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Girls Organized Bathroom & Prime Time

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Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a nice Father’s Day weekend!  I’m kicking the week off with two fun topics.. Amazon prime day and my girls’ organized bathroom drawers.  They don’t have much in common other than they are both topics of interest to me at the moment.. ha.  Do you wait to buy things during Prime Day?  I have a few outdoor rug options picked out on Amazon (our current rug is so faded from the sun!) so I’m watching close to see if they get marked down.  Let me know if you want me to share them!  Devices are all marked down (woot woot!) so we are picking up a new family iPad too.  Of course I always tend to naturally gravitate towards home decor during sales like this.  I just ordered these faux cherry blossom branches – they look beautiful and are such a good deal!  I rounded up some Amazon favorites you’ve probably seen in my house a time or ten along with a few items I have my eye on below!

(Head here to see all Prime Day Deals!)  

Amazon home Favorites (

1- white marble wood serving board   2-  storage baskets  3- wood serving bowl

4-  artificial cherry blossom branches  5- arched wall mirror   6- bell hanging ceiling lamp

7- battery operated candle set   8- large storage baskets   9- round wall mirror

10- candle holders set   11- large wood serving bowl   12- wood bead garland

13- decorative vase   14- computer desk   15- arm chair   16- cutting boards

Ok.. remember our fun Spring Get Organized Challenge?  I was organizing like a mad woman and knocking spaces out faster than I could share them!  I organized my girls’ bathroom drawers during bathroom week and never had time to post the pics.  My girls have surprisingly kept their drawers clean so I think we have found a few systems that work!

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

First up is Ellie’s side.  I used a few different organizers including this 16 piece drawer organizer set.  They are very similar to the organizers I used in my bathroom drawers.  They are less expensive and the main difference I’ve noticed is that they are a little thinner and slip around the drawer a little more.  Nothing that a little putty can’t fix!  (I use this museum putty a lot to hold plates on shelves, organizers in drawers, etc.)

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

I also used these expandable drawer organizers to hold her make-up and small things like rings.  I love these organizers because you can easily make them fit whatever size of drawer you have since they expand top to bottom.  They are shallow so perfect for thin/small items.

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

This is a shared drawer so it holds a few random items like brushes and nail polish that my girls share.

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

It also holds our favorite hair brush cleaning tool!  The best for cleaning hair out of brushes.  Trust me on this one.. we have lots of thick hair at our house. :)

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

Addie’s side.. same expandable organizers.

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

Nothing like clean and organized bathroom drawers.  Such a nice sight to see every day when you get ready!

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

More of Ad’s side..

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

and a few more random middle shared drawers.

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

We’ve had these mesh stackable bins for years.  They are perfect to hold scrunchies, headbands and other large random bathroom items.  They are also great to stack under a sink if you are short on space.

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

Addison is my skin care girl so she has lots of random masks and bottles.  I used my go-to drawer dividers to hold them.  Always a win!  They are perfect for deep drawers if you want to be able to stand bottles and other items up instead of laying them flat.

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

Curling irons and other hair tools are all together in a bottom shared drawer.

The best part is that these organizers have made it so simple for my girls to easily put items back where they go which is why these drawers have stayed looking so nice.  Every once in a while we use our go-to bathroom hand held vac to clean debris/hair out of the drawers and that’s it!  Done and done.  Angels are singing and we can call this makeover a win. :)

Girls Bathroom Sources:

Below are other bathroom organization favorites!

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

1-  woven tank tray   2 – large deep drawer bin  3 – 2-tier organizer basket

4 –  linus shallow drawer organizer   5 – hanging shower caddy  6 – 16-piece organizer set

7 – adjustable drawer dividers  8 – clear plastic jar set  9 – woven rattan nesting baskets

10 – expandable drawer organizers  11 – lazy susan   12 – linus deep drawer organizer 

Organized bathroom drawers (Sunny Side Up)

You can see how other bathrooms throughout our home are organized in this post (my drawers) and in this post (Kenny’s drawers and other bathrooms).

Enjoy your day!  Have fun shopping ALL the Amazon Prime deals and clean out a drawer or two!  Both are instant uppers.


xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Girls Organized Bathroom & Prime Time

  1. Great job, Erin. Thanks for sharing. I think I got a tip or two from you a few years ago about bathroom drawers and I put some organizers in my bathroom drawers. I only have two(we have a serious lack of drawers in my house, I’m realizing). They’ve been holding my brush and my girls’ brushes ever since. The bottom drawer was a hot mess and I decluttered and put in a couple organizers and it’s looked neat and tidy ever since. You are so right about how the organizers work! Thank you! I have a couple under the sink, too, but sometimes bottles of this or that work there way under there. Hey, 2 1/2 out of 3 spots working seamlessly is a charm in my book. I hope you find what you are looking for on Amazon. Happy first day of summer! I hope yours is nicely relaxing. :)

    1. 2 1/2 out of 3 is amazing Jeanne! When you find the right organizers they really do make a difference. Happy summer to you and your sweet crew! xo

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