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Recent Fashion and Beauty Favorites

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Night Owl Tee/Ad’s Jeans/Girls Shoes (Air Force 1 Sneaker)/My Shoes (Swift Run Sneaker)/Striped Jute Rug/Hey There Pumpkin Mat/Baskets/Similar Wheat Bundle/Similar Wooden Crates HERE or HERE}   *affiliate links used

Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope you all had a great week.  Today I’m sharing a few recent fashion favorites to kick off the weekend!  When I saw this cute Night Owl tee I had to snag it for me and my girls!  You all know that I’m a night owl.  Pretty much every post you’ve read on this blog has been put together between the hours of 10 and 2 pm.  :)  I’ve tried time and time again to become more of a morning person and it just doesn’t work for me!  I always get a second wind around 9 or 10 at night and I crave that quiet time when all of my kids are tucked away in their bedrooms and Kenny is falling asleep on the couch.  Peace!  Just me, my laptop, my popcorn, and a movie on in the background (preferably one I’ve already seen because I’m not really giving it my full attention).  Ellie has always been a night owl too.  The two of us are always the last two in bed every night and it’s funny because we aren’t affected as much if we don’t get enough sleep. Our moods stay the same!  Kenny and Addison are a different story.. watch out when those two are overly tired. ;)  During quarantine and the summer when we had no schedule whatsoever Addison started staying up late with us.  We would all three exercise late on our treadmill and then plop on the couch after the boys were in bed and the girls would watch movies while I worked.  We were able to sleep in a little so we got on a pretty late night schedule!  So many fun late nights up hanging and laughing with my two girls!  I had to buy us these fun tees to remember our late nights together and to wear during future night owl parties. :)

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{night owl tee/joggers/adidas sneakers}

A closer look on a day I was wearing it with these cute Daily Joggers.  I’m still over here obsessed with all things Vuori and I’ve got Kenny hooked on their banks shorts!  He works in them every day with a dress shirt on top for zoom.  Ha.  I’ll let you know the second my joggers get restocked because they are gold!  I also think this tee is fun for Halloween.  Here are few other cute Halloween tee options I’ve found on-line..

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Adidas Swift Run Sneakers/Bedroom Rug (on sale through Amazon right now!}

Another obsession?  Adidas Swift Run Sneakers.  This isn’t a new obsession either.  Long time favorite shoes for every day running around!  The shoes pictured are all more recent buys which is why they are still so clean.  I tossed two older pairs that I had worn into the ground.. they were looking a little rough!  I love these sneakers for light exercising (a walk or bike ride) and also just to slip on with leggings or joggers to run errands.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{4-pack liner socks}

This one is a new obsession!  I just discovered these 4-pack liner socks and you guys!  BEST no show socks out there!  They are so low!  They work great with any shoes – including Fall booties that have slits on the sides.  The best part is that they come with a silicone grip on the heel that holds them in place.  I’ve tried so many no show socks through the years and these are hands down the best I’ve tried.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{cozy v-neck hooded sweatshirt/faux leather leggings/adidas swift run sneaker/initial pendant necklace}

I’m slowly bringing jeans back into my wardrobe but still end up in leggings and joggers most days.  These faux leather leggings  I bought at the N sale have been on repeat.  I feel like they look a little more put together because of the material and they are so flattering.  I want to try these cute camo prints they came out with!  And I really love this cozy hooded top!  It’s lightweight but warm.. the perfect comfy transition to Fall top.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Puff sleeve sweater/AG jeans/similar booties here & here/textured tear drop earrings/initial pendant necklace}

We’ve only had a few cool days this Fall and then our temps go right back up to just too HOT.  Of course the second they dip you can find me in a sweater. :) For someone who loves sweaters as much as I do I really should consider moving somewhere cold!  November is usually when it cools off for us so me and my sweaters are patiently waiting.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Madewell crewneck/AG jeans/similar booties here & here/part of the flower etched necklace}

In the meantime tops like this cute crewneck are perfect because they are so lightweight!  I love tops like this because I can wear them all day with jeans and look put together and then just switch to pj pants in the evening and they work for lounge wear too.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{cap sleeve blouse/AG jeans/similar booties here & here/part of the flower etched necklace/similar TB bags}

This is such a pretty cap sleeve blouse!  It comes in ivory and black too.  Very lightweight and easy breezy. :)  Would be cute with a blazer over it for work/zoom meetings or a moto jacket over it for date night!

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Meadow Blouse/AG jeans/similar booties here & here/textured tear drop earrings/initial pendant necklace}

Next up is a blouse that is so pretty for Fall!  I love the earth tones.  Also a pair of my favorite go-to tear drop earrings are back in stock!  Simple gold tear drop hoops are a staple for me.  They always look classy!  While we’re talking jewelry I’ve been going back and forth between two favorite necklaces lately – I either wear this flower etched necklace (you can wear them all together or separately) or I wear my initial pendant necklace.  Both so pretty with the gold tear drop earrings!

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{vuori outdoor trainer shell jacket/initial pendant necklace}

This Vuori outdoor shell jacket is a new favorite!  I’ve only worn it a few times but I can already tell it will be a staple for me.  I mean first of all.. it’s black camo.  What’s not to love about black camo!?  It’s so cute on and will be perfect for our evening hikes with cooler temps.  I also love jackets like this to throw on over tops when we get rain or coastal misty wet weather.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{scoop cardigan sweater/AG jeans/similar black booties – so cute and on sale!}

Speaking of my forever love of camo.. how cute is this scoop cardigan sweater!?  Walmart you guys!  It just sort of slipped into my cart when I was ordering some groceries. :)  Walmart has seriously stepped up their fashion/home decor game – you just have to pick and choose.  I find so many random cute finds at Walmart lately!  Our closest Walmart is a bit of a drive for me so I order pretty much everything from there on-line.  Can you remember a time when we didn’t have on-line shopping!?  I feel like now I couldn’t live without it!

I’m sure Kenny would agree to disagree on that one.  Ha.  But it’s definitely a time saver that I’m grateful for.  He is too.  He just doesn’t know it yet. ;)

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

I’m excited to wear this more when it cools off.  I put a black camisole under it to add a little length.  Cute and so comfortable and warm!

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Colleen Rothschild’s Products – 25% off with code FAMILY25}

That’s it for clothes today but I want to share some skin products I’ve been trying lately because they are all 25% off this weekend!  I was going to wait to share them because I’m still in test mode, but even though I’ve only been using them a few weeks I already have a few favorites.  Plus it’s such a good sale!  I’ve been hearing about Colleen Rothschild skin products for years from friends who use and love them so I decided to finally try a few of her best sellers.  These are the products I’ve tried so far and what I think about them..

  • Radiant Cleansing Balm – Honestly obsessed with this one already!  You use it to take your make-up off and clean your face at the end of the day and it seriously feels like you’re giving yourself a spa treatment!  It comes with a muslin cloth that you put under warm water to wash it off.
  • Matcha Tea Treatment Toner – I also love this toner and know that (like the above cleansing balm) it’s a keeper for me.  I put a little on a facial pad after I use the cleansing balm and spread it all over my face (you can use these soft facial pads or your own).  It makes my face look and feel so CLEAN and refreshed!
  • Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum – this is supposed to help with skin texture and tone, unclog pores and help with wrinkles.  I can tell my skin is smoother in the mornings because of this and I love the way it feels!  I need to use it longer to really notice a major difference so I’m going to be consistent with it and will let you know if I see progress.
  • Face Oil N °9 – This is the product I’m having a harder time getting used to because it’s an oil.  You can watch a video about it on the website that explains why it works so well.  It has amazing reviews and everyone I know who uses it loves it, but it feels so weird to me to put something oily on my face!  I do like the way my face feels in the morning because of it so I’m going to keep using it and I will follow up with this product too.
  • Retinol Supreme Eye Serum –  I can tell already I love this product!  My eyes need the most help (wrinkles on the sides of them and sometimes bags and dark circles under them.. remember I’m a night owl and my eyes show it). ;)  I can already tell a major difference with this!  I’ve been using it consistently for a few weeks and my eyes look so much more refreshed in the morning!  Less bags and my eyes already look more firm and smooth.
  • Quench and Shine Restorative Mask – LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  And it’s sold out at the moment.  But I will let you know as soon as it’s back in stock (looks like this month and they will still honor the discount!).  This is a conditioner for your hair and it’s absolutely amazing.  I’ve been using it twice a week with my Moroccan oil shampoo and it leaves my hair so smooth and shiny!

Overall in just the short time I’ve used these products I’m honestly impressed and excited about them!  There are a few other best sellers I want to try and like I said I will follow up again in a few more months.  One thing I’ve learned about skin care is that you have to be consistent and use the products every day to really see results.  Sometimes that’s hard for me because I do go to bed late and most nights I’m too tired after blogging the night away to spend time putting on 5 face creams!  I’ve mentioned this trick before, but for those of you who missed it, I came up with a simple way to fix this little problem a few years ago.  When Kole was younger I always put him to bed around 8:00 pm.  I created a routine where I would read to him and tuck him in and then immediately go to my bedroom and put on my pjs.  Then I would take off my make-up, wash my face and put on my skin care products.  After reminding myself to wash my face right after I tucked in Kole for a few weeks it just became part of my routine and I didn’t have to even think about it!  Kole goes to bed a little later now, so I have a routine of doing it right after Kenny and I get back from our evening hike.  Ever since quarantine we’ve been exercising in the evenings together so as soon as we’re back I shower and then put on all of my skin care products.  Now taking care of my skin is something I look forward to instead of something I dread doing at the end of each night!  This little trick can work with so many things.  If you want to make a new daily habit, tie it to an existing habit and it becomes much easier to make it a part of your every day.

Maybe that will help some of you with a not so fun daily task too. :)

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

Of course, going to bed earlier is probably the real solution.  To an easier face washing routine time AND the bags under my eyes..

but where’s the fun in that?



xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Recent Fashion and Beauty Favorites

  1. Hi Erin! Love your amazing fashion ideas…as usual! I think I will get the “Night Owl” shirt for my 15 year old daughter…describes her perfectly :-)!! And I also appreciate your advice on habit stacking. It has helped me so much this year!!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. So fun to see the three of you together in your night owl shirts. We are so NOT night owls here. LOL Maybe more like early evening owls? LOL You all look wonderful together. Lots of fun fashions. Hope your sweater weather comes sooner rather than later. Heck, we aren’t even really cooling off here, either! Last week I said our weather felt like CA in October, hot, dry, and windy. No moisture in sight. Thanks for thereminder tip on getting a better cleansing routine on. Even though I don’t stay up as late as you gals, I have gotten out of my routine of skin care that I used to have. Oops. Maybe if I do it after dinner, hmmmm. Thanks for a neat post, Erin. Always fun to read. :)

    1. Jeanne! Early evening owls.. you made me laugh! Sounds like you are in the same boat with warm Fall weather! Hopefully it will cool off for both of us soon. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for your sweet words about my post! xo

  3. I love your outfit choices always. From a fellow night owl, (who also eats popcorn while movies I’ve already watched play in the background) lol, I also sometimes don’t wash my face before bed. I like the idea of habit stacking and am definitely going to try it.

  4. I have heard great things about that Colleen Rothschild hair mask for a while now, and at 25% off I should really try it! Thanks for trying the skin care and letting us know what’s good – looking forward to future updates.

  5. I noticed your tip about your nightly skincare routine in your bathroom organization post. I’d been struggling to be consistent with my skincare routine and figured I’d give it a try. What a game changer! I now complete my routine every single night after I put my toddler to bed. My skin thanks you!

  6. I love the AG jeans with the ripped knee. The link took me to a whole lot of AG jeans that didn’t look like those. Can you please share which style/ color those are? Thanks so much!! So cute!

    1. Thank you so much! That exact pair sold out! Such a bummer. I linked to the AG jeans that were still in stock. I’ll definitely share them again if they ever come back! xo

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