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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{lemon dish towel set/lemon planner/lemon notebook}

Very excited about today’s post! I’ve rounded up so many of my favorites things to give you lots of fun ideas for Mother’s Day this year! This is a long post FULL of ideas so sit down and grab a snack. :) I’m kicking things off with lemons. You all know I’m a fan. I have lemons at the top of my blog, lemon trees in my back yard, lemon planning pages and notebooks and dishtowels and lemons in my kitchen year round.

Do you know why I love lemons so much?

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

They remind me of my mom. :) My mom’s favorite color is yellow and she is a true “yellow” personality on the color test (fun loving, happy, optimistic and ready for a party). Her favorite thing in this world aside from her family?


Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

I get the yellow extrovert side of my personality from my mom. The other side of my personality – the peacemaker who is happy at home and needs to have all things in order I get from my dad. :) Aren’t my parents the cutest!? This is an older pic (I think Ad was in 4th grade!) but I had to share because of my mom’s yellow purse. She always has something yellow on or around her! Every Mother’s Day my sister and I try to get creative with a new fun LEMON gift for her that she doesn’t already have. We know if her gift has to do with lemons she’ll be happy.

Mom – this lemon collage is dedicated to you! Let me know what you want this year. ;) Thank you for all of the happiness and sunshine you bring into my life. I couldn’t ask for a better mom and being a mom myself has made me realize time and time again how much you sacrificed for us and how lucky I am to have you. Can’t wait until we are together again this summer  – swimming, shopping and eating garlic bread at Pizza Factory.

Like always, you bring the Diet Coke.. I’ll bring the lemons. :)

for the mom who loves lemons (

1- lemon wreath   2- notepad   3- lemon tree 

4- lemon art   5- lemon mug   6- muraglia olive oil

7- bath mat  8- lemon towels   9- lemon pasta bowls

10- yellow citrus doormat   11- lemon gift crate

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Next fun gift ideas are for all of the moms who love the sun and are ready for days spent at the pool or beach! We’ve had these beach towels for years and they have held up so well. Really large, nice quality!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{textured summer hat/half moon bag/paily slide sandal}

I shared these recent summer favorites not long ago. This hat is so cute and perfect to keep the sun off your face!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

These linen pants are go-tos for me in the summer and I lived in them on our Kauai trip! Perfect to throw on over a swim suit for the pool or beach but also nice enough to wear after to lunch. This straw bag is a favorite too! You can find this year’s version here.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

This cute maxi cover-up dress is also back in stock. Great for vacations and another great option to throw on after the beach to head to lunch. Below are my summer favorites!


for the mom who loves the sun (

1- straw hat   2- supergoop sunscreen   3- circle tote handbag

4- maxi cover-up dress   5- striped beach towel   6- sunglasses 

7- loving tan  8- flip flops   9- linen beach pants   10- pop up organizer


Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

For mom’s who love to exercise and be active I couldn’t love Vuori more! Seriously anything from their website would make a great gift!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

I shared lots of my Vuori favorites in this post.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{zella light crewneck sweatshirt/everywhere belt bag/lulu high-rise aligns/swift run sneakers}

My belt bags would also make fun Mother’s Day gifts! If you want to go one step further put a gift card to her favorite store/restaurant inside.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{vuori halo crewneck/resourced convertible belt bag/here too/lulu high-rise aligns/swift run sneakers}

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{long sleeve performance tee/zella live-in joggers/swift run sneaker}

Long time favorites for running around/exercising. Below are more of my favorites for moms who love to be ACTIVE!

active mom gifts (

1- track jacket   2- long sleeve t-shirt   3- dry shampoo

4- the healthy meal prep   5- air zoom pegasus shoe   6- ponytail holders

7-  convertible belt bag   8- daily leggings   9- high waist leggings

10- high rise pant   11- water bottle   12- running water waist pack   13- belt bag

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

I bought these beautiful dishtowels in the fall and they are seriously so good. Beautiful and thick – I love the texture and how soft they are! They would make a great gift and I wouldn’t mind a few more for Mother’s Day this year!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{olive branches/black terra cotta pitcher/spectrum pitcher/handwoven serving tray/anthro candle}

This round woven serving tray I recently shared is perfection and would also make a fun Mother’s Day gift because it’s such a staple – works everywhere!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Below are more fun gifts ideas for mom’s who love to entertain! Most are personal favorites I’ve loved. :)

for the mom who loves to entertain (

1-marble serving board   2- white marble lazy susan   3- serving set

4- seagrass pitcher / seagrass glassware / seagrass cage bowl / seagrass salt & pepper set

5- wood serving bowl   6- graze   7- acacia wood cheese boards   8- utensil caddy

9- serving tray   10- dish towel   11- serving platter

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

My celine throw is on sale and comes in lots of colors! This throw looks beautiful draped over a chair or couch.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

This antiqued metal tray is another favorite that works all over the house and can be styled so many different ways. It comes in two sizes (mine is the large) and would make a beautiful gift your mom could use for years!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{down to earth/made for living/live beautiful/patina farm/simplicity/AD at 100/wool jute rug}

These are all beautiful home decor books that I love and would also make great gifts. Below are more favorites you’ve seen in my home for mom’s who love to decorate! I tried to include the items that I use again and again and again – tried and true favorites!

Mom who loves to decorate (


1- capri blue hand soap & lotion   2- decorative boxes

3- decorative bowl     4- ceramic vase   5- wood charcuterie board

6- decorative metal tra   7- striped tassel pillow   8- made for living book

9- celine throw   10- knit pillow   11- artisan vase

12- serving tray   13- jasmine in basket   14- pitcher

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

We can’t talk Mother’s Day gifts without including a few of my favorite cozy items. Barefoot dreams blankets have become not just mine but also my family’s most requested gift! Pricey I know.. but wow. The coziest! A gift that keeps on giving and we use ours every single day – even in the summer! I’m always cold from the air conditioning and this blanket is never far. :)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

My beloved Vuori performance joggers will always have my heart and I can’t talk cozy without including them. A perfect Mother’s Day gift! Hands down the most worn item in my closet. (You can also find them here.)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Older pic but I’m wearing them here with my favorite summer house shoes. Linked below – another fun gift idea this time of year!

for the mom who loves cozy (

1- barefoot dreams pajamas   2- performance jogger   3- short pajama

4- throw blanket   5- spa thong flip flops   6 – wrapped seastone candle

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

These are my favorite travel bags for mom’s who love to travel! Closed..

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{travel bag with hanging hook/large cosmetic case/electronic organizer travel case/travel makeup organizer}

and open! I use this large make-up bag the most and gave it as a gift at one of my favorite things parties this year! You can see the extra pocket on the top and more details in this post.

Below are other favorite products for moms who love all things BEAUTY! I’ve used and love everything here.  (The detangling primer is amazing!)

the mom who loves beauty (

1- vanity mirror   2- brush set   3- body lotion   4- sponge applicator

5- detangling primer   6- waterproof mascara   7- travel makeup bag

8- eau da parfum fragrance spray   9- eyeshadow palette   10- mac brow set

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. I saved my least favorite gift collage for last. I mean.. the gifts are fun! The cooking.. eh.. not so much. ;) This pic sums up how I feel when I cook too perfectly. A combo of tense, annoyed and just waiting for the fire.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

I know making scrambled eggs isn’t technically “cooking” but in my house it totally is.. so much so that Kenny has taken over all of the egg scrambling around here since I can’t be trusted to do it. This egg spatula is one of our favorite things! I love that it doesn’t get egg all over the counter when we aren’t using it (Addison is allergic to eggs so we have to be especially careful).

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Kenny loves the way it scrambles eggs so perfectly every time. I eat his eggs all the time so I can attest – they are perfect. :) Below are some fun gifts I rounded up for those of you who love to cook! I will never understand you, but I will say that cute mixing bowls and aprons and dish towels do make it more tempting. :)

for the mom who loves to cook (

1- nonstick 6-piece set   2- mixing bowls   3- knife set   4- apron

5- always pan set   6- smart waffle pro   7- vegetable chopper

8- non-stick ceramic cookware set   9- cooling rack   10- spatula

11- set of 4 stripe towels   12- le creuset stoneware set

I hope this round-up was helpful and you are able to find something special for the mom/moms in your life who deserve to be celebrated! This post took a hot minute to put together so I’m off to celebrate myself and enjoy a Coke Zero.

With a side of lemon.


xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. How fun that your mom loves yellow and lemons. She must be so fun to hang out with. I really enjoyed how you celebrated her. Yay for Moms! So many fun ideas in this post. Thanks for pulling it all together. I hope you get spoiled with some of your favorites on Mother’s Day. You are a great mom, encouraging, supportive and dedicated to your kiddos. Plus, you have a great sense of humor and an enthusiasm for life that is contagious. Thanks for all you do, Erin! :) Enjoy that Coke Zero…with the side of lemon!

    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment Jeanne. That is so kind of you to say! You have such a gift for making others feel loved! You also have a great sense of humor and are an incredible mom. I hope you are celebrated BIG time on Mother’s Day (and every day!). Yay for moms is right. :) Thank you for making my evening! I’m off to enjoy a Coke Zero in your honor. ;) xo

  2. Yes, your sunny personality comes through on your posts! Yahoo…I had no idea what to get my mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for Mother’s Day until I saw the lemon notebook on your post. SCORE! I ordered several and will combine them with a few other yellow items for a “sunny” theme. Thanks so much for the great idea! I lost my mother 17 yrs ago, and miss her every day. However, I have the most wonderful mother-in-law and daughter-in-law you could ever want, so I’m blessed! Happy Mother’s Day, Erin😍

    1. Oh I love that you bought the lemon notebook! Isn’t that fun!? Your “sunny” gift theme sounds like perfection Holly! I hope they love it. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. What a gift that you have such an amazing mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. I’ll be thinking of you this Mother’s Day. XO

  3. Erin,
    Happy Mother’s day early! We moms should say this all the time to our friends/family on our same journey!
    OK, Erin, I GET that you don’t understand the folks who love to cook. I am having a harder time understanding this myself, although i USED to LOVE to cook. USED to is the key here! The way it is now our kids have become used to eating out and ordering exactly WHAT they want. Husbands too ;-D
    Between eating out and take out just making one main dish and a couple of sides and a starch just doesn’t live up to WHAT we as a society have gotten them accustomed to. Unless you can whip up 3 or more main dishes and sides you are sunk.
    It is no longer take it or leave it! THIS is WHY all the boards and platters and little dishes of this and that are a WIN WIN!
    Something for everyone!
    Gosh, even I have to admit that there are certain things I would much rather eat .A dear friend of mine did the whole bridal shower for her daughter in her Gorgeous home. ALL buffet and boards. Some she made and some was SHHHHH…..
    TAKE OUT! Got to love it!
    Lets face it. sitting down at a big table and passing bowls/platters, the same for everyone is just not as much fun as having many options. I applaud you for your honesty in this cooking thing! Bring on the boards/platters of goodies and buffets!
    AND the TAKE AWAY, of course!
    PS. My Mother In law had advice for me when I was first married and I wanted all the high end cooking items and I admit that I was getting pretty exotic w/things I tried to make.
    She said: “my dear, I must tell you that IF you continue this and keep getting better and better at making these gourmet goodies-he will never take you out.” Something to think about! AHH…. words of wisdom. She also told me that high end washers and dryers just make work for US. She believed in LAUNDRY SERVICE. Pick up and drop off! Bless her heart and God rest her soul.

  4. With your mom loving lemons have you tried making a lemon meringue pie or some lemon-y dish for Mother’s Day? I remember during Covid lockdown of 2020 I made Sweet Potato & Kale Coconut soup, cashew cheese with tortilla chips, and black beans brownie for dessert and delivered it to her house for Mother’s Day. Since we couldn’t spend the day together to protect her this gift for her was so memorable me.

  5. Hi. Where is your guide on cleaning outside cushions. It worked so well for mine! I can’t seem to find a search option on your blog. Thanks!

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