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Lights, Rugs, Boards and Art!

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New Chandelier (Sunny Side Up)

Happy weekend! I hope you had a good week! We’ve had lots of kids in and out and lots of outside time.. summer is in full force! We also had a fun scheduled visit by my electricians. I love my electricians. They installed every light in my house when we built it and know me well. :) I have been wanting to switch out this dining room light fixture for years! There are so many beautiful options that it took me a while to find “the one.” I can be a mix of picky and indecisive while at the same time know exactly what I want and will be happy with anything. Ha. It’s a skill I’ve perfected over time that drives my husband crazy and is why he calls me the “most low maintenance/high maintenance person he’s ever met.”

I’m tricky like that. ;)

Anyway.. back to the light. It was time for an update!

New Chandelier (Sunny Side Up)

Hellooo beautiful!

New Chandelier (Sunny Side Up)

{nottaway chandelier}

This nottaway chandelier is what I ultimately chose and to say I’m in love would be an understatement! It’s hard to tell in this picture just how beautiful this fixture is and how much it changed the way this space feels.

New Chandelier (Sunny Side Up)

It’s tricky to photograph because of the surrounding windows and doors! It comes in a gold but I chose the bronze and I love the finish. It’s light and airy.. a mix of traditional and modern.

New Chandelier (Sunny Side Up)

I love the way the bronze finish looks with my zinc table. Mixed metals has been one of my favorite design trends the past few years!

New Chandelier (Sunny Side Up)

It also works well with our kitchen pendants which is what kept me from going with other fixtures I liked. That’s the tricky part about light selection I learned quickly when we were building. You can’t just pick out lights you love. The goal is to find a light you love that also works with/compliments the surrounding lights in your space. Sometimes easier said than done!

New Chandelier (Sunny Side Up)

{Pine Brooke Diamond Rug/Abbott Dining table in concrete/similar chairs here}

I especially love how this light doesn’t get in the way of our view out of these windows. Our nook actually feels larger with the new light.. it has been such a happy update! (Right up until Addison said it reminds her of a light that would be in Vecna’s house in Stranger Things season 4.. ha ha) 

I still love it! :) I’m honestly obsessed with this style of light and have been for a while. I found so many fun options at different price points when I was looking for this fixture so I rounded them all up for you below..

chandeliers (

1 –woodhouse iron chandelier   2- saxon  chandelier   3- bosley rattan chandelier

4- gold light fixture   5- nottaway chandelier   6– farmhouse chandelier

7- rowan 4-light chandelier   8- rohan collection 6-light chandelier   9- modern farmhouse chandelier

Can I be honest and admit that part of the reason I’ve always wanted a light like this is because I can totally picture it draped in greenery during the holidays! Can you see it too!?

Can’t wait. :)

new outdoor rug (Sunny Side Up)

I spent lots of time working in our backyard this past week too. We were traveling so much during the beginning of summer that I didn’t have time to get my outdoor spaces clean!

new outdoor rug (Sunny Side Up)

I like to pull our furniture out in this space once or twice a year and sweep the flagstone.

new outdoor rug (Sunny Side Up)

I ordered a new rug for this space and wanted it clean before I laid it down. It always feels so good to get rid of dirt and cobwebs! This space gets a lot of sun and I’ve learned that I have to just plan on replacing this rug every 2-3 years. Between the sun and the kids my outdoor rugs get pretty trashed! I’m over spending a lot of money on them for sure.

new outdoor rug (Sunny Side Up)

{navy stripe outdoor rug}

I looked on-line at so many options! I really wanted this rug to go with the smaller rugs around my yard, but it doesn’t come in a 9×12 which is what I need for this space. I finally landed on this beautiful navy stripe outdoor rug and was so excited! The right size, the right color, a great price and it works well with my other rugs and pillows.

Plus I’ve never met a stripe I didn’t like. :)

new outdoor rug (Sunny Side Up)

It feels durable too! And you can spray it off with the hose to clean it. Perfect for my messy crew. :)

new outdoor rug (Sunny Side Up)

I need to add pillows and flowers but it feels so good just to have this space clean again!

new outdoor rug (Sunny Side Up)

*Tips for how I clean some of my outdoor furniture cushions in this post

home decor (Sunny Side Up)

In other fun news the N sale is now open to everyone! Yea! There are still so many fun things in stock this year. My marble serving board in ebony is still in stock. So beautiful!

home decor (Sunny Side Up)

{marble & wood serving board/similar ebony serving board}

These beautiful boards are also still in stock and the small white marble board makes a great gift! I’ve given it lots as a gift with this favorite board book. :)

shelf styling (Sunny Side Up)

I love these small boards for decor too.. you can see another one layered on this top shelf.

home decor (Sunny Side Up)

My marble lazy susan is still in stock too! Looks cute in kitchen corners or next to the stovetop holding salt and pepper. :)

home decor (Sunny Side Up)

My bowl sold out but this beautiful marble cake stand is still in stock. I’m excited about it for cakes and decorating!

home decor (Sunny Side Up)

This adorable strawberry wood cutting board is one of my favorite N sale purchases this year. TOO CUTE. I love it for summer! Lighting is off on my marble because this was just delivered tonight so I took a quick cell phone pic to show you.

home decor (Sunny Side Up)

Isn’t it fun!? it looks cute turned sideways too.

home decor (Sunny Side Up)

{abstract wall art/amsterdam framed art print}

I love the fun art prints that are on sale each year during the N sale – these frames are so beautiful! This year I ordered these two prints above. I didn’t mean for them to be a pair but I’m kind of loving them stacked together like this so I might need to re-think where I’m putting them.  The warm colors will be perfect for Fall!

I rounded up some other favorites below! You might recognize several of them that are currently in my home. :)


Nordstrom Sale (

1- Amsterdam framed art   2- island framed art

3- beach summer art   4- pineapple wall art   5- cape kiwanda art

6- abstract wall art   7- ocean dreams waves   8- tower 23 wall art

9- beach splash   10- earthly abstract   11-provincial art


If you’re shopping the N sale and want to see my favorites this year (a lot are still in stock!) check out the posts below and let me know what you got that you are loving! Enjoy your weekend!

N sale round-up

N sale try on

N sale old favorites/boys

N sale try on/rug/tops/coats jewelry/girls


xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Lights, Rugs, Boards and Art!

  1. OHMYGOSH, I love the new chandelier! It is SO different than what was there before. This is Xtra sophisticated! The brass-perfect!
    Erin, you are a ;-) sly one! “Tricky”?? I think so!!! THIS WAS bought for your FAV. time of year! I knew it even BEFORE you mentioned the greenery!
    PS Just love the print with the tall buildings!

  2. I love the chandelier! Very specific question but do you know how wide your dining room is? We are currently adding an addition to our house which will include our new dining room and I’m having a hard time figuring out the dimensions!

    1. Hi Amanda! Thank you! So happy you like it. :) This dining nook is 9 1/2 wide by 11 deep. Perfect size for the table and chairs but I wish it was a little bit bigger just because we have a door there that we use to go outside. I hope that helps!

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