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N sale top picks!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Not much progress on unpacking and laundry today, but I did hit the Nordstrom sale and we have groceries!  Life is all about priorities. ;)  I’m going to post outfit pics soon but wanted to share my top picks in each category first.  These are the items I either already have and love OR items on my wish list I wanted to try on this year.  One thing worth mentioning about the N sale this year – the stores don’t have certain brands/items in stock and there is A LOT more on-line.  I noticed this in my store and have heard that’s the case everywhere else too.  Usually I can find most of my wish list in the store but not this year.  Clearly I still did some damage (ha) but I ended up getting a few cute things and then items for my family/gifts in the store and then I came home and ordered the rest of the items I wanted on-line.  Just a heads up if you are used to getting most items at your store!  You might have better luck shopping from home.  In your sweats.  Eating popcorn.

I didn’t say it was necessarily bad news. :)

I always hit shoes first with this sale and I did find some cute shoes in my store!  Below are favorites and what I came home with.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1- sneaker  2- swift run sneaker   3- sandal   4- over the knee boot

5- slipper   6- aysira bootie   7- poppy sneaker   8- shearling slipper

9- mule   10- pegasus running shoe

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{pointed toe mule/block heel sandal/ultra boost DNA running shoe/swift run sneaker/tava over the knee boot/heidi over the knee boot}

I pretty much had these shoes picked out before I went but two pairs surprised me.  The pink running shoes (honestly the most comfortable shoes EVER.. I feel like I’m walking on a cloud in them!) and the heidi over the knee boots.  Hands down my favorite boots this year!  They are so comfortable and stylish and can be dressed up or down.  I couldn’t decided between the brown or black so I came home with both thinking I’ll try things on and figure out which color I’ll wear more.  They are SO cute.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{ugg shearling slipper/cozette shearling slipper}

I always splurge on a pair of Ugg slippers to live in all winter and these are both so comfortable.  The cozette slippers I bought last year and I have lived in them this spring/summer.  Both of these have thick soles which I love for slippers!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1- leather crossbody bag  2- leopard print crossbody bag  3- striped crossbody bag

4- striped convertible crossbody bag  5- leather crossbody bag  6- straw basket tote

7- convertible leather bag  8-  zip top crossbody bag  9- leather wallet   10- le pliage tote

11- simple tote   12- medium transport tote   13- suede shoulder bag   14- large tote 

So many cute hand bags this year!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{TB colorblock leather tote/TB carson zip top crossbody/TP carson leather crossbody}

It took great restraint to just come home with two!  Tory Burch is always my favorite and I know this large tote and small crossbody will become long time staples.  The black crossbody I bought last year at the N sale and it has been one of my most used purses!  Both of these smaller purses are perfect for dinner with friends/date night.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1- leather backpack  2- nylon backpack  3- Carson nylon backpack

4- suede tote backpack  5- nylon backpack  6- quiz backpack

There are also some really cute back packs this year too!  My girls and I have been using backpack purses more and more.  They are especially great for travel.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1-high waist leggings    2- zip hooded jacket   3- cover tank

4- performance shirt   5-high waist crop leggings  6- thongs

7- racerback sports bra  8-seamless crop top   9-jogger pants 

10-crop tank  11-high waist leggings  12- running shorts 

13- high waist sweatpants   14- crop hoodie

Activewear!  Probably my favorite category after loungewear. :)  I have most of the items above and would totally recommend them all!  Some of the cute matching sets on the bottom row are heading my way so I’ll let you know what I think of them.  The Zella live in joggers (#11) are so good and will definitely sell out quickly at such a low price!  Long time favorites. :)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1 –pickford pullover  2 – fisherman sweater   3 – windy day blend

4 – wound up stripe   5 –bb dakota mock neck   6 – balloon sleeve

7 – stripe pullover  8 – sunrise stripe  9 – bird’s eye  10 – madewell

Lots of cute sweaters this year!  Most I had to order but I will tell you that #7 is SO GOOD.  Madewell of course!  Not predictable at all over here. ;)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1- rails  2- paige   3- plaid boyfriend shirt   4- splendid 

5- vince camuto     6- treasure and bond    7- madwell 

8- tie front top     9- 1.state     10- 1. state 

So many cute tops so I divided my favorites up in long sleeved and short sleeved below!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1- Madwell   2- cece  3- 1.state  4- vince camuto

5- faherty   6- derek lam   7- 1.state   8- cece 

9- 1.state  10- wayf


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1- reversible puffer jacket. 2- fleece jacket    3- hooded raincoat

4- wubby jacket    5-  hooded quilted coat  6- hooded puffer jacket 

7- puffer jacket    8-  insulated jacket   9- portland jacket 

10-  belted wool coat   11-bomber jacket  12- faux leather trench coat

There is also a great selection of coats this year!  Makes me wish I lived somewhere cold.  Just long enough to wear a cute coat. :)


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1-moonlight pajamas   2- ribbed robe  3- star seeker pajamas   4- cozy chic pajamas

5- namaste lounge set   6-comfy top / comfy jogger   7- moonlight short pajamas 

8- nightshirt  9- animal print short pajamas   10- anniversary sale

Loungewear.  It will always have my heart!  Kenny’s last words when I’m shopping the N sale are always “just don’t buy more pajamas..”  Right.  Sure thing babe!  How about you stop watching baseball.  The day that happens I’ll stop buying pajamas.

We all have our unique forms of therapy. ;)


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1-sweater dress   2- tie front dress   3- A-line dress  4- floral dress

5- tiered dress   6- dot print dress   7- wrap dress  8- sweater dress 

9- prairie dress  10- leopard print dress  11- babydoll minidress  12- minidress 

Lots of cute dresses this year too!  Only one of the dresses above was in my store so I’m patiently waiting on a few of these!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1- hair dryer  2- flat iron  3- curling iron  4- hair care set 

5- shampoo & conditioning set   6- luxe brush set

Favorites for hair but no surprises!  You all know how I feel about T3 hair tools.  I bought mine years ago at this sale and they are still in great shape!  So cute in pink. :)


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{olaplex hair care/bobbi brown soft glow/they’re real mascara}

This year I was thrilled to see the Olaplex set in the sale!  I’m so excited to try the shampoo/conditioner.  I have a feeling this set will sell out quick because it’s so popular.  I also came home with this mascara set and I always pick up new Bobbi Brown eyeshadow (it’s my favorite).  Other makeup/beauty favorites are below!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1- mascara  2- lip, cheek, & eye set  3- face & eye set   4- makeup setting spray

5- eye & cheek set   6- lipstick set   7- lengthening mascara set 

8- bronzing mousse   9- blending brush set   10- complexion brush set

So many fun things this year!  I hope this post helps narrow things down.  I know it’s overwhelming with so many items on sale.  Everyone has different favorites and a lot of the above items are my tried and trues!  I’ll be back with some fun outfit pics and then we’ll chat decor and organization.  I have a few fun things I’m working on this summer and I need to wrap them up before it’s time for back to school and all things Fall.  Summer goes by so quickly doesn’t it!?  I hope you’re enjoying yours. :)


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “N sale top picks!

  1. Wow, just wow! I would be completely overwhelmed with this sale. So many options. I know you pick out the best and I appreciate that and the hard work it takes to pull all this together. So I am clapping in congratulations to you for all you do and share. Our summer is pretty quiet compared to yours. My girls are working. A lot! LOL It’s all good and a teensy bit quiet. :)

    1. You are the sweetest Jeanne! Thank you so much. It’s a lot of work for sure (so much to go through!) but I enjoy it. And it makes my day when it’s helpful. :) So nice for you that you are enjoying the peace and quiet! I could go for a little of that right now but I think I’ll have to wait for back to school. ;) Enjoy your day! xo

  2. Thanks for sharing so many cute things! Question about the Adidas UltraBoost running shoe – you call it pink and it looks pink in your pic, but when I click that link they call it ivory and it looks ivory. Just trying to figure out if that’s the same shoe or if maybe your color sold out. I hope not – I want the ones you pictured! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Kim! Thank you so much! That’s such a good question! I checked my box to make sure and yes! It’s the ivory. Kind of a soft pink/ivory color. Honestly they are crazy soft! You will love them! :)

      1. Thanks for double checking that for me! I just clicked on them again and they are sold out now. Boo! Crossing my fingers for a restock – I can’t shop till Friday.

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