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Favorite Fall Vases

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Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

{Santorini Urn}

I’m sharing my favorite fall vases today! They are actually just favorite all season vases but when you fill them with fall leaves.. poof! They instantly become favorite “fall” vases. ;) They are the vases I’ll be using to decorate this fall and into the Christmas season! Kicking things off with this beautiful¬†santorini urn.

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

{Faux Rust Leaf Branches}

It’s hard to tell in this pic but it’s huge! And has such a beautiful crackle glaze texture. Long time favorite. Stems are these faux rust leaf branches. They are also huge.. and STUNNING! I just have two stems in each of the vases I’m sharing today. Each main stem has so many smaller branches off of it that you can get away with just 2 or 3 depending on how full you want your arrangement to look. I have the rust color but they also come in a beautiful yellow and green.

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

{Artisan Handcrafted Terracota Vase}

I’ve shared this vase many times before and use it year round, but I especially love it in the fall! It looks so beautiful with fall leaves or pampas grass. This is the “medium urn, 14″H.”

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

I really like the size of the opening – something I pay attention to whenever I buy a new vase! If the mouth/opening is too large you have to use more branches.

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

{Matte Gray Tapered Jar}

Talk about the perfect gray/black vase! Beautifully tapered.. it makes such a statement. On sale through today!

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

I snapped this with my phone in my kitchen quick today. Not great lighting because the sun was going down but I took it quick just to show you the size/scale of the vase with these beautiful branches.

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

{Quin Handcrafted Ceramic Vase}

Last large vase for today is my tried and true Quin vase! This is hands down my most versatile vase. Everything I put in it looks fabulous! Spring flowers, olive branches, fresh cedar for Christmas.. it doesn’t matter what the branches look like or what season it is. It’s the perfect size and white works with everything. It usually lives on my dining nook table. :)

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

{large footed camel ceramic vase/marina enamel vase/amber glass vase/spectrum pitcher/handled vintage vase}

I love pairing a large vase with a small vase and these are a few of my smaller favorites I’ll be using this fall. I usually leave vases like this empty so I look for fun unique shapes. That way they stand out on their own! I’m obviously a sucker for pitcher style vases. The cute handles get me every time. :) Aside from pairing vases like this with a larger vase they also look great on bookshelves.

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

{Rounded Terracotta Handled Jug/Faux Millet Bundle}

Here are 3 smaller vases I recently bought that I’m loving at the moment and using for fall. First this beautiful rounded terracotta handled jug I shared in my Mcgee & Co sale favorites yesterday. Looks like it just sold out but put in your e-mail address because I bet it will come back in stock! The faux bundle is so beautiful – I can’t recommend it enough! Such a fun arrangement for fall and it comes put together (branches are attached at the bottom) so there is no styling involved! Just spread out the branches a little and set it in a vase. Perfect and done!

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

{Artisian Handcrafted Terracota Vase}

Another beautiful option that comes from the same family of vases as my larger Artisian vase I shared above. This is the “Short Round 10″H” and I love the soft neutral vibe it gives off. It has some yellow tones in it which also makes it perfect for this time of year. Reminds me of a wheat field in the sun! Holding more wheat. ;)

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

{Handcrafted Glazed Terracota Vase}

And last but not least is this stunning glazed terracotta vase. It comes in 2 sizes and this is the smaller size. So beautiful! The cool thing I’ve found with this little vase is that it looks great with smaller stems in it like the bundle above.

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

But it can also hold its own with larger stems. Not many small vases can do that! I’ve loved stying this vase different ways and I’m having a hard time deciding where to put it because it looks good everywhere! Another great versatile option.

*Many of the vases I shared today are on sale right now! If you missed my other weekend sale picks you can find them rounded up in this post.

Favorite Fall Vases (Sunny Side Up)

So there you go! My favorite all season fall vases. I’ll share how I’m styling them all as soon as I figure that out myself.



xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Vases

  1. Thanks for sharing your vases! I do very much like how you style them. The first ones you shared must be huge! But they sure look nice in your home. I have a thing for pitchers myself and have a few sitting on my mantel as well as a little “baby” one on my window sill over my kitchen sink. :) You have some delightful ones! Pitchers for the win. Thanks so much for sharing, Erin. You certainly have a wonderful eye for designing and styling these! :) Happy holiday weekend. Hope it’s been a good one for you and your family. Hugs!

  2. Erin,
    I love “vase posts”. This is something we don’t think enough about…. I mean there are lots of options with things you already have around the house but as you said, it’s the OPENING that counts. HOW the branches or flowers are held and stand up changes the entire presentation. You know, even IF you are TRYING to do a Marie K. PURGE and are not adding too much new stuff right now, as many of us are (doing a bit of an “edit”) ;-D, vases make a wonderful gift to bring when you are invited to something special. The flowers or branches do not have to be expensive b/c the vase is the GIFT! When you just don’t know what your hosts REALLY would like (wine is chancy b/c of tastes and many are not drinking now and bringing a prepared “dish” could mess up the hosts plans (I know for me it does!) and well, then there is fancy bread… Again, why try and outguess the hosts?? A nice vase is usually well accepted and ESPECIALLY during the Holidays stuffed with fresh cut cedar branches as you said! I ALWAYS get a nice T.Y. note with this plan (nice vase stuffed w/greens and tied with a silver or gold wired ribbon) I LOVE GIVING WHAT I would LOVE to get!

    1. Sharon I am so with you! On the “edit” (always a thing over here!) AND on bringing a vase for a gift! It’s genius really! And one with fresh cedar branches during the holidays!? I can’t think of anything I would love more! XO

  3. Hello Erin!
    I’ve read your blog for years now and enjoy it so much! Do you know when you’ll release your Holiday Organization package? I’m excited to get started this year! Thanks!

    1. Oh you made my day Tina! Thank you so much! I always try to have that packet out the last week in September so that everyone can start in October! Thank you for the reminder.. I’ll get on that! So happy it’s helpful to you! :)

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