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2020 Christmas Decor Favorites!

It’s time for one of my favorite posts of the year!  Let’s talk Christmas decor for 2020!  Ahhh!  Pinch me!  Is it really time!?  Well no.  Ha.  For some of you I know it’s a little early and yes.. I promise we’re still celebrating Fall and Halloween around here.  But if you’re into seasonal decorating at all then you know that a lot of Christmas decor sells out quickly.  Some items are already backordered so really.. what choice do we have?

Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Flocked Long Needle Green Pine Tree – new this year and I could not love it more!} *affiliate links used

We simply have no choice but to go there.  And while we’re at it, I might as well admit to what happened at my house last weekend.  Eek!  Ok.  Before you roll your eyes (yes.. I can feel it.. I’m tricky like that) please know that this decision (like the decision to write this blog post) was 100% totally justified.  I mean I HAD to put up this tree.  It’s new!  And when it came in the box I immediately realized that the only smart, responsible thing to do was to make sure that it was working properly.  What if the tree was damaged and I had to send it back and get another one?  Wouldn’t it be irresponsible of me to wait!?  Clearly I had no choice whatsoever.

Ok.. the jig is up.  I LOVE Christmas!  I could have Christmas decor up in my house for 6 months and I wouldn’t get tired of it.  The season is never long enough for me.  I’ve been like this since I was a little girl.  Just ask my dad who would shake his head every year when the Chipmunk Christmas tape (later CD) would start echoing from my bedroom in September.  So yes.  I start decorating a little early.  And some years I’ve left a Christmas tree or two up through February.  I sincerely hope that we can still be friends.  If not.. I have my Christmas tree lights to console me. ;)

There are so many fun Christmas decor items popping up this year so today I’m sharing all of my favorites!  First up are a few beloved items I’ve used in past years throughout my home (some are on sale through the weekend!).  Then at the end of this post I’ve rounded up my favorites in several Christmas categories.  These items took hours to round up because I wanted to share my absolute favorites and there was a lot of Christmas decor on-line to comb through!

It’s a dirty job but somebody had to do it.  I decided to take one for the team and make it happen. ;)  I’m sure I will discover other fun items and I can’t wait to decorate and share my Christmas decor with all of you!  But after this post I promise I’ll wait until after Halloween.


Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

First exciting news.. my faux cedar garland is back!  So is my beautiful faux cedar wreath that goes with it!  Many of you know I went a little crazy with this garland in my home last year and I plan to do the same this year.  I’ve never before seen Christmas garland that looks so real.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and this weekend it’s 25% off!  Also this year they came out with it in a longer size.  I actually bought several last weekend at full price!  Kicking myself I didn’t wait one more weekend!  But I didn’t dare because this garland sold out so quickly last year.  It is on the thin side (it truly looks just like real cedar garland) so on my mantel I used multiple garlands to get this look.  (I think I had 5 layered on this mantel.. but this mantel is huge!)

Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Here you can see the width of it better around my door.  Can’t wait to get out my ladder again! :)

Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Isn’t it beautiful!?  I’m holding the faux Cedar wreath that later went up above my mantel.  My potted Cyprus trees are also back in stock!  I can’t wait to decorate my porch for Christmas.  It’s going to be similar, but I’ll try to add a little more red this year.  If you ever wonder what my favorite color is.. this picture might give you a hint.  Ha.

Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Faux Cedar Garland / Faux Magnolia Wreath / Faux Cedar Wreath

Faux Boxwood Garland / Ice-Frosted Lemon Leaf Wreath / Faux Mixed Greens Wreath

Anthropologie is a go-to for me when it comes to good Christmas wreaths and garland.  I shared a few other favorites above.  Seriously all such a good deal at 25% off!  Good garland is one of the first things to sell out every year so don’t wait if you find garland you love!  (I linked lots of beautiful garland options below!)

Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Home Sweet Home / Wooden Photo Clip Garland / Advent Calendar / Merry & Bright Mini Ornaments / Deidra Tree Skirt / Josie Tree Skirt

Om Cookie Set / Faux Alpine Tabletop Trees / Decorative Snow-Dusted Pine Tree / Dasher Serving Platter / Fir & Firewood Candle

These are a few other Anthro Christmas favorites this year!  I love the tabletop trees (I have the trees on the left) and I of course stocked up on the Fir & Firewood candle while it’s on sale.  It smells SO good and is perfect for holiday gifts!

Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

My beloved jeweled snowflake ornaments and birch trees are back in stock!  Seriously how you can you see lights like this in a window and not get excited!?  :)

Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

This was my kitchen window decor the year before and once again.. my Fa-la-la banner is back!  Always a favorite.  I know some of you have it and love it as much as I do. :)

Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Last year I added the Fa-la-la banner to my living room tree.

Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

And to my living room mantel.  No doubt it will be popping up somewhere new again this year. :)  I also found knitted stockings similar to mine on-line!  I have the same set in red..

Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

and in cream.  These look almost identical and you can buy them in red, cream or as a 2 piece set with one of each.

Christmas Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Last but certainly not least.. my gingham plaid pillow covers are back in stock!  The cool thing about this pillow is that the back is a beautiful grey faux fur so you can use either side and get two totally different looks.  They also sold out quickly last year.

Ok friends.  Can I still call you friends? ;)  We all know that I could go on sharing Christmas decor favorites from my home for much longer, but I’ll wrap it up because I’ve linked everything I’m loving so far for you below!

Now back to my pumpkins for the rest of the month!











Holiday Planner (Sunny Side Up)

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Happy early holiday planning!

xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “2020 Christmas Decor Favorites!

  1. Hi Erin! Let’s talk decorative pillow (and please don’t tell my family, as they know how obsessed I am!). Can you point us decorative pillow addicts in the direction of a place to get good pillow inserts? (That you have found hold up to multiple uses.) What sizes did you start with or recommend , that are universal for those covers that are out there?
    I’m just late to the idea that it’s easier to store the covers than it is to store multiple pillows. Yes, being at home makes you realize things like this!

    1. Hi Ingrid! Yes! Definitely makes more sense (and saves money!) to store pillow covers and have less inserts. Most of my inserts are from Pottery Barn just because I buy so many PB pillows! They are great inserts and I would totally recommend them. I also love inserts from Serena and Lily. You can find great inserts for less on Amazon too, but PB and S & L are a little better quality and my top two recommendations for inserts that you plan to use over and over. I hope that helps! :)

  2. Hi Erin, sorry if this message comes to you twice (I’m not sure I posted it correctly the first time!)
    I was wondering about your awesome Hot Chocolate Station sign, was wondering if you had that custom made?
    Thanks so much, and I just loved this Christmas post, has gotten me excited for decorating for Christmas, too!


  3. I love your style and decorations! But the rstyle links are not working and every time I click on a link to see the garland or the trees you posted a link to, it says the “site is invailid”. Any chance you can let me know the store or shop specifically?

    1. Hi Danielle! Thank you so much! We got an email from Reward Style saying that they are having technical issues this morning! They are working hard to fix things so I’m sure if you wait a couple of hours and come back they will hopefully be up and going again! I’m so sorry for the inconvenience!

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