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This post is sponsored by Walmart and affiliate links are used. All product selections and opinions are my own! 

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I can’t believe we are nearing the end of July! We must be because this is the time of year my Crepe Myrtle trees start showing off. Isn’t this tree on the side of my backyard stunning this year!? I’ve shared pictures of a different pink Crepe Myrtle tree in my yard in previous years.. sadly that tree has gone into shock and isn’t doing well. I’m trying to save it! This tree must have known I was bummed about it and decided to cheer me up. It has never looked so beautiful! I fell in love with Crepe Myrtle trees when Kenny and I lived on the East Coast and couldn’t wait to plant them in our yard when we built our house. I just can’t get over how beautiful they are when they bloom. I could stare at them all day! But I have children to take care of and other things to photograph to share with all of you so I don’t. ;)

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Sharing a few random home updates today! And a little organization because why not? :) You might remember back in March I bought this cute wicker 3 piece furniture set for my backyard. I mentioned that I originally wanted a larger set for this space, but it sold out so I ordered this set instead. Then the larger set I wanted came back in stock so I bought it. I love this little set but..

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

doesn’t this look so much better here!? Scale! Such a good example of how important scale is when you are putting together a room. This set fills in the space so much better and makes it feel even larger.

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{4 piece wicker furniture set/light blue pillows/navy rug/white garden stool}

Because the furniture took up more room I moved the console table over to the wall by my pool towels and ta-da! Complete. Other than flowers! I added this white garden stool we’ve had for years and I’m going to buy some flowers to set next to the chairs when I have time. Isn’t this the cutest furniture!? I’m still in shock at the price for this entire set! I’ve seen similar single outdoor chairs for triple the price. Definitely my favorite summer purchase this year.

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{towel rack/console table}

My favorite summer purchase of all time? My coat rack turned pool towel holder. But you already knew that. :) I ordered some new pool towels because ours were getting so faded and I love how such a practical thing that we use every day doubles as decor. Always the goal right? Why not make life beautiful?

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Our yard is a busy spot in the summer with lots of friends coming over to swim and after constantly going in and out to get everyone water I finally came up with a better solution! I ordered this 3 gallon beverage dispenser, plastic tumblers, and this round serving bowl. The beverage dispenser has an ice column in the middle so you can keep things cold. Now when friends are coming over to swim I set this out with little bowls for fruit and keep everyone hydrated without 15 trips in and out of the house. Work smarter not harder right!? :) The console table is a perfect spot to set water and snacks because it’s covered (our outdoor table is out in full sun). I’ve loved having this console table for storage too!

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

My little pool storage closet on the side of our house had seen better days. It’s always a mess by mid summer! I took it on this week as one of my 15 minute daily organizing projects.

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

25 minutes later (went a bit over!) it looked like this. Much better! Floats are all in the pool at the moment and then I got rid of things that we weren’t using anymore. Going forward this closet will be for the pool floats, beach boards and chairs and for larger toys. The smaller pool toys I moved to my console!

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

These baskets are perfect to hold all of the squirt guns, goggles and smaller toys.

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

The little set I originally bought? It’s in this cozy corner for now. I might set it out on our front porch at some point, but right now I’m loving it here. We never use these french doors off of our formal living room and this spot has a pretty view of the pool and yard. Kenny and I like to go on a walk or hike in the evenings and then sit out here and chat. :) These blue outdoor throw pillows are so soft and are only $12 right now! I couldn’t resist picking up a few more at that price.

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

One of my goals this summer was to add more seating around our yard. Mission accomplished!

Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

All of the outdoor furniture sets I’ve bought and love are linked below! I have been so impressed with Walmart’s beautiful but affordable options for home lately – both inside and outside.

Organized School Supplies (Sunny Side Up)

Here are a few other home favorites I have from Walmart. Remember this marble end table I recently bought? It started in my family room..

Walmart Home Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{round marble end table}

but landed in my living room. I love it in both places. Such a great little table for the price.

{mainstays white desk/modern gold table lamp/white velvet office chair}

We’ve loved this white desk and velvet chair in Addison’s bedroom (I need to take a current pic w/o the winter art – ha). This corner in her bedroom is on the small side so it was hard to find a desk that would fit! This velvet office chair comes in a pink too. Score on both!

{rattan table lamp}

These rattan lamps in our guest room are beautiful too.


I rounded up a few other favorites I found on-line below! Enjoy your day! It’s almost the weekend. :)


Walmart home (

1 – round marble end table   2 – larissa sofa   3 – faux agave plant

4 – round jute rug   5 – wood base loveseat   6 – rattan accent chair   7 – rattan storage basket set

walmart favorites (

1 – pleated white bedding  2 – white velvet office chair  3 – blush throw pillows

4 – modern arch floor mirror 5 – rattan table lamp 6 – rustic gray dresser 7 – outdoor wicker set

xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Home Updates

  1. Walmart NOW is certainly NOT the Walmart of the past! The place you used to run in and out of to grab some new trash cans or plastic storage bins (“MILK” crates-see below!) or maybe some inexpensive stocking stuffers or something automotive! It is a Full-service store now with quality items often better than in other stores! It is also very good for the college extras like the egg crate mattress pads that I mentioned before. HMMM….NOT sure when I said “egg crate” that I said PAD. Have to go back and look. I guess the perfectly square, plastic baskets in colorful colors for kids rooms, garages and dorms are also called “EGG crates”? I would think “milk crate” for those baskets (my girls called them “Barbie baskets”!) but recently when speaking with a friend she thought THAT (the square, plastic baskets) is WHAT I meant when I said “egg crate” for the dorm! BTW, collapsible soft baskets are so much better for baskets in the dorm! Even the UNDER the bed boxes should be collapsible!
    YES Erin! Scale! WHAT a difference. A small space CAN seam so much larger with larger scale pieces. This fact is sadly lost on my husband though. He sees a small space and thinks many ditsy, small pieces rather than getting the larger, heavier pieces as so many others do. I think it is the same mentality as when you have a large room and plenty of room to spread out, yet the furniture is lined up against the wall with maybe only a tiny rug in the center!
    Yup, Erin-WE are IN THE KNOW ;-D
    PS. Hold back on trucking too much stuff to the dorm. One semester we had to fly with one girl and with just the basics. Sent the rest once she was settled via UPS! THAT is the best!

  2. PS. Sorry Erin. Forgot to mention your oh so lovely Crape Myrtle tree! We have ornamental cherry trees and crab apple trees that
    I can’t stop staring at! I have one huge one that when it blooms, I sit on the top of my staircase drinking coffee and staring at!
    Crape Myrtle-I’m looking into it!

  3. Oh wow! I would love to have as beautiful of an outdoor space as you have, Erin! The crepe myrtle is so very pretty! Love your new patio furniture. And I was thinking in your closet for the boards, etc, wouldn’t it be great if they made a larger unit like one that holds pot lids on their sides? Maybe they do and I’m living under a rock. Then you could slide the boards in and they wouldn’t slide down to the floor. ;) It always looks so satisfying when you show it straightened up. Thanks so much for sharing, Erin! I know you enjoy your outdoor living space!

  4. We just had a new patio slab poured and now I am in the midst of decorating and making it feel like another room in the house, even though it isn’t.
    Thanks for the inspiration and the great ideas!

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