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Purse Organization

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When I was a little girl one of my favorite things to do was to organize my mom’s purse!  So funny I know.. but I loved it.  I would get permission first of course, and then dump everything in her purse out onto the floor.  Then I would happily make little piles of the loose change, make-up, trash, receipts, etc.  I loved lining up her credit cards in her wallet and putting everything back nice and tidy.  Every time she bought a new purse she would give it to me to switch everything over from her old purse.  To this day my mom still calls me when she gets a new purse.  “I wish you were here!  I bought a new purse today and need you to organize it!” :)

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Not much has changed and I still get excited to organize my purse or switch to a new bag!  I snapped this pic over Christmas break.  Kenny bought me this cute Tory Burch purse for Christmas (after some slight hinting) and I organized it one night watching Twilight on my bed with Addison.  A warm fire, Christmas lights, Edward Cullen and a little purse organization?  My idea of a good time. ;)

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{Tory Burch purse/Tory Burch wallet/make-up bag/Chanel sunglasses}

I thought it would be fun to show you what I keep in my purse that helps me stay organized!  I don’t like a lot of loose items floating around so I always just have my sunglasses, phone, keys, wallet (I’ve had this wallet for over 4 years and love it – room for everything!) and a smaller make-up purse.  I really try to only keep essentials inside, but purses can become landing zones for all sorts of things so I clean mine out often.  Usually when I’m waiting to pick my kids up from school, an activity or a friend’s house.  A 5 minute break in my car is always just enough time to go through and toss any junk/clean things up!

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Alright.  Purse details!  I keep this cute little hand sanitizer keychain on the side of my purse for easy access.

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

My best tip to help keep your purse organized is to have some sort of smaller purse/make-up bag inside of your purse that holds all of the little things!  It’s easy to grab when you need something (vs. searching through a large purse) AND it makes it easy to switch bags/purses quickly if you want to mix things up with a different outfit or for a different activity like date night, etc.

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

I like this little make-up bag because it has two sections.  One side opens like this and I keep lipstick and other make-up on the left.  I use the pocket on the right for gift cards and receipts I want to hang on to.  (I always trash receipts immediately unless I bought something I might want to return!)

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Then it has a zipper compartment on the other side.

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

I dumped it out for you.  Ha.  My essentials!  I always have floss, a hair elastic, nail clippers, one of my favorite pilot pens, and Cherry Natural Ice on hand.  Always!  Also one more lip gloss (Bobbi Brown lip gloss is my favorite) and this little pill case I use to hold Tylenol/Ibuprofen if anyone in my crew has a headache.  And always Benadryl.  Because when you have a child with allergies you always have it on hand too. :)

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. let’s talk organizing ALL the purses/bags!  I keep our beach bags and larger bags on hooks in this small luggage closet in our mudroom.

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Hooks on the wall are such a great solution for purses/bags!

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

And backpacks. :)

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

My girls have loved having hooks in their closets for purses and I would do this in my closet too except that I don’t have the empty wall space for it.

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

For a while I used this type of purse organizer to hold my purses hanging in my closet.

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

It holds a lot and is a great solution.  The only downside is that it takes up precious hanging space.  I wanted to be able to fit more dresses on this rack so..

Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

I currently have my purses in a closet drawer.  The only downside of this is that it takes up precious drawer space!  Ha.  I basically want to keep and store all of my purses in my closet without having them take up any space.  Is that so much to ask? ;)  I’m not sure if I’ll keep my purses in this drawer or do something else with them.  My closet is still a work in progress!  I’ve been looking at lots of ideas for how to organize purses and included a few great solutions below.  I also included a round-up of my current favorite purses and wallets.  Spoiler alert – I’m partial to Tory Burch. :)

Well this was fun wasn’t it!?  Anyone else love talking purse organization as much as I do!?  LOVE this topic!

Mom.. guess what you’re getting for your birthday this year!?

Don’t worry.  I’ll organize it for you.


Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

1 – hand sanitizer holder keychain  2 – purse organizer insert  3 – portable pill box organizer

4 – hanging purse organizer  5 – metal purse hangers  6 – 4-section purse organizer 

7 – over door hanging purse storage  8 – makeup bag organizer  9 – metal divided purse organizer


Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

1 – Shay shoulder bag   2 – McGraw leather camera bag   3 – McGraw leather hobo

4 – Kira chevron leather crossbody  5 – Saffiano leather tote    6 – Madewell leather crossbody 


Purse Organization (Sunny Side Up)

1 – Leather passport wallet  2 – Leather continental wallet  3 – Leather zip card case 

4 – Zip around continental wallet  5 – McGraw leather wallet   6 – Spencer wristlet card case 

xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “Purse Organization

  1. Fun post, Erin. :) Just the other day I was telling my girls I probably should get a new purse. I’ve been using mine for several years. I know, you probably fainted! I really dislike looking for new purses. They are either huge or too small. Several years ago, I did adopt an idea you shared about having different bags within a purse to store different things. So, yay me for listening to you! Thanks for the idea. I looked up your little makeup zipper pouch thing and it is out of stock until the end of March. :( Oh well. Thanks for sharing this unique and fun side to your personality. I really enjoyed it. Hope you have a great day! :)

    1. So happy you liked the post Jeanne! Not fainting over here at all.. I used to go years with the same purse too! When I find a good one I usually stick with it and just switch to smaller purses for special occasions. That’s actually the reason I asked Kenny for my current purse for Christmas – just the right size! I have a lot that are too small or too big for every day. But yes.. sounds like you are due for a new one and I wish I could come and organize it for you. Although it sounds like you have that totally under control. Ha. ;) Thank you for your sweet comment! Enjoy your day! xo

  2. Maybe its just the angle of the photo – but you seem to have lots of space below your dresses on the hanging rod? If so – I would move the rod down and add a shelf above the rod to store all the purses there. Just a suggestion :) Your handyman is at your house all the time anyway right ;)

    1. Ha ha.. certainly something Chuck could do! ;) I actually have a shelf above that rod and have had my purses there before! Right now I have baskets there with other items but I might put my purses back now that I’ve found the cute acrylic holders for them. The first time I tried they wouldn’t stay put and drove me crazy! We’ll see! :) Thank you Liz! xo

  3. Such a great post! Lots of cute gift ideas, too! Couldn’t everyone use an adorable little pill case? 😉

  4. This was such a fun post, Erin! I really enjoyed seeing all of your cute organizing secrets! I have a little purse dumping of my own that needs to happen now… :)

  5. Hi Erin! Another great post with awesome ideas! I have had the same purse for at least 7 years! I always get compliments on it, but I truly need a new one. I’m going to get the Tory Burch like yours, except I will probably do the black. Just ask my family how much I love the color black : ) I also bought the make-up organizer and pill case. So, thanks again for this post. I wouldn’t be as organized around here, without all of your help. xo

    1. Love it Shari! Get the black and we’ll be twins! Almost! ;) I’m so happy you enjoyed this post.. makes my day. You are the sweetest! I hope you’re having a good week and staying warm! xo

  6. Since COVID-19 took over, I downgraded to a tiny crossbody (helps me with germ “management”, as a nurse with a fire fighter at home we’re super careful). This post makes me miss my regular purses! Can’t wait til I can break them out again 🤩 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Emily! Thank you so much for all you are doing to help! Wish I could give you a hug! We are sending our love and prayers your way. You DEFINITELY deserve a new purse. :) xo

  7. I can’t believe you loved organizing your mom’s purses as a child! Cute!! And have you ever shared your master closet??? I don’t think you have!! Looking forward to that!

  8. Lots of nice comments on this post – I think you hit on a nerve we all share!💜 Like Emily above, I switched to a smaller purse due to COVID-19, but because I was working from home and didn’t need a larger one the few times I was out of the house. I love the purse organizer – they showed it with brushes, but I have lots of lip favorites in my purse, so I’d use it more like you do. May have to order it even with the long lead time!

    1. It’s perfect for make-up and loose items! Definitely helps to have all of the little stuff grouped together. I hope you love it if you get it! And I agree.. so many fun comments! Purse organization can seriously be a struggle.. ha! ;) xo

  9. I’m curious to see your final purse solution. I have purchased a few acrylic organizers and found they don’t fit the depth of a shoulder or tote bag. So I’ll definitely be watching for your next update on the purse saga. Seriously, a needed topic! 😊

  10. I loved this post! I organize my purse the same way you do. I hate having random things in my purse, so I also use a makeup bag for all the little loose items. I am eyeing the makeup bag you used, I never would have thought to use something like that, especially for the gift cards. And the pillbox, perfect!

    Would you ever consider doing a post on your closet? When we moved 3 1/2 years ago I finally got a walk-in closet (and I don’t have to share it with my husband :)). I love organizing it and trying to utilize all the space! I would love to see how you organize your closet and what fun tips you might have. Thanks as always!

    1. Julie it makes my day that post was helpful to you! Thank you! I’ll definitely do a post on my closet organization! I’ve been working on it this month (it’s my biggest challenge to keep clean!) and I’ll share it in March or April. So nice to don’t have to share with your husband! Love that. :)

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