read a little something from you at the end of a long day. :) XO

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