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N sale try on round 3

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{marble lazy susan/petal dinner plates/pink petal salad plates}

 It’s a new week!  I hope yours is off to a good start.  We woke up to clouds and a little rain!  It felt so good while it lasted.  Which wasn’t long. :)  I’m sharing a few N sale items I ordered that came in and are still in stock.  This post is LONG so grab a snack!  The sale opens to everyone Wednesday and I have a feeling items will fly fast when it does so I wanted to get this all posted before things sell out.  There are still a lot of cute things in stock so make sure you get what you want if you can shop now OR have your wishlist ready to go early Wednesday!  The sale was good this year.  I can’t believe my marble lazy susan is still in stock!  So are these fun petal plates.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{petal dinner plates/pink petal salad plates/pink frayed napkin/aria gold napkin ring/pink glasses/

jute chargers/gold flatware/large gold planter/small gold planter/faux pink peonies}

So beautiful for Spring and Summer get togethers! The jute chargers will be fun for Fall dining too.  The plates aren’t part of the sale but I’m surprised they are still in stock and wanted to share before they are gone.  I bought the salad plates last year and always get questions about them!

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Tory Burch purse/Tory Burch wallet/(Tory Burch N sale wallet)/make-up bag/Chanel sunglasses/}

(Post on purse organization)

I just realized yesterday that a Tory Burch wallet almost identical to mine is part of the sale in two different colors!  I’ve had this wallet for years and use it daily and can’t recommend it enough.  It sill looks brand new!  Such a good deal here in cream and black.  You can see everything Tory Burch that’s still on sale here.  A lot of great items to stock up on for Christmas gifts too.  Thinking ahead as always. :)

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Tory Burch Bag/initial pendant necklace/faux leather trim bomber jacket/AG farrah high waist jeans (same pair w/lighter wash on sale)/pointed toe mule}

This faux leather trim bomber jacket is so cozy and such a cute cropped fit!  When I first tried it on I thought oh no.. not keeping this.  It was so boxy looking.  Then I realized there is a little tie on the side that cinches it!  Once I cinched it up I was in love!  It took two pictures.. above I left the cinch tie out so you can see it (hanging to the side).  So nice because you can adjust it to be as fitted as you want.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Then you can tuck the cinch tie up in the jacket or in your jeans so it isn’t hanging out.  Cute.  It comes in lots of colors too!

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{leather moto jacket/similar faux leather jacket/rounded v-neck tee/AG farrah high waist jeans/heidi over the knee boots}

This exact leather moto jacket sold out.  It’s a great fit and really comfortable with a detachable hood.  I have a feeling they’ll re-stock it at some point because it was so popular this year so keep checking back if you want it.  BUT I found this faux leather jacket that is almost identical and still available!  A lot less expensive and still on sale if you love the look.  Also they re-stocked these boots!  My favorite boots from the sale this year.. I go them in caramel too.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{puff sleeve rib knit top/AG farrah high waist jeans (same pair w/lighter wash on sale)/initial pendant necklace/pointed toe mule}

This puff sleeve top is adorable and I’m so happy I can start wearing it now!  It’s a fitted top.. comes in other colors and is soft.. I love the sleeve length too!

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{back twist knit top/initial pendant necklace/AG farrah high waist jeans (same pair w/lighter wash on sale)/pointed toe mule}

This is another top from the sale that I loved.  So cute and I think it’s being overlooked because it has only one so-so review.  I love it!  It has the cutest twisted straps on the back (you can see it here) that my hair cover (ha) and it’s a soft lightweight material.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I ordered it in black too and am still debating which color to keep.  I took this pic so that you can see the length.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I prefer it with a little front tuck. But you all knew that. :)

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{princess sweater/initial pendant necklace/AG farrah high waist jeans (same pair w/lighter wash on sale)/tory burch tote/pointed toe mule}

This cropped free people princess sweater is another cute find.  Incredibly soft and it also comes in a blue and black!  This would also be really cute with leggings tossed on over workout clothes for the day to pull your outfit together.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Nike sneakers}

I ordered a few sneakers to try and love these Nikes!  Very comfortable and just cute for every day running around.  They come in black too.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{muse ribbed crop hoodie/ribbed high waist sweat pants}

This cozy Alo sweatsuit is one of my favorite things from the sale!  It’s incredibly soft and such a flattering fit.  Both the hoodie and sweatpants sold out completely for a while, but I’ve been seeing sizes pop back up the last couple of days and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was re-stocked at some point.  I hope so because it’s GOOD.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Here’s a side view of the Nikes.. seriously so cute!  I love the pink and orange together.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{oversized crew sweatshirt/AG farrah high waist jeans (same pair w/lighter wash on sale)/nike sneakers}

This next find is just a sweatshirt.  That’s it!  Just a plain ordinary oversized sweatshirt.  But I’m telling you.. it’s the cutest fitting, softest plain ordinary sweatshirt I’ve ever found!  Actually let me give credit where credit is due.  I didn’t find this.. Addison did.  She found in our store and tried it on and fell hard.  So I tried it on and fell harder.  So we bought it in navy..

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{oversized crew sweatshirt/ugg slippers}

and ivory and we’re sharing them both!  (It also comes in grey.)  It is oversized so I would go down one size from your norm and it will still be a slouchy fit.  (I’m wearing xxs.)  I just feel like there are so many times I want a plain, ordinary, comfortable sweatshirt to throw on over other clothes when I’m cold or to take on a plane, etc. and I don’t have one.  Now I do. :)  It’s the softest and on sale for just $22!

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{air zoom pegasus running shoe}

If you are looking for good running shoes we love Nike Pegasus at our house!  I bought a pair for Kole, this pair for Kenny and this cute white pair for me.  I have a black pair that I’ve been exercising in for a year or so that I paid full price for (they are expensive shoes!) so I bought this pair for when my current pair bites the dust.  Kenny runs daily and is always training for a half or full marathon and these are his favorites so we’ve all started using them for our exercise/sport shoes.  They work well for my training too.  Which is more of a walk/stroll/saunter. Ha. ;)

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{rails dip dye sweatshirt/rails tie dye joggers/cozette ugg slippers}

I mentioned before that I love Rails but it’s a pricey brand so I only buy Rails items during this sale.  I ordered this cute sweatshirt and joggers and knew that I had to really love them to keep them because of the price.  Even on sale they are pricey for sweats!  Although I wear my sweats more than anything else so there’s that. :)  Anyway.. I LOVE the sweatshirt!  So cute and I love the fit.  I didn’t love the joggers.  The small was way too big and baggy and made me look 5 pounds heavier (never a good thing!) and the xs had a fitted/tight look that was just weird.  So the bottoms are going back.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

But I’m keeping the top to wear with other solid colored joggers OR with jeans.  LOVE this sweatshirt.  Navy tie dye is always my favorite tie dye. :)  Thought I’d share my view on both.. don’t waste your time with the joggers but I would totally recommend the sweatshirt if it’s worth the money to you!

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I’m thrilled that there are more barefoot dreams blankets in stock this year!  An item that usually sells out so quickly.  I’ve mentioned before that Kenny always steals my favorite in the wild throw so I ordered one for him for Christmas.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{barefoot dreams throw blanket}

It arrived a few days ago and it’s such a beautiful color for Fall!  (Camel)  I think I’m going to have to give it to him early so that I can have it on my couch with all of my Fall pillows.  He seems to think we share my blanket so I just decided that we’re sharing his too.  I’m nice like that. :)

Home updates (Sunny Side Up)

{mascara primer/maybeline d-a-lash/two faced b-t-s/similar eye lash curler}

You might remember that a while ago I shared my everyday eyelash routine with my favorite primer and two mascaras I love to use (the maybeline makes my lashes so long and the bts makes them so thick!)

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{drama mascara set/bts mascara & killer liner set}

The bts mascara and my favorite primer are part of the sale.. woot woot!  I picked up a few for gifts.  (I shared in this post how I like to pair mascara with cozy socks for a cute Christmas gift for my friends and my girls’ friends.  Every girl loves mascara and cozy socks so it’s always a hit!  (That post also mentions a giveaway I’ll announce winners for soon!)

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{old skool sneaker/classic slip-on sneaker/air zoom pegasus 38 sneaker/elite basketball shorts/dunes graphic tee/fade graphic tee/night graphic tee}

Kole’s back to school stuff arrived!  He wears a uniform for school so I really just needed comfy clothes for sports and activities after school.  And new shoes!  I can’t keep up with how fast he grows out of his shoes.  In past N sales I’ve bought two pairs of the same shoes (his size and one size bigger) just so I don’t have to even think about new shoes for him for a while!

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

We’ve already broken in his Nikes.  Perfect for all of the tennis he has been playing this summer.  I’m doing my best to keep this boy busy!  It’s my second full time job. Ha.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I got these classic slip-on sneakers for him to wear with dress pants and snapped this pic on our way to church Sunday.  His mischievous smile makes me smile.  He was waiting for his sisters.. always waiting on those two. ;)

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

The barefoot dreams cardigans are still in stock in certain sizes too!  I’ve had mine for years and love them dressed up or to throw on over pjs.  I have this long cardigan in black and then the circle cardigan I’m wearing in this pic above.  They are the coziest and such a good deal right now!

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

My stripe shower curtain is still in stock and just $20!  (similar CLEAN mat)

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{moroccanoil shampoo/conditioner set}

This moroccanoil set is a great deal that comes with the hydrating shampoo/conditioner and a leave in conditioner and oil.

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

The T 3 hair tools are still in stock and on sale!  Hands down my favorite.  I love that they are making them in a soft pink now.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shapewear & socks (

1-underwire bra 2- v-neck bralette 3- mid thigh shaper shorts  4- girls brief

5- stretch thong  6- ribbed crew socks  7- tab back socks  8- no show socks

I rounded up my favorite shapewear from the sale this year.  I can’t recommend this Natori bra enough!  Hands down the best bra I’ve ever had and it’s the only brand/style I wear now.  (#1 in my collage)

I also rounded up some favorite items below that are still in stock and would be great for gifts if you use this sale to do some early Christmas shopping like I do.  I’m always so happy when I’ve done some of my shopping ahead of time.  October through December is usually such a busy time of year so anything I can do to prep ahead before those 3 months hit is a good thing.  Enjoy your week everyone!  And happy sale shopping. :)

Home and Fashion sale favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1-collegen lip gloss    2- cult classic cleaner   3- monogram coasters 

4- in the wild throw blanket   5- tory carson leather wallet  6- hypnose drama mascara

7- cubic zirconia pendant necklace   8- bliss plush throw  9- eye & cheek set 

10- bradley leather crossbody   11- initial pendant necklace   12- mini initial necklace 

13- cubic zirconia earrings   14- soak & soften set  15- mascara & eyeliner set  16 – hair tie set

xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “N sale try on round 3

  1. Whew! That was a marathon post, Erin! I can’t even imagine how long that took to pull together. So many pictures and links! You deserve some extra popcorn for this one! Lots of great finds for you! I appreciate you modeling so many of them. That takes some doing. It’s hot and sticky and you put jeans, boots, sweaters and jackets on! And look fantastic in them, too. :) The blankets look comfy cozy, and I am so impressed that you are able to gift shop ahead of time. I can’t even think of things for cooler weather at the moment. Did I meantion how hot it is? LOL Anyway, thank you for sharing all that you share. Your Kole looks great waiting for his sisters. He’s definitely growing up! Funnily enough, in our house, it’s usually us girls waiting for my husband to go anywhere. Ha! I hope you have a fantastic week, my friend! :)

    1. Ha ha.. extra popcorn for all! Thank you so much Jeanne! You are too good to me. I’m not excited to see our air conditioning bill after this month.. I’ve definitely had to crank the AC for these marathon try-ons! It’s making me excited for Fall though. I’ve been so in the thick of Fall clothes that I wore over the knee boots to church Sunday and then got there and remembered we’re still in JULY! Too funny. That rain we had yesterday was so nice! It cooled everything off a little. I hope you get some cooler days soon too. CO is absolutely stunning this time of year! It made me laugh that your husband is the one holding everyone up.. that’s definitely not the case at our house! Ha. :) Enjoy your week too! xo

  2. I loved seeing the items you rounded up in this post, Erin! The clothes/shoes for your kids and husband are so helpful too! Helps with all of the back to school shopping :) I’d love to see what your girls are into this season as well! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! You’re the sweetest. I’ll try to share a few things my girls are wearing before school starts! Crazy how quickly that’s sneaking up. Summer always flies by too quickly. I hope you are enjoying yours! xo

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