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Family room – signs of fall

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{roll arm couch/wool jute rug/rattan stool}

This morning I took our garbage out in my pjs before I took Kole to school and the air! It was cool and crisp and felt so good! Cool, crisp air and a few degrees cooler is about all we get as far as seasonal change here in San Diego, but it was enough to put me in the best mood. Fall is here and my family room is feeling cozy. Good times. :) I’ll probably add a few things here and there but thought I’d share what I’ve got going on so far in this space!

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{oversized windowpane square throw pillow/woven geo striped throw pillow}

Lots of neutrals – cream, tan, shades of orange and brown.. I’ll take it. :) These two pillows are my two favorites from Target this fall. I have the exact same pillows on my living room couch and love them so much I bought one more of each for the family room. The black windowpane pillow is just the softest (everyone reaches for it during TV time!) and the little geo lumbar pillow is too cute for fall.

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{reed striped lumbar pillow/oversized clay striped square pillow/faye linen textured pillow}

I shared a couple of favorite fall pillows from PB a few posts back and here they are on my couch. Love them! I knew the textured linen pillows would look good because I have them in a soft pink too that I use in the spring.  They are a great neutral pillow with lots of texture to toss in with some patterns. The reed striped lumbar pillow is stunning! The large stripe pillow is less expensive but whenever I mix high and low end pillows it elevates the look and everything looks high end. There’s our pillow talk for the day. :)

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{oversized woven plaid square throw pillow/faye linen textured pillow/similar dreamy fringe throw/faux olive tree here & here/similar tree basket}

I did the same here.. a Target pillow with a PB pillow and I love the combo. The cute plaid pillow also comes with a matching blanket I have in a basket by my chair (woven plaid throw blanket). I linked my beloved Amazon olive tree too since it’s back in stock and a perfect fall accent in any room.

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{chenille knit chestnut throw/eileen coffee table}

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{brass metal nesting tray – 26″/glazed terracotta vase/faux wild grass bundle/swift oval serving tray/dried okra vase filler/white ceramic duo candle holder/classic taper candles}

This little arrangement on my coffee table might be my favorite thing in my home this fall! I’m kind of obsessed with this large brass metal tray. It’s HUGE! It actually comes in 3 sizes but this is the largest and I love the look. I’ve shared the beautiful terracotta vase already but isn’t it stunning with this wild grass bundle!? The bundle is all attached so you just set it in the vase and arrange the flowers how you want and done! 5 second decorating and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s perfect for fall but I’ll definitely pull it out again after the holidays because it’s such a great neutral arrangement that can be used all throughout the year.

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

Bird’s eye view. :) This little oval tray is another favorite. It will be so cute filled with greenery or ornaments in December too.

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{patina farm/live beautiful/down to earth/made for living/cross hatch object}

I just placed some favorite decorating books next to it (these usually live on my coffee table!) and my little hatch object on top.

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{santorini urn/faux oversized bleached oak branch/wren serving bowl/real acorns (you can get faux acorns here}

Remember these bleached oak branches I shared earlier!? They are stunning. Truly so beautiful! I only placed two stems in this vase. It could definitely hold more, but I’m really liking more of a sparse look with some breathing room in-between the leaves.  My scalloped bowl is holding acorns from my parent’s yard. I linked some good faux acorns too!

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{classic taper candles/lorin taper holders}

I’ve had these candle holders for a while and keep forgetting to share them. I spread them out a little so you can really see them. Such a fun, modern touch!

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{similar console table/similar seagrass baskets/dreary abstract landscape canvas}

I ordered a beautiful fall print for this table but it is taking its sweet time getting here! I’m crossing my fingers it arrives soon so that I can enjoy it for a while before the Christmas trees come out. Ha. I’ll keep you posted but in the meantime I’m still enjoying this landscape canvas I put up in the spring. It’s a great neutral print so it works!

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{wall clock}

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{brass lanterns/flameless candles/brass arched mantel mirror/kamali seagrass basket}

I’d love to add a few things to my mantel but it’s tricky with my console table decor right next to it. Whenever I add items everything starts looking too cluttered for me. Maybe some pumpkins would work. Pumpkins are always a good thing. :)  One thing I’m not moving are my brass lanterns. They are my favorite when it starts getting dark early. My candles are on a timer and they click on around 5 in the evening and give such a beautiful glow! Nothing like candlelight during the holiday months.

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{artisan terracotta vase/faux millet bundle/leaf stoneware platter}

A simple vase, branches and leaf platter are on my table behind the couch. I still use this skinny table for snacks at night so I didn’t want to add too much!

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{amarolo narrow console table/roll arm couch/wool jute rug/rattan stool}

Just enough to feel cozy. :)

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{simplicity/AD at 100/abstract gold figurine/stoneware planter/terracotta pitcher/similar black pitcher/landscape canvas/similar metal serving tray/dried okra vase filler}

I added a few items to my shelves. Said good-bye to the light and bright summer accessories and brought in items with darker colors.

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{ivory decorative boxes/bryn vase/display easel}

Simple shelf decor is always my favorite.

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

An easel is a great way to display art or family pictures or a picture inside of a book on a shelf.

Or to display a family picture that is the book in this case. :)

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

{large wooden dough bowl over tv}

That’s it for now! Have you been adding cozy fall touches to your home too!? It’s supposed to get really hot here again soon so I’m glad I’ll at least be able to feel fall inside my house! I’ll just light my pumpkin spice candle, bake some banana bread muffins and crank up the air.

Good times indeed. :)


xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Family room – signs of fall

  1. Looks beautiful, Erin! Nice and cozy. You’ve found some lovely pieces to help create the warm and cozy vibe you have in your living room. The arrangement on the coffee table looks wonderful. You have found some lovely textures to add warmth to the space. You have a very good eye for this type of decorating! Well done, my friend. Yay for cooler temps. We are hoping today will be our last 90 degree day this summer. Fingers crossed! Have a great week, my friend!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! Crossing my fingers for you! You are heading into a beautiful season in that state of yours. I might have to come and visit. :)

    1. Thank you so much Katie! I actually got that from our photographer! The package I ordered included an album of all of the pictures we selected from the photoshoot. Such a beautiful gift.. I love that she does that! :)

  2. Erin- it all looks so beautiful Ready for fall in Nebraska where it will be 102 today and tomorrow!! What the heck is happening here?? Take care

    1. Jan that is crazy! Oh my word. I can’t believe these hot temps this year! Sounds like you need the pumpkin spice candle and air conditioning too.. ha! We’ll just keep faking fall until it actually arrives! :)

  3. I love your fall decor! Just enough and not ‘in your face’ I haven’t done anything yet but you’ve given me lots of ideas. I’ll be scouting for more affordable faux leaf stems to put in a vase, yours are beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Dianne! I know.. those stems are pricey for sure. Part of the reason I decided two was enough.. ha. :) Amazon has a few options and sometimes I find good inexpensive stems at craft stores. Happy Fall! :)

  4. Erin,
    Your family room is just the best! It is a room that I think most would find achievable! You can look at it and pick up so many ideas that CAN be executed, maybe not exactly, but that’s not the “ides” is it? This is a room that shows HOW to work with neutrals that can be changed with the seasons by adding “pops” here and there. You can figure WAYS to place furniture and its pretty easy to figure out what to buy (your linked guide) and what to use from other rooms and the furniture can become YOUR OWN LOOK or the ERIN “Vision” with a slipcover or maybe something new, but again-it is such a good “guide” so you can go to the TOP furniture place or a discount furniture place to get “THE LOOK”. Again, it is possible to do something very similar with just slipcovers in neutrals and or throws and yes! PILLOWS, PILLOWS, PILLOWS! This is ALSO a choice as the look can be achieved w/either adding Amazon throw pillow covers to old pillows, using your pillows as a guide or you go to Pottery barn and to Target and decide HOW MUCH money you want to spend and with the breaking up in the 2 stores, it makes for a very nice look at a reasonable price. Serena and Target. Pottery Barn and Target, picking out similar on Amazon for JUST pillow covers for older pillows (hint here is to take the pillow form OUT of the old pillow and discard the old, probably ripped open case. Makes it so much more of a clean, custom look) SO many blogs and IG accounts (AND often DECOR BOOKS) just make it so hard for the average person. THAT look they show (many other decor blogs, etc.) will never be realized in YOUR OWN home w/out the help of a decorator, a VERY indulgent ;-) husband AND an X large, recent bank deposit or a ZERO interest credit card!
    Erin, THIS is WHY you are so popular. You are bringing “UPSCALE decorating at a reasonable cost to the masses!
    PS. Even your “crafts” are NOT the “crafts” of other blogs. With them it’s getting the glue, the pins, the staples, the tape, the fabric, the foam…. With you, it’s get the branches, spread them out and pick a vase! LOVE it!

    1. Sharon you are always too good to me! Thank you thank you! Such a thoughtful comment. It makes my day that you think my posts are helpful! Always the goal. :) And yes.. you know me well. If it includes a glue gun I’m out. Ha ha. Picking branches and a vase is my kind of craft! Love that we are so on the same page. :) It’s why we get along so well! Sending a huge hug and a happy fall your way! xo

  5. Erin,

    I think this this my favorite look in your family room EVER! (Besides Christmas decor, which is hard to beat :) ). Seriously, everything is gorgeous! Trying not to buy one of everything and upset my husband haha. I am obsessed!

  6. I love how you keep your decor neutral so you can add seasonal colors! I am…how shall we word this…decorationally challenged? I feel like I might be able to take some of your examples and use them in my house. Wish I would have bought a more neutral/lighter couch. I’m always worried about the kids staining it, but I think I will go for lighter neutral next time.

    1. I totally get that fear but honestly my neutral couches have been easy to keep clean because they are performance fabrics! Everything washes right off of them. Just make sure to get a performance fabric if you go neutral and you will be fine. :) Thank you so much Libbe!

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