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Boy’s Bedroom Re-fresh

*This post is sponsored by Walmart.  All product selections and opinions are my own!  

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

It’s the official last weekend of summer at our house!  Kole starts school on Wednesday and we’re feeling ready and excited.  6th grade and last year of Elementary school for my youngest!  I can’t believe it.  We took some time this morning to get his room straightened.  After a long summer with lots of friends over it was due!  The final touch after some clean-up and organizing was adding this beautiful new blue bedding!

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

{organic cotton blend quilt & shams/textured stripe sheets/asymmetrical stripe square pillow/washed denim throw pillow}

It’s part of Walmart’s new Gap Home collection and I couldn’t love it more!  Kole’s nursery was all done in Gap bedding.. a long time favorite at our house. :)  Aren’t the striped sheets fun!?  Lots of cute throw pillows too.  I love this set for a boys room!  You can see more fun Gap bedding here.  They have so many beautiful options – great quality for such a good price if you are ready for a little bedroom re-fresh!

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

We had some fun space themed bedding on his bed, but he’s getting older {sigh} and this feels a little more grown up and age appropriate for him.

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

I love the throw pillows in this collection so much I added a few more on his window seat.

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

{lab equipment charts}

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

{frayed denim pillow/cross-hatch frayed edge pillow}

They come in multiple colors and are the softest!

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

{mandalorian baby yoda}

A soft spot for a 6th grader (and some “friends”) to land. :)

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

{astro boy galaxy print/wired laundry hamper/moon phases framed canvas/phases of the moon print/multi-bin storage cubby}

Kole still loves all things space/moon so we are keeping his art work up until that changes!

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

I couldn’t resist picking up this beautiful moon phases canvas to add to his collection. :)

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

1-stoneware mug set   2- square throw pillow  3- blue and white dinnerware set 

4- oblong striped pillow   5- natural throw pillow   6- soft cotton blend comforter

7-shower curtain  8- white bath towel set  9 – 3- piece ombre bath set 

10- bath rug  11- white/blue bath towel set

Here are a few other items from the new Gap Home collection I’m loving.  So many cute things for bathrooms and kitchens too!

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

Her are a few pics of how I’ve organized his bedroom..

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

Honestly his books are the hardest thing for me to keep under control.  They multiply so quickly and end up everywhere!

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

More organization details and all sources are in this post if you’re interested!  (Also sidenote.. if something you want from Walmart is out of stock always put your e-mail in the “get in stock notification” box.  Most of the time they bring items back and will notify you when it’s in!  

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

Bedroom clean.. check!  Closet clean.. check!  Mudroom locker clean.. check!  School supplies ready .. check!  Haircut.. check!  I think we’re ready for 6th grade. :)

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

{rock painting kit/creepy monster craft kit/make your own comic book kit}

In the meantime to get us through the last few days of summer while his sisters are in school I picked up a few arts and crafts I knew he would like.  I’m desperate to keep this child off the iPad all day and this far into summer we are hanging on by a very thin thread!  Ha.  I love having things like this on hand for rainy days, down time and birthday gifts  They always come in handy.  Walmart has so many fun craft options for kids!  My girls especially loved stuff like this.  They would make crafts and jewelry for hours when they were younger!

Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)Boys Bedroom Re-fresh (Sunny Side Up)

Kole doesn’t engage with things like this quite as long as my girls did.  This should keep him entertained for maybe an hour if I’m lucky.. then only 11 hours to go.

Have I mentioned that I haven’t had all 3 of my kids back in school since March 2020?

VERY excited for next Wednesday.



xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Boy’s Bedroom Re-fresh

  1. This looks amazing! I bet Kole is loving his room. I really liked the framed lab equipment chalk picture. Do you also have a link to the atom chalk picture?

  2. Kole’s room looks fabulous, Erin. Great new bedding. I like the chemistry pics on the one side of the room and the space themed items on the other. So fun! The pillows do look very soft and I would love to have a window seat like his. Those drawers underneath are genius, too. So many fun things in his room. It’s not too young or too mature. I’m impressed that he is still in elementary school in 6th grade. In my neck of the woods, 6th graders went to middle school. I like the old school way like yourschool, better. :) Good idea to find some fun kits for him to try. I would think the comic book one might engage him for a while. ;) II suspect these last few days will feel like they are really dragging, huh? You can do it! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! So happy you like his room. I was also happy to hear you say it’s “not too young or too mature” because that is the exact stage we are at with Kole. Over some of the kid/toy stuff but not quite into all things teen (thank goodness.. I’m not ready for this one to grow up!). And I know! When I was in school Elementary ended in 5th and I think that’s the norm. I’ve always thought it was strange they go through 6th grade here, but I love it with my kids because I’m in no rush for middle school. ;) We made it to the first day and it feels so good to be settling back into a routine! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  3. Erin,
    I love it! Perfect “little boy-Big boy , pre teen room”.
    A dream room for a Boy! or shall I say a “dream room” for A MOM OF A BOY!?!
    A boy can think that a pillow and blanket fort w/stinky sneakers and sox all over is a dream room ;-D
    Anyway, I love it. Love the striped sheets! I had them growing up at my grandmothers place in Fla. in pink/white.
    Candy striped they were called! Loved them. Never will forget the stripes or HOW crisp the sheets ALWAYS felt for years!
    WHY do sheets not have that “crisp” feel now. I know they were percale, but “percale” is not he same, now……
    I also LOVE the window seat storage. The star Wars things nearly made me cry…. Sniff, sniff……… So long ago, so far away-
    WAIT! THAT is a song-right????
    Anyway-Great job from all(I am sure!) the moms of boys out there!

    BTW-I can not wait for your dining guide. I think I mentioned that I have a friend moving to San Diego(on hold right now-Covid) I LOVE it there and especially La Jolla!! Do you know Georges restaurant? Been a long time, but I bet it is still V. good! If I remember right, it overlooks “Bird Beach”?
    I remember having a wonderful rooftop dinner there. SO many good places in your area!
    I will wait with “baited breath” for your guide. Just know I will love your choices!
    I am a gal who goes for the “Atmosphere” even more than the food. If the Atmosphere is A plus, the food can be a lower B ! My husband, of course(MEN!) would turn THAT around. JUST the FOOD matters to him!

    Take care and KEEP decorating! And pls begin your guide! NOT traveling yet, so I will read it vicariously! Ha! is THAT spelled right?

    1. Yea! Thank you Sharon! SO happy you like his room! I love that you had striped sheets at your grandmas. Sweetest memory! And yes! We love Georges! In La Jolla and such a pretty view. Kenny goes there with clients for work all the time! I’m all about atmosphere too because I’m not a huge foodie. Give me a turkey sandwich and I’m good to go. Ha. ;) I will do my best to come up with a good list for you! :) Enjoy your weekend sweet friend! xo

  4. The refresh turned out great! Do you by chance remember where you got the metal pin board. It would be perfect in my son’s room also!

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