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Pumpkins and Flowers

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Pumpkin Flower Arrangement (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Friday! It has been raining all morning and I’m thrilled about it! It’s still so hot and humid but it at least feels like fall inside watching the rain through the windows. So cozy! I spent a little time this morning playing with pumpkins and flowers. I can’t think of a better way to end the week. :)  I used a large clear vase and just set some mini white pumpkins inside. I tried to set the pumpkins toward the front of the vase so that I would have room for my flowers behind them. I picked up some white hydrangeas and baby breathe and then added a few orange flowers to bring in fall colors. All inexpensive and just from the grocery store!

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement (Sunny Side Up)

{glass mason jar vase}

It worked! Which made me so happy because I’ve never tried this before and I was worried it would be a disaster. Ha. I arranged my flowers behind the pumpkins and then just added water. The trick is using a large enough vase so that you have room for the small pumpkins AND the stems. I’ve had this vase for years but it’s identical and the same size as this glass mason jar vase in the large.

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement (Sunny Side Up)

{glass mason jar vase/antiqued round metal tray/marina enamel vase/mini glazed latte bowl}

Of course once I had my pretty fall arrangement finished I couldn’t wait to style it! Not long ago I ordered this round antiqued metal tray. I have loved my large rectangle tray so much I wanted the round too. It’s such a beautiful rustic gold! I especially love these trays during the holidays. (I also just saw that PB came out with this new version of this tray with flat handles and a dark finish.. love that look too!)

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement (Sunny Side Up)

I set my arrangement on the gold tray and then added my marina enamel vase and this cute mini glazed latte bowl with some chocolate inside and done!

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement (Sunny Side Up)

Another idea is to fill another glass jar/vase with candy corn. I don’t love the taste of candy corn, but I like having it out this time of year because it reminds me of my grandma. She always had a pretty white dish full of candy corn on her coffee table when I was little. The look and taste of that candy takes me right back to her cozy living room. It feels like I have her with me when the candy corn comes out. :)

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement (Sunny Side Up)

So there you go! A pumpkin and flower arrangement along with a couple of ways to style it. This arrangement would be beautiful as a table centerpiece for a special dinner too. Oh that thought just gave me a fun fall tablescape idea! I need more rain in my life. It always kicks my decorating and organizing into overdrive. Nesting big time over here. I also need more easy fall decorating ideas that include mini white pumpkins and candy.

In my book that’s the very best kind.



xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Pumpkins and Flowers

  1. Yay for much needed rain and how wonderfully it inspires you. Your tray is beautiful. Clever idea to add the pumpkins to the vase. It looks really neat. You know if you added yellow flowers to your arrangement it’d be a candy corn bouquet, too! LOL I do love those hydrangeas you find. The arrangement on the tray is lovely. You find some really pretty things! Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a lovely, cozy weekend!

  2. We had rain on Saturday and it definitely kicked me into fall organizing gear! I went thru my boys’ closets and had them try on last year’s winter clothes. The results: I brought up a few larger items for my younger son to grow into this winter, and realized my older son has ZERO winter clothes that fit. I also went through ALLLLL the coats/jackets and boots in our coat closet. Now I have a pile of jackets to to donate and some shopping to do!

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