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Friday 5

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Welcome Fall (Sunny Side Up)

Happy weekend! We are so glad it’s here at our house! The first couple of weeks of a new school year are always a little exhausting aren’t they!? Getting back into the swing of the routines, activities, homework, bed times, wake times, ALL the times. All the things. We’re tired. :) It’s crazy hot on the coast this week but that hasn’t stopped me from lighting my new spice pumpkin candle and pulling out all things fall. Decorating for fall is so therapeutic isn’t it!? The warm colors and coziness of it all.. I’m excited!  I shared our living room decked for fall in July when the new Target/Studio Mcgee line came out and just wanted to let you all know a lot of the items that were sold out are back in stock! Really cute things for fall at great prices.

Fall Decor (

{sideboard table/sunken treasure art/stetson table lamps}

Ok.. 5 things Friday! Or Saturday. Or whenever you’re reading this. :) First up – a few things I’m putting away and rounding up.

Good-bye summer dishes!

And good-bye summer flowers.

{spice pumpkin candle/faux oversized bleached oak branch/faye linen textured pillow cover/reed striped lumbar pillow cover/mixed pinecone vase filler}

Why hello new spice pumpkin candle. Aren’t you smelling fabulous. :) PB has so many cute things in for fall right now! I couldn’t resist picking up a few new pillow covers and the most beautiful faux oak branches. Below are other faux florals from PB that caught my eye and are stunning for fall!

Faux flowers (thesunnysideupblog)

1- autumn oak branch  2- burgundy eucalyptus bundle   3- aspen tree branch

4- faux autumn tree branch  5- bleached oak branch  6- sumac branch

Faux Flowers (

1- eucalyptus leaves   2- tera cotta autumn leaves   3- pampas grass

 4- plum ramosa leaves   5- japanese maple leaves   6- cimicifuga fall leaves

Afloral has beautiful options this year too!

Fall Decor (the sunny)

I’m especially smitten with the plum ramosa leaves. :)

Pottery Baarn Halloween (thesunnysideupblogcom)

1- broom with light   2- crystal spider web   3- floating candles string lights

4- spider candy bowl   5- wreath with bats   6- bats light up doormat

I’m not a huge Halloween person (never have been!) but if you are going to do Halloween.. leave it to PB to make it cute. While still spooky. :) Above are my favorite PB picks for Halloween and below are the cutest pumpkins! So many festive options this year!

Pottery Barn Halloween (

1- glass amber pumpkin   2- black jack-0-lanterns   3- pumpkin pillows

4- rattan pumpkins   5-rattan glass pumpkin   6- terracotta jack-o-lantern

I also thought these pumpkin shaped bowls were adorable.

Fall Decor (theSunny)

You can see the whole collection here with this large tureen and a serving platter. So much fun it almost makes me want to cook! Almost. :)

Fall Decor (the sunny)

The pumpkin bowls I just bought from Walmart are another cute option. Bring on the fall soup! As soon as the temps go back to normal around here. Anyone else decorating for fall this weekend? And swimming? :)

Fall Decor (

2) I ordered this WOW hair product from Amazon a few months ago (heard so many good things about it) and I have to say that it really is so good! It takes the humidity out of your hair and makes it so silky and smooth. 10 out of 10! I’ve loved it and I’m so grateful for it during this crazy humid heat wave.

Fall Decor (

3) I’ve been doing a little organizing here and there. Always nice to get lost in my thoughts while tidying up a drawer. Especially this drawer. Love my graphic tees. :) Most of my side of the closet is now organized.

Fall Decor (

My husband’s side is a different story! I did get him to go through his shirts and jackets and it felt so good to donate this pile. I’m trying to work on his side for 15-20 minutes every night because it’s driving me crazy and clearly he isn’t going to do it on his own. I don’t feel like my closet organization box can be checked off until both sides are equally clean! Wish me luck.

Fall Decor (

{black Vuori performance joggers/sunrise crop tank/halo performance tank/bts mascara/crest white strips/zone perfect bars/T3 blowdryer}

4) I miss Ellie. So much still. I’m doing better but still have moments of major sadness that just take over. I think I’m kind of mourning the phase of life with my 3 kids all home with me all the time. I’ve always known this transition would be hard for me. I remember writing this post 4 years ago already gearing up for it and here we are. El has been making friends and getting in a new routine but she is homesick so I worry about her too. I know it just takes time and we will both work our way through this, but until then we are texting and FaceTiming a lot. And I am sending fun care packages. :) Above are a few of her favorite things I just sent with a friend traveling her way! For years she has been borrowing and wearing my black Vuori performance joggers.  I had to make sure they didn’t accidentally slide into her suitcase when she was packing! I finally just bought her her own pair. She will want them in every color now because that’s what happens once you wear these. I sent her favorite gum and mascara and Zone bars and Crest white strips (she wanted to try them – I’ve never used them but Kenny has and really likes them!). I sent chick-fil-a gift cards because I have a feeling she’s there a lot. :) I also sent my old T3 blow dryer because I got me a new white T3 and am passing this beloved dryer down. Thick haired girls need to stick together and help each other out. ;)

Fall Decor (

{black Vuori performance joggers}

Me in the joggers that almost moved to college with my daughter. :) Kenny ran a half this summer training for the marathon he’s running in October. Wish I had half of his motivation when it comes to exercise. Although he can’t take ALL of the credit. I sit at the finish line of these races and cheer him on with my bag of chips like nobody’s business.

He’d be lost without me. Ha.

Fall Decor (

5) This post is a book so I’ll wrap it up with a few random pics from our week! Addison performed as Mae Tuck in the show Tuck Everlasting. As soon as we got home from taking El to college her tech week started. I was grateful for the distraction for her because it kept her too busy to be sad about her sister! She was amazing and I was so proud to say “yes.. I’m the mother of the mother” to anyone who asked. :)

Fall Decor (

Speaking of my runner he had a birthday this week and turned 47! Ahhh! We are getting old. Also ahhhh! I hate fish.

Fall Decor (

So of course he loves it. Grateful I have this one to keep me smiling every day. :)

Fall Decor (

Fidel’s in Solana Beach is one of my favorites for Mexican if you’re local or visiting! I’ll take enchiladas over fish any day please.

Fall Decor (

August was the month of birthdays and I think this week alone I celebrated 4! For one friend’s birthday we went to Coronado and had dinner at Hotel Del.

Fall Decor (

It was such a beautiful summer night! If you’ve never been to Hotel Del add it to your bucket list!

Fall Decor (

You can rent fire pits on the beach by the hour and make s’mores. :)

Fall Decor (

Fall Decor (

Good-bye to a wonderful summer and cheers to making this a wonderful September!

No more fish and we are off to a good start.


xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Friday 5

  1. It’s been hot here, too. I think it’s hot everywhere this week. I have a hard time transitioning to cooler weather when I’m sweating! LOL But your new finds look wonderful. I do like the pumkin shaped bowls you got. And those floaring candles in your collage look interesting. I’m not a huge fan of Halloween either, but I’ve recently gotten back into counted cross stitch and I seem to love stitching Halloween patterns. Go figure. I just had a birthday, too and I realized I’m 10 years older than Kenny. I’m the old one! Complete with white hair. LOL I’m glad you are feeling a little bit better about your daughter in school. It’s not easy, I know. You did a great job as a mama for sure! And she’ll always need you to be there. Hugs! Congrats to your husband with his running and training. I’m with you about most fish. I probably couldn’t watch him eat that dish. LOL You ladies do birthdays right over there! Thanks for sharing and all you do, Erin. I appreciate you! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I just wanted to say I love your blog. Always full of good ideas and fun. My oldest is a sophomore at college this year and it does get easier but you still miss them like crazy! It’s also hard when they are farther away (We live in Boulder CO and he is in Southern California). The best part is watching them grow and finding out how much they can do on their own.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much Sandy! You are the sweetest. It’s definitely hard when they are in a different state and can’t come home often! We are so homesick for El. I’m happy to hear it gets easier! So funny because we looked at Boulder for El.. our kids would have been the reverse of each other! :) I hope that your son is enjoying southern Cal! I agree.. seeing them learn to adult is going to be a beautiful thing! xo

  3. You’re so cute!! I love you the siblings miss their sister so badly!! Warms my heart. Quick story to bring a smile … you sending you good blow dryer to your daughter makes me think of when our youngest packed up his final semester. He had my good Rowena iron, a cute 1cup keurig, and some kitchen items. He had a huge dumpster next to their house. He tossed all those thing out into the dumpster. I could have killed him!! He didn’t feel like packing them up… ugh!! Plus he thought it was fun b/c he was on the 3rd floor. Boys…..

  4. Hi Erin!
    Missed you!
    LOVED seeing Coronado! Such a fab place! You look so happy! Lovely Fall decor beginning at your place. I am behind the eight ball! BTW I am not into Halloween either and never have been!
    Take care ,
    PS care packages are great!

  5. Love, love, love your blog!! Can you share where you got the vase from in your formal living room please and thank you!!

  6. Erin, so good to hear from you! Loved seeing all those cute vases. I, too, love vases.
    Keeping you & your sweet girl in my thoughts & prayers. I worked in a college dept for 30 years – I know that first year is so hard – leaving home – for the first year students & their families.
    Addison looks so cute! You have 3 beautiful children. 🙂

    1. Patty you are too kind.. thank you so much! Definitely a tough year for us.. we are so homesick for Ellie! One day at a time. :) Thank you again! xo

  7. I finally am catching up on missed blog posts and just had to comment on this one :) I decorated for fall last weekend and I love it! I have been thinking about you and Ellie and hoping everything is going smoothly, so I’m glad you had an update on her! I loved getting little care packages when I was in college, they were so appreciated. And fun fact, the movie, Tuck Everlasting, was filmed where I live in Berlin, MD! Have a great fall/summer weekend :)

    1. Oh my word.. I love that Tuck was filmed in your city! That is too cool. It’s such a fun story! Thank you so much Julie! We are one day at a time over here.. missing her so much! It might be time for another care package. ;) xo

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