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Fall in the Family Room

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{sectional/wool jute rug/rattan-wrapped stool/coffee table/faux fig tree/large dough bowl}

I hope you’re all having a good week!  We’re enjoying some lovely 80 degree weather on the coast at the moment but have no fear!  It feels like 60 degrees in my family room.  You just have to smell the pumpkin spice candle, crank the air, close your eyes and .. pretend. Fall in southern Cal!  I am well trained. :)

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{chunky woven throw/woven stripe pillow/hand knit pillow covers here & here/counter stools}

I found so many cute and cozy pillows and throws for a great price this year and couldn’t resist picking up a few new additions! I especially love the texture of this throw. It looks so cute hanging off the back of my couch!  I always feel drawn to neutrals this time of year and especially shades of brown.

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{linen frayed edge pillow/windowpane pillow/pumpkin lumbar pillow}

We have been lounging on these pillows every night for a couple of weeks now and they definitely pass the comfort test.  Perfect for a Sunday afternoon football nap!  I’m normally not much of a napper, but something about the soothing sounds of football crowds..

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{texture woven lumbar pillow/hand knit pillow covers here & here/woven stripe pillow/hand knit throw here & here}

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{thatcher chair/x base stool/woven throw blanket/cable knit throw pillow/gold lamp (set with floor lamp)/similar plaid throw/cross hatch object/pacifico pot}

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{brass lanterns/flameless candles/arched mantel mirror/seagrass basket}

I kept my mantel simple. The brass lanterns and candles have been up all year!  I bought them last year thinking I would just use them during the holidays, but the candlelight every night from my flameless candles (they are set on a timer!) is so cozy that I just kept them up during the summer months too.

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{pampas grass/white Santorini urn/oval metal tray/tourmaline framed canvas/gold lamp (set with floor lamp)/similar console table/similar console baskets}

I shared this littles set up in a previous post.  Happy to say that the pampas grass shedding has stopped!  The stems really do make a beautiful statement in person.

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

Kind of funny.. I never really planned for this room to turn out so.. carmel!  Clearly I am drawn to this shade of brown. :)

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{coffee table/white lined pot/olive branches here & here/made for living/homebody/Patina Farm/Simplicity/brass round gold tray  (similar option)/wood chain link/anthro candle}

My new coffee table feels very at home here.  I had fun styling it!  Even though Kenny and the kids move and stack everything around in the evening because we use this table so much.  I’m not always the best at making my bed each morning but I do always straighten the couch pillows and now.. I straighten my coffee table decor too.  It makes me happy.

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{chunky wool jute rug}

Especially the bowl full of acorns Kole and his cousins gathered for me in my mom’s yard last year. :)

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

{newgate wall clock/kitchen details & sources}

Fall Family Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

I love you Fall!  Even when you’re just a dream in my head that I manifest in my home. Ha.



xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Fall in the Family Room

  1. Oh I love the warm colors you have brought into your space, Erin. Clearly, you are a comfort and texture loving gal. Looks like a space you can just snuggle up in. Well done! I have to say, I’ve known that your home is pretty large but the first few photos you shared really capture just how tall your ceilings are. I don’t know that I ever got that true sense of it before. Wow! Stunning view. I also really like that even though you work hard to decorate your home just so, you never forget that people you love live there! It is beautiful and homey. Well done, my friend. I also love how you just decide it is fall even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. hee hee. Have a beautiful week!

  2. Hi Erin
    I hope you’re well
    When I look at your pictures I get lost in a beautiful homely world haha
    May I ask, the pampas grass near your mantel, is that the grey or beige colour option on your link to Amazon?
    Kind regards

  3. I love the caramel colors with your grays and whites. It definitely warms up the space and makes it feel so cozy! Also, I spy new counter stools! Love them!

  4. Love these shades of brown too for the fall. Do you remember what color the Pottery Barn pillows are? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Bonnie! They are a bronze color! I think mine sold out in the tassel style but it looks like they still have that color in the knit pillows w/o the tassel. I hope that helps! :)

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