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June Amazon Buys

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June Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

{light fixture/malta rug/couch cushions/couch base/storage unit/shimmer baskets/foosball table}

Happy July everyone!  I’m a little late with my June Amazon buys.  We have been enjoying friends and family and kids and summer and sun.  All good things.  I so hope you are doing the same and I hope you have fun plans for the weekend!

Remember my in-progress teen hang out room?  This space used to be a playroom for my kids when they were little, but it wasn’t getting used much so I starting transforming it into a teen hang out.  I was off to such a good start with a cute rug, couch, additional storage and my kids’ favorite – our beloved hanging rattan chair.

June Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

Then my husband made an executive decision that he and Kole needed a ping pong table.  Ummmm.. not part of the plan.  He spent some time researching different tables and finally decided this was the one.  The good news?  This room is getting used more than ever and it has become a true teen (and family) hangout because everyone loves ping pong.  The bad news?  This table takes up our whole room!  No need for a rug.. no room for the couch.  I had this space decorated so cute in my head!  But to be honest I’m glad I never finished decorating it the way I originally had planned.  This set up doesn’t look as cute, but it’s much more practical.  This room is a mess right now (I snapped these pics quick with my phone after we set up the table) so I’ll share it when I get things put together.  I’m going to add some things to the walls and get it semi decorated.  Debating new paint.  On to plan B!

June Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

Another bonus with this ping pong table is that you can easily set it up so that just one person can play.  It has been keeping Kole entertained for hours!  Which in my book is priceless. :)

June Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

This is another Amazon purchase that helps me keep Kole entertained.  He has always loved hidden pictures and this 4 book set is great.  I love things like this for when we travel or after we have been out in the sun all day and just need some inside quiet time.

June Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

I picked up another bottle of my favorite tanner this month.  I’ve tried several self tanners and this is my favorite because you can so easily see exactly where you’re applying it and how dark it’s going to look.  It looks natural and is so easy to blend if you have the mitt!  A summer staple for me.

June Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

I mentioned that my favorite storage bags for pillows were back in stock so I picked up a couple more.

June Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

{jewelry organizer/rug}

Also my jewelry organizer came!  I love this because I wear a necklace almost every day and this is such an easy way to keep them from getting tangled when I travel.  There are also more pockets for bracelets or a watch and places for your rings and earrings.  I have a thing for letter necklaces (I’m sure you’ve noticed by now!) so most of my necklaces are a little mini “e.”  Below are favorites!  I have them all but one and it’s on my wish list.  Necklaces like this are one of my all time favorite gifts to give and I love seeing my friends wearing their letter necklaces too. :)

June Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

I shared other travel favorites (including my favorite make-up bag above) in this post but I forgot to share my favorite travel duffel bag.  (Not Amazon but it matches my Amazon travel accessories perfectly!)  I bought a pink and black Luca duffel for me and Kenny for Christmas last year and we have been loving them!  So many pockets for all the things and they are just soft and comfortable and easy to carry and attach to larger luggage.  I have this backpack on my wishlist for next Christmas.  (I like the duffel for car travel but want the backpack for when we’re flying.. nice to have your hands free in the airport with kids!)

June Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

My faux cherry blossom branches arrived and I have to say.. I’m impressed!  I thought there would be a major difference between these and my more expensive faux branches but they look VERY similar.  The main difference is that these branches are a little smaller and if you look up close at the brown branch it doesn’t look quite as real.. but SO close and the blossoms are very realistic!  They come in a set of 3 and I ordered 2 sets so this is 6 branches total.  Perfect for most vases.

June Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

Here is a closer look.  Impressive right!?  Amazon SCORE.

Below is everything we bought and loved from Amazon in June!  I’ve been on such a travel accessory kick I ordered two new sets of packing cubes to try.  I’ve had some for years but don’t love them.  I ordered this set and this set and will report back with my favorite.  We also picked up a fun swim tube for the pool, another small backpack (Addison loves her so much I got one for me and El to share), jumbo hair rollers El wants to try, and this kitchen sink/counter squeegee that is amazing for cleaning up food/spills.  I’ve been using it mostly in my farmhouse sinks to help guide food into the drain.

That’s a wrap on my Amazon favs.  Enjoy the holiday weekend!  Party like it’s 2021. ;)

June Amazon Buys (Sunny Side Up)

1- highlights book set    2- jewerly organizer case   3- cherry blossom branches 

4- tan mousse  5- packing cubes   6- pool float   7- leather backpack 

8- jumbo size hair roller set   9- ping pong paddles  10- indoor table tennis 

11- kitchen sink squeegee  12- storage bags 

xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “June Amazon Buys

  1. Fun finds! Congrats on the ping pong table. We had one in our den/multipurpose room when I was growing up. It got lots of use from 6 kids and their friends over the years. Then we had a bumper pool table. My dad cut a cover for it and when we weren’t playing bumper pool, he’d pull out a 1,000 to 5,000 piece puzzle to do on top of it. Man, your post brought up some great memories! The room wasn’t fashionably decorated, but it was fun to be in. That’s the real win, right? Hope you enjoy it! And the Highlights books! Another great memory from growing up and my early teaching years. Thanks for sharing. Glad you found some great looking luggage/travel items. Looks like a successful month. :) Thanks for sharing, Erin. I hope you and your sweet family have a lovely holiday weekend. :) You don’t know how bad I wish I could jump into your pool these days. hee, hee! (Another source of great memories for me).

    1. We had one growing up too Jeanne and it was a kid/teen magnet! I wish we had room for a pool table too. And foosball and air hockey.. all the things! Ours was in our basement growing up and same.. no decor but I have the best memories of that space. Wish I could have you and your girls over to swim! Enjoy the 4th with your family.. sending hugs your way! xo

  2. You always have such good items listed on your blog! Based on your posts, I’ve bought a few things and I love all of them, especially the electric tooth brush from Vanity Planet LOVE it! Happy 4th!

    1. Leah that makes my day! Isn’t that toothbrush great!? I love it too. Thank you.. I’m thrilled you’ve been happy with my recommendations! Happy 4th to you and your crew! xo

  3. Erin – Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your suggestions for toys/games for Kole. I have come to depend on your suggestions for my young grandsons. I purchased the Highlights Hidden Pictures to entertain my 5 year old grandson when his baby brother is born at the end of the month! Appreciate your blog and you! Thanks again!

    1. I’m so happy to hear that Beverlee! Thank you for letting me know. So thoughtful of you and it means a lot. :) I hope your grandson loves the books! xo

  4. Have a happy July 4th! I’ll be celebrating (it’s my birthday!) with family in Mississippi – about a 10 hour drive from Indiana. Love the new ping-pong table! In our old house, when the kids were getting to be in their teens, we converted our deck into a new room addition so they had a place to hang out with friends besides their bedrooms. Worked out great! I’m sure you’ll eventually get a room set aside for that as well. :)

  5. Erin,
    So many things from Amazon! You pick the nicest things!
    So much coming into this house from Amazon and there was very little from them pre pandemic!
    It is the one thing I know we will not give up!
    I always look at what you have posted and I did order, last year, the pool towel rack(coat rack)
    I also ordered the Mascara in the green tube nd love it!
    Last year you got me back onto Bobbi Brown.
    I LOVE most of the collection AGAIN!
    I KNOW I have ordered other things from your blog……hmmmmm…….
    Our whole Foods store here is also AMAZON, so I sometimes feel out family is keeping them(Amazon) in business!
    Between food and clothing, things for the house and beach place and the pool, very little not coming from them.
    I DO try to buy from the small, local businesses when ever possible, though………SO IMPORTANT, especially now after all the shut downs, so many have suffered badly.
    Erin, keep on posting and keep on decorating. I JUST LOVE IT!
    There is a wonderful store for home and clothes and everything decorating in Old Saybrook, Ct. that I LOVE. You just go in and float around and even if your mood was poor upon entering, you leave w/a smile on your face, even in the RARE times I leave WITHOUT a shopping bag on my arm! it is the same when I read your blog. Just changes everything w/the world, no matter WHAT is happening! No matter how bad. I call THAT a PUBLIC SERVICE! :-D
    I hope your baby Robins did ok. I wish I could post pics. of mine! It was so much fun and actually a honor to watch this little slice of life from hatching to leaving!
    Take care and happy 4th!

    1. Sharon you are just the sweetest and always make my day! You are so kind to say that about reading my blog. Honestly one of the kindest comments I think I’ve ever received. Thank you so much! That means the world to me. I try to still shop from small businesses too but SAME! So much coming in from Amazon each month! I always wonder how we lived without it for so long! Kenny knows our delivery guy personally now because his office is right by the front door and he leaves his door open when he’s working. The delivery truck comes with new Amazon boxes and they chat away about their lives and families and it cracks me up. Friends because I order so much! Ha ha.. :) It’s just so convenient. Our robins survived and all took off and I agree! Fun and hard watching the process. I kind of miss them! But I don’t miss the mess on my front porch. :) I hope you’re having a great July with your family! Thank you again for your sweet words. I’m saving this comment to read whenever I’m having an off day and I have no doubt it will cheer me right up! That’s public service too. ;) XO (And someday I want to visit you and stop by that store!)

  6. Thank you for the reminder the pillow storage bags are in stock! I just ordered some. I have pillows in every closet, it will be nice to have them all in one place and organized.

  7. Love your blog, I share it with everyone. Great finds! Can you tell me if you have the large or extra large storage bags for your pillows?

  8. I meant to also ask about the vase that you have the branches in. I was curious if the dimensions and where you purchased it. Thanks.

  9. Hi Erin, I love all the items that you show on your blog. I have used them for organization, home decor, fashion and ideas t keep the grandkids busy. Your blog is my favorite! A question— I love the vase that you have the cherry blossoms in…. Do you remember where you got it?
    Thanks and hope you had a wonderful 4th of July.

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