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Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (and favorite holiday pillows!)

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Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

{norway faux spruce tree/woven tree skirt/chunky wool jute rug}

It’s looking pretty festive at my house and my family room tree is ready for the holidays! I’m so excited about how it turned out and I hope you love it too!

Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

Every time I put up a Christmas tree I just wish I could have one up ALL YEAR LONG. There is nothing like the lights of a Christmas tree! I’m calling my holiday decor this year “woodsy glam.” Lots of greens, browns, and blacks that create a woodsy vibe, but when I added this gorgeous leafy garland and other gold accents the glam came out to play. :)

Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

The past few years I have really loved having “less” on my tree. I love to add some sort of garland and a few types of ornaments, but I like to see a lot of the tree and keep it simple. Less is more for me when it comes to tree decorating these days!

Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

I used the same gold beaded garland that I put on last year’s tree and the same glitter star ornaments (they have been favorites for several years now!). The round textured ornaments I bought last year and they sold out in early October this year, but these are a similar look in gold and silver. I used 4 of the leafy garlands on this tree. (Two around the largest part of the tree at the bottom and then two singles for the middle and top). Each garland has batteries and a timer so you can set the garland lights to come on when your tree lights click on. Kenny set all of my trees on timers last year (I can control them with my phone too) and it was seriously the best gift he could have given me! I told my girls.. “marry a man who sets your trees on timers for you.” Ha. My sage advice. ;) Really the reason it meant so much to me is because he isn’t even into Christmas trees! He’d be fine if we never put one up and just did it because he knows how much I love them. It made me so happy. :)

Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

{khaki velvet ribbon/black velvet ribbon}

I also added some velvet ribbon this year! Khaki and black. I just cut pieces and tied them on the branches. No bows.. just a simple tie. Like I said.. simple speaks to me.

Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

{glitter gold star tree topper}

I placed my beloved gold star tree topper on top and done! I’ll get some night shots when I photograph the rest of this room. This week has been so busy! I didn’t have time for many pics but wanted to take a few of this tree during the day to share. The only thing about my “woodsy glam” decor in my main rooms this year is that there isn’t any red! You all know how much I love red during the holidays. :) I’m going to have to decorate a few red rooms to get my red fix this year. Luckily it’s only mid November.

Lots of time left to keep decorating!

Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

I pulled out all of my holiday pillows this week and wow.. I have a few. Ha. :) I looked through all of them and a few stood out as pillows that I tend to use year after year after year. You will recognize most of these! They are pillows that stand the test of time and seem to work with any and all decor. First are my cable knit fur faux pillows. These pillows are a splurge but they are GORGEOUS in person and they are HUGE! They are also incredibly soft and have the best texture with the knit in the middle and the fur on the sides. I’ve had them for years. They work with everything and always look fabulous! I also love that I can use them through February (perfect “winter” vibes). My next favorite is the everywhere velvet pillow. I have and love the hunter green but these velvet pillows come in lots of colors! A perfect soft and gorgeous neutral and I love velvet during the holidays. I also found these that are similar for less if you don’t want to pay PB’s price. My fa la la pillow from last year will absolutely become a tried and true favorite. Just a touch of red adds  the perfect Christmas accent to any room. Plus it just makes me happy. :) And of course my merry pillow. Wow I think I’ve had this pillow for almost 10 years now! Another holiday staple I use every year that looks good any and everywhere. (I have a love a lot of PB’s merry collection! TOO much fun). :)

Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

{conell lumbar pillow/conell 20″ square pillow}

This beautiful pillow with black trees is new this year and I’m obsessed! I needed something with black to tie everything together on my family room couch and when I saw this it was love at first sight. The trees add the woodsy vibe and the mountains remind me of my childhood in Utah. PERFECTION. :) It comes in a square size too!

Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

Of course you all know and remember my velvet sherpa tree pillow! I usually have it in my bedroom but I’m using it in my family room this year. Another staple that I use again and again because it always looks so good with any holiday decor! The tree and ornaments on it add so much texture. It’s a beautiful pillow and this year PB came out with a matching stocking! The green loops tree pillow is another favorite because of its texture and how well it works with everything, but the green sold out! It does come in a red and grey though and at the moment they are still in stock.

Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

Like I said (and as you know!) I’ve bought a lot of holiday pillows through the years and love them all! But I wanted to share my top picks that make the cut every single Nov/Dec. These are the pillows that have been money well spent!

Not that every pillow isn’t money well spent (let’s not be silly!).. but these especially.



xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (and favorite holiday pillows!)

  1. Looking beautiful, Erin! I like simple, too. The woodsy glam vibe is a good one. You have so many pretty items to decorate with. And you have a lovely touch when it comes to decorating. Your house is very festive. Enjoy that process!

  2. “Not that every pillow isn’t money well spent (let’s not be silly!).. but these especially.”

    I love your little quips. XD

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