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A tale of two trees

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Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

{cable knit faux fur pillow/knitted tree Christmas throw}

I’m sharing two of my Christmas trees today! Complete rooms aren’t well.. complete yet. But progress has been made so I’m sharing progress. :)

First up.. my family room tree! This Norway 9′ Faux Spruce Tree might be my favorite tree ever. In this world. Which is saying a lot. The shape and lights.. it’s just beautiful and was so much fun to decorate!

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

I kept it really simple and just used this burgundy wood bead garland layered with this gold bead garland (similar here) for a base. Then I added the glitter star ornaments I love from my tree last year, these long time favorite gold ball ornaments and a few of these beautiful star drop ornaments. I was so excited when I found the star drop ornaments on-line because they go so well with the stars I already had! This glitter gold star was perfect to top things off and then I picked up this fun woven tree skirt to complete the look.

Really such an easy tree! The only thing that was a little tricky was getting the two garlands to look right. I had to space them far enough in-between one another and then I had to space the two individual garlands apart so they weren’t clumped together. That took a little effort! This is the tree I always decorate with my kids so I put the garland on and arranged it first and then they helped me with the ornaments. Always the best solution if part of the tree is going to take some planning. ;)

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

{woven tree skirt/wool jute rug}

Mad game of Sorry was going on this weekend. Hands down my kids’ favorite board game! These two play Sorry and Chess weekly and things get pretty heated.. ha.

I was worried the tree skirt would blend in too much with my family room rug but it works great! Really loving how well they compliment each other. I just need to finish a few things on my mantel and style my coffee table and then this room will be holiday ready!

To be continued.. :)

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

{windowpane plaid/red & green plaid/oversized burgundy/boucle with zipper/Christmas tree loops}

On a side note this is the one room I’m doing with more of a burgundy look vs. red. These pillows are a few favorites from Target I’m using this year. All going in different rooms but the two burgundy options (that got cut off on the far right!) will be in this space. Sorry for the bad lighting here.. cell phone on a cloudy day!

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. next up is my living room tree! Here is a pic with the tree lights off.

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

And with lights on! While my family room tree is more elegant this tree is playful and just FUN. I love both looks so much! Which is why I end up with multiple trees throughout my house every year. It’s too hard to be limited to just one style! I know you all feel me on this one.

That’s why we hang out together here and all get along so well. :)

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

This is my fa-la-la tree in what I’m calling my fa-la-la room. You all know how deep my love is for this glitter garland! It will always have a place in my home during the holidays. :) Aside from that I layered in a bright red bead garland (similar here) with my favorite wood bead garland. I placed them a little less loopy than the bead garlands on my family room tree so they were a lot easier to work with!  Then I layered in white snowflakes (similar here and I’ll share more options linked below), and my cute little sherpa reindeer. :)

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

The only item I bought new this year for my living room tree are these beautiful fa-la-la white ball ornaments! Of course.. they were speaking to me. They are so large and stunning in person!

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

{red & green plaid/similar velvet green/fa-la-la pillow}

But if you get the ornaments you have to get this fa-la-la pillow too. I mean can you really have one without the other!? I think not and I would appreciate it if one of you could explain this to my husband. He needs to understand that all things fa-la-la are a package deal. He also needs to understand that these items definitely fall in the need category.. not a want. A need.

I’m so happy you’re with me on this one. ;)

*Sidenote.. did anyone notice the picture in the corner of baby Kole by the swimming pool? Summer pics are still in these frames! Switching them to Christmas pics is on this week’s to-do list.

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

This room is off to a great start with the tree and couch pillows done! I need to finish my mantel, style the shelves and coffee table and switch out the pictures. Then this room will be holiday ready too.

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

One step at a time. :)

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

{similar velvet green/Christmas tree loops}

I’m still playing around with pillow combos on my chairs and will probably move this tree pillow to another spot but isn’t it adorable!? The loops bring in so much texture! A perfect little accent pillow. Comes in red and gray too and in a lumbar size.

Well.. that wraps up my tale of two trees! Like I said.. complete rooms aren’t 100% complete yet, but we are definitely celebrating progress around here!

Christmas Trees (Sunny Side Up)

{plaid flannel joggers/ugg slippers}

In other fun news, these cute pj bottoms Ad and I bought last December are back in stock and on sale this weekend! Love them! (I’m linking them below.) They also come in shorts and I just ordered a pair of the shorts for each of my girls because they like to sleep in them. Cooler at night! Abercrombie is also having a huge sale on all of their coats this weekend so I linked favorites of those below too. Pjs or a new coat would make a great Christmas gift! (Mens coats are marked down too!)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! I’ll keep decking the halls over here and report back with more soon.



xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “A tale of two trees

  1. Looking great, Erin. I really like your trees. The first one is especially pretty because of the gorgeous shape and the simplicity in the deocrations. I like how you used two strands of beads. You are good at coordinating your decor so your rooms look lovely and cozy. I like your Falala tree a lot, too. Guess you’re right to get all the looks you want, you need multiple trees. :) Fun way to play with designs for sure. You have a great touch. And that picture of baby Kole is adorable. ;) Happy decorating season.

  2. Erin it’s all SO SO gorgeous! You have such talent. I can always count on you to get me in the Christmas decorating spirit even though I’ll wait a little longer. Send some CA sunshine this way! And I’ll send the snow we are supposed to get your way!

    1. Sarah if I got you in the Christmas spirit I’m doing better than I thought! Ha ha.. ;) You are too kind. Thank you! I would love to exchange some sunshine for snow this time of year! We are all so over the heat. It’s supposed to cool off a little next week so fingers crossed I can get my sweaters out again. Thinking of you! Wish I could get you out here for a weekend to play. Someday! xo

  3. Hi Erin – I absolutely enjoy following your blog, and your Christmas decorations never disappoint! I’m looking for a new area rug and I’m wondering where you found the one in your living room where the Fa-La-La tree is…Thanks so much!

    1. So sweet of you Anne! Thank you! That means so much to me. :) That rug was from Restoration Hardware. I’m not sure if they still have it in stock. I doubt it because it’s about 7 years old! But definitely check! xo

  4. Oh Erin, they’re both SO greatl! I love the classic beauty of the red and gold, but the fa la la is fun and breathtaking! My husband and I are traveling home from South Africa right now and I am itching to finally get started on decorating! You have inspired me and I can’t wait to see more :) Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

    1. Genelle! South Africa! Oh my word.. how incredible is that!? I hope you had the best trip! Thank you so much.. I’m thrilled you like the trees! Such a fun time of year to decorate! :)

  5. Love all your decorations. I’m curious about the draperies in your family room. Do they close and if so, how do you close them. I am installing a tall wide sliding glass door and feel like I am going to need some type of covering. Nerves was crazy about traverse rods. I like the grommets, but was wondering how well they slide on a tall wide window.

    1. Hi Cindy! They do close! Each panel has a large rod that you pull to close them. It hangs really low so it’s easy to reach and they slide and close smooth and easy! :)

  6. I am in love with your holiday decor!! I have searched your website looking for the link to your wood coffee table in the falalalala tree room. It has wood on top and white at the bottom. Could you help?

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer! That table was from Restoration Hardware! I’m not sure if they still sell it though.. I’ve had it about 8 years!

  7. Hi Erin, as always you knock it out of the park with your decorations. I can’t wait to see the whole house completed. The red beads that you used on the “Fa La La” tree show 10′ per strand. Do you know how many strands you used? Thanks Barbara

    1. You are the sweetest Barbara! Thank you so much! I used around 7-8 but the beads I linked for that tree aren’t the exact same strands (I’ve had mine for years and linked similar beads) so I’m not sure exactly what you would need. I always order around 8 – 10 of items like that for Christmas trees and then if I have more than I need I used them in my mantels or other spots. :)

  8. Hi Erin,

    S0 pretty! How many of the red bead garland did you put on the gold star Christmas tree? Thank you for all the beautiful holiday decorating inspiration every year :)


    1. Thank you so much Debra! So sweet of you! I think I used 8! (I went all the way around the tree with them.) I always order 8-10 of items like that for Christmas trees and then if I have extra I use them in mantels and other spots. :) Enjoy the holiday season!

  9. I’ve been looking for green pillows to break up all the red in my holiday decor and when I saw those green velvet pillows I had to get them! Thanks for always coming through lol I always love your Christmas decor ♥

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