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Fashion and Flowers

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Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

Happy pumpkin season!  Nothing like walking into this scene at the grocery store. :)  I hope your Fall is off to a fabulous start!

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{weeping eucalyptus tree & pots/fall by the lake art/arched metal framed floor mirror}

My front porch is decorated and I’m excited to share it soon (I’m so behind on posting!).  The main reason I’m obsessed with my Fall porch this year is because of these beautiful faux trees!  Every season I buy real trees for my front porch and every season they die.  Or birds move in and make a mess of my porch.  Ha. ;)  To be honest I’m tired of spending so much money on trees that never last long because my porch doesn’t get any sunlight.  I spent some time researching faux trees that would look good all year and could not be happier with the winner.  These weeping eucalyptus trees are so beautiful and realistic!  I also love the pots that come with them.  As soon as they arrived I could think of so many places I wanted to put them inside too!  But they are perfect for the porch.  Cute for fall?  Check.  Cute for spring?  Check.  Cute for summer?  Check. Porch pics coming soon!

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{oatmeal sweater/AG jeans/Fall bootie options}

Today I’m sharing a few fun tops/sweaters I’ve been wearing and loving.  We’ve had mostly warm weather lately, but one or two days a week things cool off and we get a taste of Fall.  You better believe I’m wearing a sweater the second I get a chance!  The sleeves on this oatmeal sweater are perfection.  Plus it’s so soft and cozy!

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{Fall days graphic tee/initial pendant necklace/AG jeans/Fall bootie options}

This Fall days ahead graphic tee is another favorite.  It’s cute on its own for warmer days but I bought it mostly for layering!  So cute under a jacket.

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{similar open front cardigan/Fall days graphic tee/initial pendant necklace/AG jeans/Fall bootie options}

It’s also perfect to wear under a cream cardigan.

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{similar open front pocket cardigan/similar kent cardigan sweater/Fall days graphic tee/initial pendant necklace/AG jeans/Fall bootie options}

Or a green one.  Love it!  Here are a few other Pink Lily graphic tees.. they have really cute things in for Fall!

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{camel textured sweater/initial pendant necklace/AG jeans/Fall bootie options}

This is one more recent favorite Pink Lily sweater. I love the texture.  And the sleeves.  And the color!

Just take me to the pumpkin patch already. :)

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{camel textured sweater/initial pendant necklace}

I was wearing it in these pics my friend took.  I made a nice attempt to make a Fall arrangement the other day.

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{Fall kitchen sources}

For the record I am NOT good at flower arranging.  You’ve probably noticed by now that most of the flowers in my home are faux and when I do buy real flowers I stick with all the same flower.  On a creative whim I decided to buy random flower bundles at the grocery store.

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{round wood serving tray/brass candle holders/similar gourd}

Not amazing but hey!  It feels Fallish and I had so much fun playing around with flowers. My friend filmed me so that I could put tother a little IG reel which for the record.. is another thing I’m NOT good at.  I hate all things video!  You know what I am good at though?  Pretending.  I was a master of make believe when I was a little girl and the skill stuck.

What else can I pretend I know how to do?  You’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

I know you’re at the edge of your seat.  Ha.

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{flannel work shirt/jean options for over the knee boots/over the knee boots}

A few more cute favorites!  If you want a new Fall top or two but don’t want to spend much I found some darling options on-line at Walmart!  Love this flannel.

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{cozy yarn sweater/initial pendant necklace/jean options for over the knee boots/over the knee boots}

A soft, lightweight green sweater is always a winner.  And these boots!  I’m not kidding..  so comfortable!  They come in lots of colors too.  So far I’ve worn them more than my other over the knee boots that cost 3 times as much!  They aren’t tight on my calves and tie in the back.. really cute with skirts too.

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

Photo courtesy of Ellie.. my girls are becoming good little photographers!  I needed a pic for IG and had just made banana bread muffins. Kenny came home from a run and happened to be in his orange tank so I had him jump in the picture.  “Happy Fall!”

What you can’t see in this pic is the huge mess all over my kitchen islands from making the muffins and how sweaty Kenny was from running (I had him stand behind me for a reason!).  Good at pretending, remember? ;)

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{stripe puff sleeve top/initial pendant necklace/jean options for over the knee boots/over the knee boots}

A few more simple, cute Fall tops.  Green.. check!  Stripes.. check!

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{puff sleeve tee/initial pendant necklace/jean options for over the knee boots/over the knee boots}

Such a great basic black tee with a little extra in the sleeves!  This top has been on repeat.

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

This black dress is another cute option.

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{crewneck swingdress/initial pendant necklace/over the knee boots}

It’s not fitted or tight at all.. just comes in slightly at the ribcage.  It would be flattering on any body type and comes in other colors too!

I’m not usually a dress person, but if there is one time of year I want to wear dresses more often it’s Fall.  I love the colors and prints on Fall dresses.  Plus they all look so cute with boots!

Fall is also the only time of year that cooking is appealing.  It’s a magic season for me. :)  Anyone else?

I rounded up some of my favorite Fall dresses from Nordstrom and Pink Lily below.  I’ve been looking for something cute to wear for family pictures and have some of these saved as options!

Nordstrom fall dresses (

1-ribbed tie waist sweater dress   2- gingham babydoll dress    3- long sleeve minidress 

4- floral long sleeve dress  5- floral minidress  6- blossom & bloom dress

7- oversize sweater dress    8-shirtdress  9- mock neck sweater dress  10- v-neck babydoll dress

Pink Lily Fall Dresses (

1- rust sweater dress   2- floral babydoll dress  3- cable knit dress

4- rust floral dress  5- midi dress   6- t-shirt dress   7- sweater dress

8- mustard midi dress   9- ruffle printed dress   10- mock ribbed dress

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{Enjoy the Ride/AG jeans/similar sneakers herehere}

Enjoy the Ride.  Love that.  Another fun graphic tee.  I’m a sucker for graphic tees during every season. :)

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

1 –  Football  2 – Nightmare Before Coffee  3 – Anti-social Butterfly

4 – Enjoy the Ride  5 – Mom Battery   6 – Stranger Things

A few more that made me smile!

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

I’ll be back soon with more Fall fun.  Tis the season for baking!

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

And hanging out at the beach if you live in southern Cal.

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

90 degrees in October?  No problem.

Fashion and Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

Did I mention I’m good at pretending?


xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Fashion and Flowers

  1. Looks like you are enjoying all things fall, Erin. And that is one thing about which you definitely don’t pretend, right? The faux trees look terrific and the flower arrangement is beautiful. Lovely fall colors. I enjoyed seeing your new wardrobe items. The oatmeal sweater is really pretty. I am going to admit that the one with the cuffs that are really big would bug me. I’m notorious for pushing up my sleeves and I couldn’t do that with that sweater and I’d just get annoyed. Haha! I’m wondering if some floral stems dropped into them as you were working on the arrangement. ;) I heard that IG was pushing more Reels, but honestly, if it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. Loved the photos of you and Kenny and you and Kole. And that sunset photo! Iconic for sure. Thanks for sharing a snippet of your life, Erin. Appreciate all you do! Happy Fall!

    1. I laughed about the cuffs Jeanne! So funny because I LOVE cuffs like that! Such a cute look, but I don’t roll up my sleeves much and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t be wearing that sweater to clean the house. Ha. I can see why it would be a no go for you! IG is definitely pushing reels and honestly they aren’t so bad. It’s just hard being an old dog trying to learn new tricks. ;) Thank you so much Jeanne.. always a bright spot in my day when I hear from you. :) Wishing you a happy Wednesday! xo

  2. Love that Kenny has a sleeveless shirt and shorts while you’re in full Fall garb! Made me chuckle! I’ve seen lots of my favorite IG gals trying reels too – I’m also seeing a move to Tik-Tok, but so far I’ve resisted it! Just don’t need another distraction. Lol Enjoy the first day of October – the start of fall to me!

    1. Your comment made me laugh! I’m always in full on Fall clothes this time of year when it’s crazy hot outside. I think even after living in southern Cal for 20 years I’m still in denial about the fact that Fall isn’t coming.. ha. ;) And I am so with you! TikTok! I just can’t. One more thing right!? I feel the same way MaryJo. Happy it’s not just me! :) Enjoy your weekend.. yea Fall! xo

  3. Ok, you look so cute in your hat at the beach! Where did you get that one? I have 2 and I feel like a look like an old lady in them! But I totally need to wear one!
    That mustard midi dress is SO you! I clicked on it thinking ok, if that comes in green she HAS to wear that! No green, but so dang cute! I love the mustard color for fall, I so can NOT pull it off but I always wish I could.
    Also love the pic of you and Kenny! I just thought he was standing behind you, wrapping his arms around you, to be sweet! I was like, awe, so cute!! I should have known better with Kenny and his love for posing for romantic pics! And I was like, dang she looks so cute doing her baking! I’d for sure be in leggings, no makeup on and no bra on! Definitely would only be taking pics of the muffins! 😆

    1. Ha ha.. you know us well Josie! :) I can’t pull off mustard either but wish I could! Cutest dresses. It was so fun seeing you all! Wish we lived closer and you could pop over all the time! I’ll be calling and sending all the tissues soon. Love you guys! xo

  4. Thank you for the beach photos – gorgeous! And I love fall too! Here in Indiana it is still not cool enough for me to wear my cute fall clothes yet either – our highs are supposed to be in the 80s again all this week – soon I hope it will cool off a bit!

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