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August Amazon Buys and Fall Finds

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Dried Wheat Wreath}

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend and your week is off to a good start! I’m popping in to share a few fall favorites and other random nonsense. :) First up.. if you are looking for a beautiful, natural wreath look no further. I have found “the one!” Isn’t it stunning!? I bought it thinking I would put it somewhere on my front porch but it’s so pretty I think it’s going to have to stay inside where I can look at it more often.

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{peyton dish towel/similar hand soap/pumpkin clove candle/bryn vase/gold pedestal vase/swift oval serving bowl/streamlined serving set/wren serving bowl/taper candles in “toffee”}

I pulled out some Anthro favorites for the season over the weekend. A few of these items I’ve had for a while and a few are new.

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{pumpkin clove candle/bryn vase}

Of course my candle is included (SO good) and I love this beautiful vase for fall decorating. It’s such a rich, rust color and I love the shape. I can think of 10 places it would look good!

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{gold pedestal vase/swift oval serving bowl/streamlined serving set/wren serving bowl/taper candles in “toffee”}

This gold pedestal vase/bowl will be so fun to fill with touches of fall (acorns, pinecones, sticks, etc.) and then ornaments in December! Sorry I’m getting ahead of myself. Hard not to do this time of year. :) The other bowls are such fun unique shapes (perfect for entertaining and decorating) and the serving set is beautiful in salads and to display in the kitchen. I’ll share how I’m using the candles soon.. they are so tall! I love them and they come in so many colors.

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{peyton dish towel/similar hand soap/pumpkin clove candle/streamlined serving set}

Looks like my beloved fall hand soap sold out (no surprise there!) but I linked another fun option. I took a pic of these items because they make great fall gifts! I’ve shared the dish towels lots – they are favorites and are perfect to pair with the serving set OR with a candle OR with some soap for a little fall birthday gift or thank you gift or just a “happy fall I’m thinking about you” gift. :)

Anthro Fall (

1- pumpkin serving board    2- candles   3- hand soap

4- pumpkin spice towel   5- pastel pumpkin apron

6- farmhouse pottery candlesticks   7- pumpkin candle    8- fall foxes puzzle

I love so many stores (as you know!) but I’m always especially drawn to Anthro in the fall. Funny story. I saw that fall fox puzzle online at Anthro and it just looked so fun to put together which I immediately thought was strange because I am NOT a puzzle person. At all. Ha. But I found myself thinking about it the next night so I looked it up on Amazon and they were selling it too (same price just faster shipping). I promptly ordered it with visions of working on it with the kids on a rainy day with my candle going and football on in the background and something cooking in the kitchen that smelled so good. I had such a lovely fall scene in my mind that before I knew it I was looking up other fall puzzles and putting them in my Amazon cart too. Then I sent the links to my friend who works for me to make a collage of them all for the blog. She called me immediately and I knew exactly what was coming. “Erin! WHY are you sending me puzzles!? You don’t even like puzzles. Are you ok? Has Ellie leaving messed you up that bad? Is it time for an intervention? This is worse than we all thought..”  We were both laughing so hard. I told her I KNOW! I hate puzzles! Ha ha. But my fall scene was so inviting and for some reason that fox puzzle was (and still is) SO appealing to me! I can’t wait to put it together.

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1 – happy hollow puzzle   2 – hello fall puzzle   3 – fall foxes puzzle

4 – days to remember   5 – great pumpkin contest visit   6 – pumpkin puzzle

So here are other puzzles I found that look fun for fall in case like me, you are in the mood to just SLOW down and do something relaxing. I’m sure I’ll start my fox puzzle on a lovely fall day, but it won’t be raining. It will be 80 degrees outside and I’ll be tired of football on (AGAIN) and the only smell coming from the kitchen will be the pizza we ordered the night before and I’ll put together one ear on a fox and remember that I actually hate puzzles and then I’ll tell the kids they can do the rest or clean it up.

Maybe I do need an intervention after all. Ha.

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1- fall foxes puzzle   2- fall eucalyptus leaves   3- mini waffle maker

4- pampas grass  5-gel pens   6- rosehip seed oil   7- canvas print art

8- tote bag   9- flameless ivory candles   10- travel hair curler holder

11- airpods protective case   12- candlestick holders

Here are August Amazon Buys! With my fox puzzle taking the lead. ;) The fall eucalyptus leaves look so pretty.. I’ll share them styled soon. And how cute is the mini waffle maker!? Kole will love that for October breakfasts. The pampas grass is a fall favorite from last year I’m decorating with again and so are the flameless candles and the black candlesticks. My favorite gel pens are back in stock so I ordered more! The rosehip oil was a recommendation from a friend.. she said it makes her face/skin look and feel amazing! I’ll try it and report back. The canvas print is going on my entry table for fall and the tote bag is what Ad is using to hold her books this year (apparently backpacks are out and tote bags are in). I can’t keep up, but this tote was less expensive than a new backpack so I’m rolling with it. I’m excited to use the black bag to hold my curling iron/straight iron when I travel and the AirPod protective case is GENIUS! My girls have both had AirPods for years and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times they have lost them. If I could take back the time I’ve spent looking for those things! We finally looked up a solution and landed on this protective case. We’ve already put them to the test and they work great. I just wish we would have bought them two years ago!

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{dining room sources}

Before I sign off I have to share that my beloved eucalyptus garland is back in stock!

Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I use it every fall and love it it on a table like this for fall dinners. I also REALLY love it…

Christmas prep (Sunny Side Up)

{faux cedar garland/eucalyptus garland/gold hanging bells}

combined with my favorite faux cedar garland for Christmas! These two garlands ALWAYS sell out quickly (especially the faux cedar garland.. it’s already backordered!) so don’t wait if you want them! They are both amazing quality and I couldn’t love them more. Tried and true holiday favorites.

Sorry I’m getting ahead of myself with Christmas again. I’ll try not to share more. For at least a little while!

And I’ll stop ordering puzzles.

Well.. fall puzzles at least because now I have a stash.

Christmas puzzles are a different story..


xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “August Amazon Buys and Fall Finds

  1. Ha! Our family loves puzzles… I found a few people in the neighborhood so we can now trade. A couple of those look amazing and I might have to go buy one for our family to do well there is soup on the stove and a football game on television :) Christmas puzzles are even more amazing ;)
    Happy cozy fall days!!

    1. Oh I love the idea of trading puzzles with other close families! I might really have to get into this.. ha ha. ;) Thank you Jenni and same to you! xo

  2. Puzzles are fun to put together! I love them, but I don’t love the price of them. haha. So I go to the thrift store and buy them there. The fun is you never know if you get all the puzzle pieces in the box! haha. I totally got into doing puzzles again last year. My dad always had one going as I was growing up, only he chose 3, 000+ piece puzzles! And they were nature scenes. Haha. How many greens are in a pine tree? Ah memories. I do like the picture you painted of a lovely fall day! And it looks like you found lots of additions that will help create that idyllic day. :) The wreath is gorgeous! I’d keep it inside to save it from the weather, as well. The vase is stunning. Almost looks like a pitcher and I love me some pitchers. Thanks for sharing, Erin! I hope you have a great week!

    1. Oh my word Jeanne.. I can’t imagine a 3,000 piece puzzle of nature! That would take me right over the edge. Ha. I love that you grew up doing them. They are definitely relaxing and sound so fun to me right now. We’ll see if this sticks. ;) Have a great week!

  3. Erin, you have a blue abstract painting in your dining room. It’s beautiful! Do you remember where/from whom you purchased it? Thanks!

  4. I’m laughing Erin, because I’ve done the exact same thing with puzzles! Ryan and I had never done a puzzle in our marriage and I don’t know if it was the pandemic or the fact that I had bought Ryan a BYU stadium puzzle at Costco and it had sat in a cupboard for years! But I suddenly wanted to do a puzzle with my kids. We worked on it together and then I was obsessed until it was done! They’d go be bed and I’d go find a few more pieces! But I will tell you something I learned, the only brand to buy for the actual quality of the puzzle pieces is Ravensburger! I will never buy another brand, no matter how cute. The pieces fit together so much better than other puzzles so you never have to wonder if a piece seems like it’s in the right place but it’s actually not! Search Amazon for that specific brand, there are some cool space ones that I’ve had in my cart forever for Jens, that Kole would love too.

  5. Hi Erin,
    I am late! Couldn’t be helped…
    I am exactly like you, HATE puzzles. HATE might be too mild a word! Looking at the Fall puzzles, I, too, am intrigued. WHAT is THIS??
    WHAT is going on!?! I am actually thinking of ordering one. Just crazy!
    Let me know IF you get into it and I will let you know if I order one!

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