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Holiday Gift Ideas

*This post sponsored by Walmart. All product selections and opinions are my own!

October is winding down and I honestly can’t believe it! It feels like the kids just started school doesn’t it!? I’m excited for the Halloween fun this weekend/Monday and even more excited for Tuesday, November 1st when I officially break out ALL THINGS Christmas, blast the holiday music and go to town decorating! Ok ok.. confession. I’ve been listening to Christmas music for over a month and two trees are up, but that’s really it and for me (as you all know) that is showing some serious restraint. Ha. ;)

Regardless of if you bust out the garland before or after Thanksgiving, we can probably all agree that starting the holiday shopping early pays off BIG time. If you’ve downloaded my free holiday planner you know exactly how I divide and tackle my shopping this time of year and I’m excited to be making progress on my lists!  I’m going to share lots of fun holiday gift ideas with you over the next two months (I love finding the perfect gift for people in my life!) and I’m starting today with a few fun gifts I put together from Walmart.

{woven basket/shower loofah/pantene shampoo/pantene conditioner/make-up brush/powder sponge/cherry blossom bath fizzies/cherry blossom body cream/

natural ribbon}

Bath and beauty products always make a fun gift but, as someone who loves to organize I wanted to take that tried and true gift idea one step further! This divided woven basket is perfect to hold bathroom products and is such a cute way to present this gift. When I was tying the ribbon on this last night Addison came down the stairs and said “ahhh mom! Who is that for!? Can I have the bath stuff!? And the make-up brush!? And everything else!? I want this gift!” I thought well! My work here is done. Gift #1 was a hit. Especially for teen girls! ;)

{natural weave basket set/day designer planner/weekly meal planner/natural ribbon}

Following the same idea I used this cute basket set (that is perfect for office organization!) to hold a cute yearly planner, meal plan planner and some pencils. Now this is a gift I would geek out about! Nothing like ending 2022 with fun supplies to kick off 2023! :)

{wood cake stand/kitchen towel set}

This next idea is for someone who loves to bake! I love this simple wood cake stand and you could pair it with so many fun things! I just added this kitchen towel/hot pad set but you could also get creative with a fun cake mix and rolling pin or cookie cutters, measuring cups, or cute spatulas and spoons. Anything related to cooking/baking would work! The bonus is that this cake stand doubles as beautiful kitchen decor when it’s not being used for cakes. :)

I just wrapped this up with some cellophane and ribbon.

{red plaid velvet sherpa throw/black plaid velvet sherpa throw}

Last idea for today is another gift I would be thrilled to receive! These cozy velvet sherpa throws are incredibly soft! So perfect to wrap up in to watch.. I don’t know.. maybe a Hallmark movie?

Or two or three. :)

{rattan open weave round basket/black & natural basket with leather handles}

If you really want to splurge on someone take it one step further and put your cozy throw in a cute basket! These are two favorite baskets that I can’t wait to decorate with this holiday season. So cute right!? Walmart has so many cute baskets on-line right now. I love them both and I’m willing to bet that most people who love home decor would be excited about this gift too. There are some things you just can’t have too many of.. cozy throws and baskets are definitely on that list!

Along with cherry ice chapstick, popcorn and the color green. ;)

I hope these gift ideas are helpful! I love that they take just a little extra time to put together. Not always necessary, but a fun way to say I’ve been thinking of you and you mean a lot to me this holiday season. :)

Enjoy your day and if you haven’t downloaded my holiday planner you can do that here! A little bit of early planning goes a long way. The madness is just around the corner and we will THRIVE this year. Are you with me!? I know that you are!




xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Ideas

  1. Just a quick note on your pasta recipe, I doubled it when my son & DIL & 4 grandkids came to visit last weekend. I omitted the broccoli cuz my son & I don’t like it (picky eaters), it was such a big hit, seriously we hardly had any leftovers! Will be making it on repeat. Thanks

    1. Oh my word that makes me so happy Sandee! I’m so happy they liked it! One of these times make them TRY it with broccoli. My kids hate it too but they will eat it in this meal! It takes on the taste of everything else.. a tricky recipe that way! Ha. Thanks for letting me know.. your comment made my day! :)

  2. Erin,
    LOVE, love, love the gift baskets! Bring on the ideas, please! As you know, I have been having to keep a low-profile w/some medical, so I couldn’t wait for this post!
    Are gift baskets not just the BEST!? I love to get them/give them and my mom was a champ at them and STOCKINGS too! I got the Christmas addiction from her and also having a Christmas B Day! My addiction to all things Christmas flew away, just for a while… Flew away with mom’s soul when she sadly had to leave, but it CAME BACK in order to carry on her spectacular traditions! Well, EXCEPT for the almost Bed and Breakfast level cooking and huge holiday meals. THAT, I miss so much and THAT I have not carried on. We just don’t inherit EVERYTHING….. I did not get the BIG HOLIDAY MEAL gene.
    Now for the baskets, the one with the Paper Mate pens and meal planner-well, I was thinking for a young daughter or son or in my case, a young grand……
    The pens could be replaced with Crayola’s or washable markers and a pad of drawing paper/construction paper and a holiday coloring book or two and maybe a beanie baby inside for the cuteness factor or maybe an AG pet?
    Erin, I wish you were down the street! We would have a Holiday basket building party! I once had a group of ladies from Church and we had a group wrapping party with everyone assigned something to bring like bows, ribbon, paper, tags, tie ons, tape, tissue, etc. etc. I provided the snacks, beverages, glue, tape and basics. Everyone brought their gifts in a laundry basket to wrap using each other’s ideas. SO much fun BUT……
    Erin, I bet you know! The gifts (some of them). Well, actually quite a few…Well, they got mixed up BIG TIME! In my case, a college aged daughter received a tiny, toddler sized, Disney backpack! HA! College kids-go figure! She loved it anyway! NOW THAT would have NOT happened in High school!

    1. Sharon oh my word.. I love that idea! I’ve actually thought about having a wrapping party with friends before but then I always run out of time! Too funny that gifts got mixed up.. that is hilarious! I loved hearing about your mom’s gifts too.. I didn’t get the big holiday meal gene either! Ha. Go figure. :) We really should live on the same street! It would be a party every day! XO

  3. I’m so glad you shared these ideas. I LOVE thinking ahead early for gifts and these gift baskets are wonderful!! I hope to duplicate them.

  4. Website looks great, Erin! I think I forgot to say that before. I did have to scroll a bit to find the leave a comment button. ;) Thanks for sharing the gift ideas. I think they look great. I might geek out on the planner stuff, too. Although, to be honest, at least for me, my life has slowed down quite a bit recently. LOL I still love the idea of planning! haha. Thanks for all the time and effort you put in to create these posts! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

    1. Jeanne a slow down sounds heavenly.. ha! Enjoy every minute! I think I’ll be the same and plan even when there is nothing to plan! ;) Happy weekend sweet friend! xo

  5. LOVE all your gift ideas ! Can’t wait for the next “batch”. Thanks for doing all of this work.

  6. Such a fun idea to put the cozy throw in a basket for 2 useful gifts in one, and handy because you don’t need a size or gender really – perfect for anyone! Excited to see your Christmas decorations this year, always inspiring!

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