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Favorite Fall tops!

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Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

{tie front peasant top/AG jeans/similar peep toe booties/similar tory burch purse}

Happy Sunday!  I hope you’re having a good weekend so far!  I’m working on a fun Fall decorating inspo. post but it’s not quite finished so I’m popping in quick in the meantime to share a few tops I’ve been wearing and loving!  This cute peasant top above has been a favorite go-to this summer that I know I’ll keep wearing for months (still so hot here!) but the rest of the tops in this post are especially great for transitioning into Fall.  It’s that time of year when most of us are over summer clothes and getting excited about Fall, but it’s still too hot to bust out the sweaters!

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

{extended shoulder sweater/initial pendant necklace/AG jeans/finn chain mules}

This short sleeve extended shoulder sweater is a favorite!  I found it a few months ago at Target and have been living in it.  So casual and cute.  Every time I wear it I get compliments on it.  It just has such a fun casual vibe.  Perfect for early Fall or to layer when it gets cooler.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

{crewneck sweater vest/initial pendant necklace/AG jeans/finn chain mules}

This is another cute Target sweater that’s perfect for early Fall.  I love the neck and the sleeves!

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

{balloon sleeve blouse/initial pendant necklace/AG jeans/similar peep toe booties}

Last Target top.. love this too!  Black is always a Fall staple and this simple balloon sleeve blouse is so lightweight.  Perfect for warm early Fall days.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

{plaid madewell top/initial pendant necklace/AG jeans/similar peep toe booties}

This plaid top is adorable.  I fell hard for the plaid print, but I fell even harder after I tried it on.  It’s just the right length (not too long – not too short) and it’s such a cute, flattering fit.  An absolute Fall staple.  (I love you Madewell!)  It will look so cute layered under a jacket when it cools off too.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

I wore it Friday night to the first home High School football game of the year.  It was so fun seeing El and her friends dance at half time again.  I don’t think I realized how much I missed watching her until I saw her on the field again.  So grateful kids are back in school!  I hung out with my little sidekick all night and this blurry pic was the best we got.  Ha.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

{smocked collar top/AG jeans/similar peep toe booties}

I could not love this smocked collar top more!  The color is absolutely stunning (I love jewel tones for Fall!) plus I’m a sucker for anything with puffed sleeves.  The collar is beautiful and I love the fit and material.

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Absolutely stunning and it also comes in a fun Fall leaf print.

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

I wore it Saturday to lunch in La Jolla with friends.  The 4 of us are on a mission to test every restaurant in San Diego.  Ha.  We never leave a lunch or dinner without planning the next and my goal is to eventually compile our favorites in a San Diego restaurant post for you all!  In the meantime our “research” is a lot of fun and something we all look forward to. :)

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

Our friends just got a new puppy and it’s the sweetest little poodle ever!  I had a black poodle just like this growing up and holding this sweet puppy made us want one so badly.  Out of the question for us with Addison’s allergies/asthma so her bearded dragon will have to do for a family pet.

Lucky us. ;)

Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

We definitely had fun cuddling it and dreaming!

Below are six other Anthro tops on my wish list!  Fall clothes are too much fun. :)

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

1- turtleneck tank  2- flutter eyelet top  3- cowl neck sweater

4- sweatshirt  5- puff-sleeved top  6- tie-front top


Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up){leather backpack purse/similar hydro flask/Air Force 1 sneaker}

A while ago I shared a backpack I found on Amazon and love.  Addison has been using her so much lately that I thought I’d snap a pic of it in case any of you need something like this with kids going back to school.  (I made her stop for a quick pic on her way out the door last week!)

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

It’s not huge and we don’t use this for her school/books backpack but more as a purse/backpack for after school activities.  She wanted something smaller than her regular backpack but big enough to hold a water bottle, snacks, her theater/music binder, etc.  I have the same backpack in grey (Ad loves blue in case you couldn’t tell) and it comes in lots of other colors too.  It’s such a nice backpack and has come in so handy for both of us!

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

{crossbody bag/smocked cotton dress/adidas superstar sneaker}

This is the crossbody bag I got my girls for Christmas last year that I also highly recommend!  It’s such a great size for your phone, wallet, small essentials.  Both of my girls use theirs every day.  El has black and Ad has blue.. always blue for this girl.  It comes in ALL the colors and makes a great gift too!  Cute to fill it with lipstick or lotion and a Starbucks gift card for a birthday present. :)  This smocked cotton dress Ad is wearing is a newish purchase that is so cute on her.  It’s supposed to be an off the shoulder dress but it’s easily adjustable and can be worn on the shoulders too.  The dress/sneaker combo is so in right now and I wish it would have been when I was in high school!  I’m all for comfortable trends.  Why wear heels when you can wear sneakers?  Genius.  :)

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Signing off with a few pretty pics I snapped at Kole’s tennis lesson last week.  The buildings surrounding the tennis courts are absolutely stunning.  I can’t help admiring the architecture every time I’m there!

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Fashion Friday (Sunny Side Up)

Enjoy your day! :)


xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “Favorite Fall tops!

  1. Those sweaters/tops you found are wonderful, Erin. Such pretty designs and textures. I can see why you fell hard for the plaid top, it’s fabulous and looks terrific on you. Thanks for sharing your finds. You are such a pretty model. And so is your sweet daughter. She looks adorable. I was quite impressed with her braids, too. Wow. You can see she has thick hair, but the braiding is so crisp. Does she do it herself? Loved the picture of you and Kole. So fun! Great candid memory shot. The location of his tennis lessons is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. And I have to say, those boys look tiny on that tennis court. I’m sure they get quite the workout when they have class. Really enjoyed your post today, Erin! Thanks so much and hope you have a great week ahead. :)

    1. Such a kind comment Jeanne! You are always so thoughtful. Thank you! I braid Ad’s hair. She has to have it like that a lot for the plays she does because she wears wigs so I’ve become pretty skilled with my braids.. ha! And yes! Kole gets a great workout which is why I’m a big fan of tennis right now. Always trying to wear that boy out. He has too much endless energy! ;) I hope you’re having a good week so far! Thanks for always making me smile. :)

  2. Love all the tops! And I agree…fall clothes are so fun! Hard to pop back into jeans, however after a summer of indulging!! As for dogs and allergies, have you looked into Australian Labradoodles? Both my husband and younger son have bad allergies so we thought a dog was out of the picture for us, but A.L.’s are completely hypoallergenic. We have a couple of friends in town that have this breed so before we made our decision, we had our friends come over with their dogs a couple of times as a test and neither of them had any reaction. They don’t shed, they’re super smart and SO cute and lovable. We ended up getting a girl (Sammy) and we all just adore her. We were so happy to have found a dog that wouldn’t adversely affect those two.

    1. Oh my word Leah.. I hear you on the jeans! I’m down to only two pairs that fit right now and I have a lot of jeans. Ha. I haven’t looked into Australian Labradoodles! I’ll have to check them out. We’ve tried lots of hypoallergenic dogs but Ad still has issues with the saliva. Then the allergic reactions are heightened because of her asthma. It’s a constant attack on her immune system. :( I love that you found something that works for your family! I’ll definitely look into that breed. Thank you for sharing! xo

      1. Of course! Our younger son with the allergies also has asthma so I know exactly what you’re dealing with. It can be hard. Have fun researching those dogs! ;)

  3. Erin,
    Ha! I thought my mentioning the dog in my LAST post was a magic potion for just a min!
    I have a bad habit of skimming thru all the photos before I read!
    Then I remembered the allergies and your pet Peaches, and went ahead and read(like a NORMAL person)
    What a cutie! I love that color poodle! Had a white one growing up.
    I now have a V. unusual, pumpkin color Bichon! They(Bichons) USED to be in all colors till the white stuck and she is a throw back to the days of yore!
    BTW-I LOVE the black, blousy target top. I dont usually get clothes in target but I am ordering this one. A “winner”, I think! Love 3/4 sleeves as they stay out of messes(like IF I actually cook ;-D) and you still have something on your arms for the cooler fall temps and black always shows off a nice little sparkle necklace(or 2 if doing the popular layer method!)
    Looks like I will order, Just have to decide on S. or XS. From the reviews it is a matter of length…….
    WHY are ladies SO many diff. sizes!?! even in shoes. I can be sometimes(sandals 6 1/2 ) and as much as 8 in a tight shoe!
    Pants can be usually a 4, but sometimes 6 and I have 1 pair to take back where 4 is ENORMOUS and I need a 2!
    Men all seem to be able to buy 1 size!
    Well, you look great in ALL the tops and I do love summer but this yr I want Fall for some odd reason……
    MAYBE it is B/c we are TODAY, this min. in a tropical storm,” Henri” and the air is so hot and thick you could cut it w/a knife!

    Take care and enjoy Peaches! Been there, done THAT but ours was an African water frog named-GUESS…….
    KERMIT! :-D

    1. Kermit! Ha ha.. I love it Sharon! And I totally agree.. women’s sizing is all over the map! My shoes range from 6 1/2 to 8 too! I ALWAYS have to try things on to figure out the size I need (especially in pants). Items run so differently for us where with men you can always just get their size and they are good to go. Always so simple for men! I’m so happy you like the black top. I love 3/4 sleeves too and can imagine they would be perfect for cooking! I’ve noticed they are great for picking up take-out too. ;)

      love you! xo

  4. Too cute. Just love following you.
    I’ve written before asking if you’d share the size and brand of your kitchen bay window over the sink. Whenever Yiu get a moment I would be grateful. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jodi! Thank you so much. All of our windows are Andersen! My bay window is 57 inches long and about 22 inches deep. I hope that helps! :)

  5. I’m here to say I am so glad your son is taking tennis. Having raised 2 and observed lots of kids, tennis, golf and music lessons are the way to go. Nobody (hardly anyone) grows up and plays football as an adult. But, they will play golf and tennis and the piano their entire life! And dance lessons! If you can just get them to see the value of the cha cha cha….

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