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Fall Dining Room

I have a system when I decorate for a new season.  I basically pull everything I might want to use to decorate into one room.  That room becomes a total hot mess landing zone (items fly in and out daily) while I’m styling the rest of the house.  My hot mess landing zone as of late has been my formal dining room and this week I finally got it cleaned up and put back together.  Fall bins are put away and it feels great!

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Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

{large paneled wall mirror}

My formal dining room.. finally clean!  See.. I promised I’d bring us right back to Fall now didn’t I!?

At least for a post or two. ;)

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

{similar olive tree here & here/basket}

I moved my cute little olive tree in this corner and kind of love it there.

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

Then I brought in my favorite Fall wreaths, and handknit pillows and set up some simple Fall table decor!

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

{wool jute rug/sideboard table/sunken treasure art/artisan vase/similar pampas grass/linen glass pumpkin/similar wood bowls}

I also brought my industrial shelf in from my hallway and decided to use it for extra storage in my dining room for all of my wooden bowls.

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

I’m running out of room in my decor closet and I decided they are pretty enough to just display for a while.  My shelf fits so nicely in this happy little spot.

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

Always fun to move older items around and make them feel like new again isn’t it!?

Similar industrial shelves:

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

For table decor I decided to work smarter, not harder and just stick with the same look I have on my kitchen dining nook table and my coffee table.  I still love it so much!

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

I found this beautiful ivory chiffon table runner for just $10!  Isn’t it pretty!?  I tied the ends and love how they hang.  If you have a shorter table than mine this runner would be pretty hanging down longer and touching the floor too.

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

{eucalyptus garland/similar garland/flameless candles/candleholders/taper candles/similar gold pinecones}

The only addition to this long table compared to my other tables is that I added these fun wooden candleholders.

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

I enjoyed this look for a day and then decided to add some dishes!

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

Just a simple table setting for 5 since we aren’t entertaining much these days.  We haven’t been using this table and I decided today that it’s time we start.  Why not enjoy a pretty table for regular family dinners with just the 5 of us?  Even if dinner consists of takeout or pancakes. :)

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

I’ve used my wooden chargers for years and still love them so much!  The cute appetizer plates say things like “grateful” and “thankful.”  They aren’t in stock anymore, but I’ll link to some fun similar options below.

Wooden Chargers: 

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

What really makes this simple table setting beautiful is my Amazon gold flatware!  Kenny surprised me with it for Christmas last year.  And by surprised I mean that I picked it out for him to order for me.

But it was still a surprise to see whether or not he would follow through. ;)

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

Fall dining room (Sunny Side Up)

So nice to have our dining room all clean and dressed up for Fall!

Just in time to start pulling out the Christmas bins.



xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Fall Dining Room

  1. Your table looks so beautiful, Erin! So warm and elegant. I hope you enjoy many tasty meals there. Good for you for starting to use it even though you aren’t entertaining much (if at all). Your family deserves this beauty as well. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope your week continues to go well. :)

  2. Such a pretty table setting. Question for you on the length of the table runner: Does it get in the way for whoever is sitting at the head table? I’ve had it happen where the person somehow tucked the end of the table runner with the napkin on their lap and then when they stood up the whole runner moved with them. Yikes! Since then I’ve always been scared to bring in a long table runner.

    1. Thanks Debbie! That’s so crazy! Ha. I don’t think it would be an issue on my table (it’s pretty short) but if you were worried about that you would definitely want to pin it up underneath the table or cut it shorter. :)

  3. This is beautiful! Makes me want to come right in and dine with you ;)
    Your olive tree looks perfect there and I love the table runner with the mini pumpkins, candles, and greenery! The wooden bowls and basket collection! Love it all!

    A few questions I have…
    1. How do you like the jute rug under the table as far as scooting your chair in and out?

    2. Thanks for linking to your side table. I am looking for one like that. Is it navy blue? It almost looks black-really pretty. My question is about the drawers. Do you have any pictures of the inside? Are there dividers for silverware? Are you happy with the overall quality?

    thank you!!!

  4. So beautiful, your home is my dream house! Have you ever posted the entire floor plan/room layout before just out of curiosity??

    1. So sweet of you Sarah.. thank you! I haven’t shared our floor plan but if you follow me on IG you can see how the first main floor is laid out in my IG TV Christmas home tours. :)

  5. It’s fall perfection!! I love all the browns and that pop of green. How fun to combine storage and decor! Such a great collection of bowls!! I hope CA gives you some great fall days before too long! Here in Cleveland, we went from 79 and sunny on Friday to 49 and dreary yesterday. Crazy!! Have a great Sunday, Erin!

    1. Thank you so much Genelle! You are the sweetest and I hope you’re staying warm! Crazy temps for sure! Good weather for getting that Christmas tree up and staying cozy at home. :) xo

  6. Can you tell me where you got your High bank bench chair nits absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I am looking for.

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