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N sale men’s favorites and wrap up!

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It’s the last weekend of the N sale!  Nobody is cheering louder than my husband.  Ha.  Kidding!  Kind of. ;)  A few days ago I told Kenny he needed to try on the stuff we ordered for him from the sale so I could return anything that didn’t fit.  He put on the first shirt and I loved it and said “hey.. can I snap a quick picture of you in that shirt.. and of everything else you love from the sale?”  Kenny enjoys getting his picture taken about as much as I love cooking so I was surprised when he answered  “sure.”  But then he added “but you only get one picture per shirt and I’m not putting on pants.”  I laughed (wait what!?  so scandalous) and then he added “I mean I’m staying in my shorts.” 

Ahhh!  Got it.  That I can live with. ;)

He has been anti long pants since the stay at home ordeal started in March 2020 and has honesty only had them on maybe twice since then.  He is still working from home and living his best life in a dress shirt and his beloved Vuori shorts everyday.

Mens clothes N sale (Sunny Side Up)

{fireball pullover hoodie/vuori banks shorts/similar vans}

So here is today’s guest on the blog!  Being such a good sport.  I’m sharing the one pic I was allowed to take in each outfit.  Fastest photo shoot EVER.  Ha.  We both love this hoodie!  Perfect to go with all those Vuori shorts he’s living in. :)

Mens clothes N sale (Sunny Side Up)

{tipped t-shirt/similar shorts/chambray slip-ons}

This is a simple tee but the detail around the neck and sleeves elevate it just a bit.  Nice material and a great fit plus it comes in lots of colors.  For just $25 I’m tempted to order him another one.  I love the navy with these new vans!  My husband’s shoe of choice. :)

Mens clothes N sale (Sunny Side Up)

{georgia crewneck t-shirt/similar shorts/era sneaker}

Kenny really loved this tee because of the way it fit.  Very soft material too!  It comes in 8 different colors.  I got this tan to mix it up because it’s a different color than most tops in his closet.  He already has a pair of Vans this color but they are completely worn out so it was time to replace them.  They go with everything!

Mens clothes N sale (Sunny Side Up)

{ugg gordon zip hoodie/vuori banks shorts/similar vans}

This Ugg hoodie is so soft and comfortable!  I knew he’d love this the second I saw it.  He lives in shorts and hoodies like this when it’s cool outside.

Mens clothes N sale (Sunny Side Up)

{adidas essential hoodie/vuori banks shorts/chuck sneakers}

He also lives in hoodies like this one. :)  You can never go wrong with an Adidas hoodie!  Or with Chuck sneakers.  Both are staples for both of us!

Below are a few other items I love and recently ordered him that he hasn’t tried on yet..

Mens clothes N sale (Sunny Side Up)

{chambray slip-ons/era sneaker/chuck sneakers/air zoom pegasus running shoes}

And these are his favorite shoes from the sale I shared above!  All will be on repeat this Fall.  Fall!  It’s coming!  I can feel it with every back to school e-mail I get.  And I’ve been getting a lot.  :)  You too?  Such a busy time of year with all of the back to school prep happening.  My girls start in a week but Kole is out until September so I have a few more weeks of beach time with little buddy.  No complaints about that. :)

beach days (Sunny Side Up)

Boogie boards and flip-flops drying outside our garage door are a typical summer scene at our house.  I’m ready for summer to end and also.. not. :)

Back to the N sale.. there are so many cute things still in stock!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Round 2 (Sunny Side Up)

{long sleeve performance tee/zella live-in joggers/swift run sneaker}

Staples like my beloved Zella joggers.  (How cute are they in black camo too!?)  I ordered another color in this tong sleeve performance tee too because I wear the grey so much.  It’s light weight and perfect for a walk or hike on cool days!

I also ordered this layer t-shirt to try and the same in the long sleeve t-shirt.  My favorite Caslon tees are still in stock too!  I’m wearing one right now as I type this.  And probably sleeping in it tonight.  Ha.

Also I know I mentioned this before but I can’t recommend this Natori bra enough!  It rarely goes on sale so this is such a good time to pick one up to try.  You can thank me later. :)

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{back twist knit top/initial pendant necklace/AG farrah high waist jeans (same pair w/lighter wash on sale)/pointed toe mule}

And my initial pendant necklace was re-stocked!  I’ve hardly taken it off since I bought it when the sale started.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1-collegen lip gloss    2- cult classic cleaner   3- monogram coasters 

4- in the wild throw blanket   5- tory carson leather wallet  6- hypnose drama mascara

7- cubic zirconia pendant necklace   8- bliss plush throw  9- eye & cheek set 

10- bradley leather crossbody   11- initial pendant necklace   12- mini initial necklace 

13- cubic zirconia earrings   14- soak & soften set  15- mascara & eyeliner set  16 – hair tie set

A lot of my favorites for gifts are still in stock too!

For more fun items I love that are still in stock you can check any of my sale posts below!  Until next time Anniversary sale.  You were good to us.







xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “N sale men’s favorites and wrap up!

  1. What a great sport your husband is. Of course, he looks great in his comfy clothes. I noticed he did change shorts a couple of times and his shoes. ;) Good job, Kenny. I don’t blame him for wanting to stay comfy and casual. Job well done to you, Erin for all your hard work on these posts. Good luck to your girls as they head back to class. I hope they have a fantastic year and one where they don’t have to learn at home! And how fun you get some extra one on one time with your buddy. I know you will enjoy those moments for sure. Have a wonderful last summer weekend with your sweet girls!

    1. Thank you! I know.. he was a good sport to let me mix up the shorts. Just no pants allowed. Ha. And yea for in person school! We are all so excited. :) I hope you and your sweet girls enjoy what’s left of your summer too Jeanne! xo

  2. This is random, but you’ve mentioned the beach in a couple of your posts recently. Do you guys go to the beach often? How close do you live to the beach? I see lots of photos of your pool on your blog but hardly any beach photos, so I guess I didn’t realize how much of a beach family you were! Maybe you just leave your phone and camera at home so they don’t get sandy and wet. I think I am just missing the beach so much (live in the Midwest and haven’t done any beach trips in two years b/c COVID) so I am wanting to live vicariously through other peoples’ beach trips/lives. LOL. So, blog post idea – share your beach tips/pics/products you love for the beach/etc. sometime. But mainly the pics so I can pretend I’m there too :)

    1. Hi Kim! We do go to the beach often! Especially in the summer. I’m probably there once every week or two but I drive there multiple times a week picking up and dropping off my kids. (My kids spend a lot more time there than I do!) We live really close.. you could ride your bike or walk. About a 10 minute drive. I need to be better about taking pics when we’re there! We usually meet friends so I just chat and enjoy and forget about pictures. I should definitely write a post on beach favorites! Thanks for the fun idea. :) I hope you get to visit the beach again soon! xo

  3. Kenny, you are such a good sport! You even have a variety of poses! My husband also lives in shorts most of the year, and is currently only 10 degrees Celsius where we live in Melbourne, Australia.

  4. Erin, a short note THIS TIME! ;-D
    You have been kissed by the Angels! REALLY!
    -Handsome husband who looks FAB in ALL the new clothes…..
    -Beautiful daughters…….
    -Adorable son coming quickly into handsome……….
    -spectacular home and furnishings………
    ALL you NEED is a DOG!
    I remember something about allergy……
    BUT IF you had a dog-
    He/she WOULD be wonderful too!
    Have a WONDERFUL week!

    1. Sharon you crack me up! LOVE your short note! And I love your long notes! You are too kind.. really. So thoughtful of you to say! No dog but we do have a pretty wonderful lizard. Ha! ;) LOVE YOU! Thanks for making my day. :) xo

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